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Fort Bend ISD, Position 1

Serves for a 3-year term of office.The mission of the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees is to focus on the knowledge, skills, and character development of each of our students by providing policies, oversight, and support to ensure continued district growth and improvement. are elected to three-year terms on a rotating basis. Two are elected each year, one from each side of the district (Position 1, 2 and 3 on the West, and Positions 5, 6 and 7 on the East). Also, every third year, the “at large” Position 4, is elected.The seven Board of Trustees members are voted on by all residents of the district, and represent all residents of the District.

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    Jason Burdine

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    Angie Hanan

Biographical Information

What skills or experiences do you have that make you uniquely qualified to make effective and informed decisions about educational programs and policies?

What are 2-3 actions that the Board of Trustees can take to ensure students’ safety at school?

What specific actions would you take to promote an effective partnership with all stakeholders in the school district: parents, community members, students, and teachers?

What are 2-5 goals the school district should have for all students, and what would be your role in achieving them?

Twitter @jasonburdine1
Education/Degrees Bachelor Of Science
Experience 6 Years 6 Months serving on the Board. Money Manager for 17 years.
Serving as an elected official on the school board is a very unique Job. It takes years to understand the depth and the many layers of the Job as a Trustee. I have served for over 6 years and I understand what effective governance looks like. Data has proven that stable boards who effectively govern and stay away from trying to manage the organization are highly effective board members.
School safety is very dynamic , it covers Bullying, School Violence, mental health, drugs, digital safety, and emergency management. I have had the pleasure of serving on the Texas School Safety Center Board for over 2 years. The mission of the School Safety Center is to advise the Governor of Texas on all School Safety issues. Citizens think of school safety as school shootings. FBISD has invested in door locks for every door on every campus to help stop and sudden threat. I have supported adding safety vestibules in every campus to protect from intruders. I most proud of supporting the creation of mental health centers in our district. Mental Health is a key factor in all school safety threats, providing mental health resources can help solve the issue.
Promoting effective partnerships in the community is not an easy task, our district created a Collaborative Communities department that focuses on community partnerships. Effective partnerships are two way relationships that benefit both organizations or individuals. We can all agree that solid Relationships are the key to long lasting partnerships and success. I will continue to support our Collaborative Communities department which focuses on relationships that will enrich student achievement and success. If we invest, promote, and recruit volunteers in our collaborative communities department students will benefit.
In FBISD, everything we do is based on equipping students for life. We have a lots of work to do but we strive to ensure we work toward the goal of student success. Equity continues to be a hurdle for the district, not all students learn the same and not all students have the same support systems at home. We strive to close the achievement gaps among our students by providing the necessary resources for each population. FBISD works to ensure that technology is not the wall between success and failure for our students. Child Nutrition works to ensure all students start the day with the nutrients to feed their brains. At the Governance level you have to create, support, and hold the district accountable with policy and superintendent evaluations to ensure the goals remain focused on student achievement.
Twitter @Angie4FBISDBOT
Education/Degrees Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (Oklahoma State University) M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction/Reading & Language Arts Instruction (University of Houston) 60 graduate hours obtained beyond Master's degree (UH)
Experience My 15-year public school experience includes: substitute, regular education, ESL, Reading Recovery, Literacy Coach and K-12 ESL Program Coordinator. I have been an educational consultant for 14 years. My areas of Certification are: Legacy Master Reading Teacher, Reading Specialist, English as a Second Language, Gifted & Talented Supplemental, Principal and Elementary English & Self-Contained
As an educator, I believe that all children have an amazing capacity to learn and when given relevant, motivating instruction commensurate with their abilities and interests, we are able to promote positive forward progress every day for every child. I have an acute understanding of school district policy and procedures and the way those policies should drive the design, implementation and evaluation of our children’s school programs, professional development for teachers and stakeholder input.
My daughter is a student in FBISD and I am concerned about school safety. In a health crisis like COVID-19 or an emergency situation threatening the mental or physical well-being of our children, the school board must require clear, timely and ongoing communication between the district and parents regarding school safety protocol expectations and encourage parents to reinforce those expectations with their children. Secondly, we must focus on student mental health to support social and emotional well-being. We must work to ensure all students feel like they are part of a school community where they feel they belong and feel safe, regardless if learning is face-to-face or online. On a final note, I am opposed to arming teachers or other school staff (except trained FBISD Police Officers).
The district must work harder in building public trust among stakeholders, starting with respecting input provided from students, parents, community members and district employees who participate in committees and/or surveys. Also, providing timely and transparent communication to stakeholders should be a non-negotiable priority. Advisory committee members should be given the capacity to actively provide input for district consideration and be provided a platform to work with other district committees and task force groups so there is collaboration towards a common goal. Recent FBISD policy underscores the importance of "a culture of truth-telling through an honest feedback loop" to promote decision-making for children. I want to help the board provide oversight to ensure this happens.
My goals for students include making sure they have a voice in their education and that instruction (face-to-face and/or online) is meaningful, appropriately challenging and learner-centered. I would work with other board members to provide oversight for policy and improvement plan fulfillment. I would begin with questions for the superintendent, such as: Is student feedback solicited annually by grade level, by campus and by program regarding choice, challenge and perceptions about the learning opportunities provided to them? Are student work samples reviewed annually to determine if assignments and products are appropriately challenging? Do teachers have adequate time and opportunities for long-term, job-embedded training that supports collaboration, planning for dynamic student grouping (for face-to-face and/or online learning) and reflection on their own instructional practices?