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2020 Jackson County Revenue Commissioner

2020 Jackson County Revenue Commissioner

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  • Jeff Arnold

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What are your top three goals that you would like to accomplish during your term in office?

What skills or experience do you have that best prepares you for this position?

How will you ensure that citizens feel they are able to contact you if needed?

What budget items would you like added or deleted for the whole body?

Are there specific taxes that you would like to see raised? Lowered?

Campaign Phone (256) 574-9265
In my first term I set a goal of becoming a certified Tax Administrator, and wanted to see as many of my co workers that were eligible receive a certification or professional destination. I feel the more we know about how to do our jobs, the better we can serve the people of Jackson County. Since my first term I have received my certification as well as four of my employees. We currently have six others that are just about finished with the process. It typically takes about three years to pass all the required courses and take the final exam. I would also like to be able to retain employees. We have a higher turn over rate than I would like to see, due to Jackson County's budget restraints. I frequently have employees hired away by other local agencies simply because they can afford to give them cost of living raises, something the employees here do not get. I would love to have a more convenient facility for the tax payers of this county to come into as well.
As I have stated I am currently The Revenue Commissioner elected in 2014. For 13 years prior to that I served as The Deputy Revenue Commissioner. I do hold a certification from Auburn University as a Tax Administrator. I also currently serve on The Board of Directors of The Alabama Association of Tax Administrators. Currently I am The Vice President however I will be sworn in as The President of that organization in June.
My office is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. All of our contact numbers are listed on everything we send out, tax bills tag notices etc. We also have a website and Facebook page we can be reached on.
I would love to see something for the employees. I have a great staff of 22 people which was closer to 30 when I took office. We pride ourselves on doing more with less. However I do have a much larger turn over than I would like to have. It cost a lot to properly train new employees. My employees have only received one cost of living raise from the county in the past seven years. In the long run we really are not saving any money by not offering an incentive to stay.
That's really not in the scope of my job. I am charged with the duty of collecting and distributing the taxes based on the rates set by all agencies, such as County, State, Schools, and Municipalities. I will say that compared to our neighboring counties here in Alabama, as well as the neighboring counties in Georgia and Tennessee, that our property taxes are very low.