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Fort Bend ISD, Position 5

Serves for a 3-year term of office.The mission of the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees is to focus on the knowledge, skills, and character development of each of our students by providing policies, oversight, and support to ensure continued district growth and improvement.Trustees are elected to three-year terms on a rotating basis. Two are elected each year, one from each side of the district (Position 1, 2 and 3 on the West, and Positions 5, 6 and 7 on the East). Also, every third year, the “at large” Position 4, is elected.The seven Board of Trustees members are voted on by all residents of the district, and represent all residents of the District.

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Biographical Information

What skills or experiences do you have that make you uniquely qualified to make effective and informed decisions about educational programs and policies?

What are 2-3 actions that the Board of Trustees can take to ensure students’ safety at school?

What specific actions would you take to promote an effective partnership with all stakeholders in the school district: parents, community members, students, and teachers?

What are 2-5 goals the school district should have for all students, and what would be your role in achieving them?

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Education/Degrees Doctorate, Management & Organizational Leadership Master's Business Administration Master's Healthcare Administration Bachelor's Healthcare Administration
Experience • Over eighteen years of experience in the field of healthcare in ambulatory surgery centers, multi specialty physician groups, physician organizations, urgent care, on-site clinics, ancillary services, hospitals, and multi-site management. • Executive level experience with a strong emphasis in operations management, revenue cycle management, human resources management, and fiscal management.
I have lived in this community for 35 years. I attended FBISD schools and I am a graduate of Willowridge High School. All 3 of my children attended FBISD, 2 of whom graduated from Elkins High School and now attending college. My wife and my daughter work for FBISD extended program and my daughter is currently a senior at Elkins High School. I have spent many years assessing, evaluating, and speaking out about the educational programs and policies of our school district.
1) Create a culture of inclusion, respect, trust, and team work. 2) Provide on-going training for the principal, teachers, and the administration staff at each school on safety protocols. 3) Create safety committee at each school that involves the teachers and the students. 4) Create recognition programs for practicing excellent safety habits.
First and foremost there needs to be a sense of transparency between the community members and the Board of Trustees. There is a sense of distrust in the community because of the lack of transparency. Parents, community members, students, teachers, and the board members have to have an electronic forum for discussion.

Also, a live broadcast of the board meeting so the parents, teachers, students, and the community members have firsthand information of the discussion and the decision that is made during these meetings will create a sense of trust, respect, and inclusion.
1) Educational excellence 2) Safety of the students, teachers, and administration staff 3) Transparency between the board of trustees and the community members. 4) Universal Pre-K 5) Increase Mental Health funding

If I am elected to be on the board of trustees, I would devote my time and efforts to make these items a priority. I know that I alone cannot successfully implement these items, but I can promise to be a voice for the students and the community. I will make best efforts to earn the respect and trust of the other board members. It is with a team effort and a mutual understanding of the needs of the students and the community is how we can achieve success. Together we can make it happen.
Education/Degrees Rutgers University Pure Mathematics, Journalism Licensed Nurse Brooklyn Technical High School
Experience Incumbent - Board of Trustees: Position 5
As a new Trustee that demonstrated leadership skills, I was selected for the Texas Assoc. of School Boards 2021 Leadership committee, giving FBISD a voice in state-level matters. I serve on the Policy Committee, authoring standards for the District, as well as the Calendar and TOY committees. I began as a Wall Street Quant., applying statistical models for conservative financial risk management. As an EDA, I create master blueprints to align IT programs and cybersecurity with business strategy.
As a Psych Nurse, I have and will continue to set policies that address the social-emotional needs of students and staff that provide nurturing safe spaces to resolve difficult issues while focusing on providing the training necessary to decrease truancy. FBISD has implemented a variety of safety measures including an app for students/staff to identify situations anonymously that might be deemed harmful. During my 13 months as a Board Member, we have approved appropriate safety mechanisms such as enhanced door locks, safety vestibules, perimeter fencing, and additional FBISD school safety officers for non-student interactions. I have also worked as a voice for communities to provide input and identify ways to develop a life cycle of safety evaluation.
As a Pure Mathematician and Psych Nurse, I thrive having difficult, open, yet respectful discussions. In my first year as a Trustee, I have created community spaces for discussion with the mindset that inclusion enhances transparency. I have met with individuals, PTO’s, Booster Clubs, parents, students, local businesses and a variety of other groups. My goal is to utilize both traditional (mail, email) and new (text, video) technological methods to maximize the communication used to reach students, parents, staff, businesses, community members, especially alumni. I'm an advocate of providing students a continuous voice to award them ownership of their education while growing the Districts vocabulary for providing educational opportunities. A Trustee is a voice for all.
I approach life with a smile. I'm an advocate of creating a school environment where students can beam with enthusiasm and define their own criteria for success. This is founded upon the importance of offering equal access to programs and resources, ensuring that all students are treated with dignity and respect, promoting avenues for the "whole student" to grow through athletics, fine arts, CTE and innovative program offerings. I want to provide opportunities that ensure inclusion and foster the social-emotional health of students and staff. I'm an advocate for creating governance to enforce program enhancements that identify students equitably, evaluate all student needs for education and engagement, grow students to their fullest potential, and equip them with a voice to drive their educational trajectory.