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Alabama US House District 1

Alabama US House District 1Members of the U.S. House of Representatives are usually elected to a 2-year term. The main role of a Congressional representative is to enact legislation. Major responsibilities given to Congress include: passing a budget, regulating trade, and declaring wars. Members of Congress represent specific districts within each state and act as liaisons between their constituents and federal agencies, assisting citizens who have issues with passports, Social Security benefits, veteran issues or other federal programs.

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    James Averhart

  • Jerry Carl

Biographical Information

How has your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve as a member of Congress?

What are the top three priority issues for the 1st District that you would address during your term of office? Please be specific.

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections and voting in our country?

The current level of partisanship in Congress has caused frequent deadlock and an inability to move forward. What specifically would you suggest to engage the other side to end the stalemates?

In light of escalating threats from North Korea and elsewhere, what measures do you support to address our nation's security?

The U.S. deficit in 2019 was $960 billion. As a U.S. Congressman what legislation would you sponsor or support in an effort to reduce the deficit?

Education PhD: Theology and Biblical Studies MS: Security Management BS: Criminal Justice
Age 52
Twitter @JAverhart2020
I have an intense military background and understand the importance of knowing the rules. I am familiar with the funding for DOD (Department of Defense) and the things that are needed to keep our country militarily strong from a funding point of view. I have managed departments with budgets of $1.4 million, an realize that this is not the entire budget it gives me the templet to scrutinize and make wise decisions concerning the budgets that will be presented. I have been trained to be very competent in understanding the problem that exists in our country concerning the crime that is affecting everyone. Our sense of social and moral standards must return to common sense and we must deal with problems rather than placate ourselves with band-aide solutions. My path has enabled me to process the material I will receive and represent the constituents that I will be representing. I am interested in the betterment of people.
1. Jobs for the people of the district. To do all that is possible for the entire district. We recognize the growth of the Baldwin County area but we will put forth and effort to maintain that growth, but also provide an extensive effort to provide growth in the other counties of the district also. Jobs are essential to growth and eradication of problems. 2. Infrastructure is also important. We need to insure that all is done to make the infrastructure of the district is second to none. We will work on coming up with fund and a reasonable solution to the need for improved roads, bridges, waterways, and air travel. 3. Education is also important to every aspect of life. We need to improve the performance of our schools. Testing is tantamount to proof. We need to prepare our students to be able to test on the same levels as students in other states. We need to find a process that measures based on the classification of students.
The importance of our elections has never faced the challenges that it is facing now. The ability of technology to improve also gives the ability to impede. We must deal with campaign financing. I believe that there should be cyber teams developed to insure the validity of campaign ads and their source. We should monitor foreign countries involvement. We should insure that the electronic means of voting are secure and reliable. They should also be backed up with paper sources to insure that no electronic deception is occurring. We need a national law regarding people who have paid their debt to society and are now working productive citizens. We must deal with voter identification issues. The right to vote is not political. The right to vote is an institutional and constitutional right to be a viable American Citizen. We must insure that the laws that are passed are not to disenfranchise but to validate based on the simplicity of requirements. I believe that we should creat
We have denigrated to a point where party is more important than truth and constituency. We elect people to represent us. They have to have the ability to reach across the aisle to get things done. The make-up of the pass fail process in most cases requires this. The fact that we have seen this partisanship is not unbelievable since we see that values are not about the truth, or what is good for the country or the constituents of this district. I will always vote my conscience as it relates to the issues and how it affects my constituents. The vote that you will give me will never be given to those that do not have the best interest of the people I represent. In the past before the climate faltered to where it is now, there was bipartisanship in the Congress. It needs to return to bring sanity to the body.
We live in a global society. Things happen in an instant and we must understand our past to understand our present. North Korea is a dictatorship lead by a person that most of the world considers dangerous and unreliable. We must maintain our military in that arena strong and ready. We must do all we can to limit their ability to produce nuclear weapons. We must insure that we collaborate with our allies and maintain support for the agreements we have and insure we are prepared to defend the causes we agree on. Tyrants are not new and our method of dealing with them has historically shown that we as a country work with the organizations created to combat insurgency by radical and noncompliant countries. I would make sure that all is done in order to insure our readiness to combat and impede any aggression by a country that is not in the best interest of ours.
Deficits are the results of more expenditures than revenue. We have to look at both sides of the equation. We tax normal hard working Americans and at the same time we allow corporations to pay no taxes at all. We allow them to receive and not pay. We have to look at trade deficits and work on making this a positive for the budget. We must look at the total expenditures that are not productive for us. We have heard of abuses in purchasing in the DOD and other departments. We must look at what can be adjusted to change the trend and reduce the number without causing problems for the common American and corporate America. Taxes and expenditures must be looked at honestly and rationally.
I have spent my entire life starting businesses and creating good paying jobs for families. I took this business experience with me to the county commission, where I have worked tirelessly to make government work for the taxpayers by doing more with less. As a county commissioner, I deal extensively with all facets of government, from the local level all the way up to the federal level. I work closely with infrastructure, law enforcement, and other elected officials to make government function more efficiently.
1.) I believe that President Trump needs common sense, conservative allies who will work to finish building the wall to control our immigration issues 2.) I am staunchly pro-life, and have always been pro-life. My wife, Tina, and I worked for local pro-life agencies when we were first married. I will be an advocate for life from birth to death. 3.) I have a passion for our veterans. My son went into active combat in Afghanistan, so I have seen firsthand the issues he has to deal with. I think we can do more to clean up the VA system and take better care of our veterans.
Election security is extremely important to the function of our country. I have always supported strengthening election security and making sure that every voter knows their vote counts.
I think we have too many people in Congress who want to stand up and be heard, rather than sit down and get the work done that they were elected to do. I have always been a behind the scenes guy - I am not interested in standing in front of a TV camera all day. On the county commission, I have worked across the aisle countless times to get things accomplished for the good of our constituents as a whole.
Our nation's security is crucial. I think the world is safer when the U.S. is strong and has a strong military. We cannot allow North Korea to continue expanding their unchecked nuclear arsenal. I support any efforts to strengthen our nation's military and keep our training, infrastructure, and equipment in top shape.
I think the federal government needs a balanced budget amendment. We have to do this on the county level, as well as the state. It is completely unsustainable and it needs to be addressed immediately. I simply do not understand how it makes sense to continue to spend more than we are taking in - we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.