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Fort Bend ISD, Position 4

Serves for a 3-year term of office.The mission of the Fort Bend ISD Board of Trustees is to focus on the knowledge, skills, and character development of each of our students by providing policies, oversight, and support to ensure continued district growth and improvement.Trustees are elected to three-year terms on a rotating basis. Two are elected each year, one from each side of the district (Position 1, 2 and 3 on the West, and Positions 5, 6 and 7 on the East). Also, every third year, the “at large” Position 4, is elected.The seven Board of Trustees members are voted on by all residents of the district, and represent all residents of the District.

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    Kristin Tassin

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    Shirley Rose-Gilliam

Biographical Information

What skills or experiences do you have that make you uniquely qualified to make effective and informed decisions about educational programs and policies?

What are 2-3 actions that the Board of Trustees can take to ensure students’ safety at school?

What specific actions would you take to promote an effective partnership with all stakeholders in the school district: parents, community members, students, and teachers?

What are 2-5 goals the school district should have for all students, and what would be your role in achieving them?

Education/Degrees BS, Quantitative Business Analysis - Computer Science Option, Louisiana State University JD, Louisiana State University
Experience I was elected to the FBISD Board of Trustees in 2014 & re-elected in 2017. I served as Board President 2016-18, Board Secretary 2015-16, Legislative Liaison 2016-present, Communications Liaison 2019-present, & served on the Internal Audit, Vision & Planning, & Governance Committees. I practice Intellectual Property & special education law and have been a disability advocate for over 20 years.
I have served on the FBISD Board for over 6 years, successfully implementing programs for students of all educational & socio-economic backgrounds, helping to lead FBISD to zero failing schools. I founded a charity where I created and led programs and conferences that educated educators, parents, attorneys and advocates on special education, discipline, behavior, advocacy and educational best practices. I have successfully advocated for teachers & students at the local, state and federal level
The Board has been a leader in Texas and the Nation in implementing safety and security protocols. Our district leaders are teachers to other districts in effective safety and security best practices. FBISD's safety and security plan includes security vestibules, fencing, bullet proof window film, classroom door bolts that teachers can use if/when needed, ID badge systems, security cameras, reporting apps and other measures. FBISD should continue to implement these items as well as stay informed and educated on best practices that will protect students and staff. The Board should review protocols and procedures and update the plan as needed. The Board should also continue to engage and listen to students, staff and community members to understand expectations and ensure they feel safe.
As a trustee I have taken specific actions to ensure FBISD is effectively engaging with all district stakeholders. As Board President, I implemented Listening & Literacy Tours & Joint meetings with city councils. Tours allow parents & community members to sit with Board members personally & ask questions, attend Board meetings in their communities, & attend literacy events with their student. FBISD has engaged with students, staff, parents and community members about various topics more than almost any other district in the State. I have ensured that community forums, town halls, surveys and other methods are used to allow for stakeholder feedback. We have stakeholders on Bond Oversight, Zoning & other district committees. We must continue to listen, adapt & ensure effective engagement
As Board President I created the Vision & Planning Committee whose purpose was to keep the Board actively engaged in & focused on strategic planning, student achievement, collaborative communities & long term vision. From this committee we created the FBISD Profile of a Graduate & Board Goals. Goals include providing an equitable learning environment for all students; student ownership of learning & behavior; an inclusive & collaborative learning environment; a safe and secure collaborative community at every school; and an organizational culture that embraces respect, safety & inclusion. I personally helped develop the Profile & these goals and have worked diligently to implement programs to achieve these goals. This work has led to zero failing schools, increased equity & access to curriculum, & reduced disciplinary actions. This work must continue to ensure support for all students.
Twitter @DrShirleyG1
Education/Degrees Dr. Rose-Gilliam holds a Bachelor of Science from University of Houston, a Master of Education from University of Houston-Victoria, and a Doctorate of Education from Texas A&M University. Texas Teacher Certificate in K-12 Mid-Management Administration and Secondary Business Education.
Experience I am a retired educator with 30 + years of experience; 12 of those years as a secondary principal, both at middle and high school level in FBISD. At the present, I service school districts as a consultant and provide staff development including but not limited to: safe/secure schools, trauma informed care, PLCs, cultural relevant pedagogy, intervention, TLAC strategies and overall campus support.
I have worked in various schools across FBISD and have intimate knowledge of how unique each campus is in their daily operations and their diverse populations of students. My unique qualification? I was a principal on each side of the district. I bring reality-someone who has been there and “gets it!” I know how it feels to be on the front line. I am well versed in TEA guidelines and state accountability. I am resourceful and keep current with new trends in education, i.e. virtual learning.
First to provide a culture and climate that encourages communication, from parents, staff and students at all campuses and be proactive. Hire school leaders who during their actual job interview, state "Safety and Security" is my number one concern. Adopt "If you see something say something." Secondly, educate parents and students about the emergency plan. Discuss and talk about what happens during a fire drill, what happens if their is a robbery across the street and the assailant has a firearm? etc. Be sure that school leaders understand to report all concerns. In light of COVID-19, continue to be transparent, current with information on website, and communicate. Lastly, drills such as shelter-in-place, lock down, and evacuation must be "practiced" with fidelity.
I spoke with several teachers about board support. They could not articulate how the board supported them. So, the first thing I would do differently is have open dialog (not saying this is not occurring) with teachers. Teachers were very cautious when speaking with me and asked me not to use names when they stated a concern. As representatives of the students, parents, AND teachers, I feel teachers should be able to have productive conversations with trustees as it pertains to support. Parents want accurate and timely information. Truly open the lines of communication with all stakeholders, Be consistent and follow-through with the work. When we tell our community a project will be complete. Make it happen. If there is a delay, be honest and communicate a time frame for completion
Goal 1:Instructional goals centered around academic success as documented by TEA. How are we doing as a district in preparing our students for the future? Focus on Teaching the Whole Child and College and Career Readiness. My role is to provide resources for district and campus administrators for execution. Teaching the whole child includes trauma informed care and social emotional development. Follow protocol and provide clarity to all staff as to the supports available. Revisit these systems that are already in place and be proactive. It is my role to provide support for district and campus leaders and to hold them accountable. Goal 2: Provide intervention for students that fall behind in the 3rd, 5th, and 9th grade. Rethink "summer school" model and provide prescriptive instruction to students to address gaps in learning, via virtual or in person learning models.