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Mobile County School Board District 4

A Mobile County School Board Commissioner is elected from a district to a six-year term. The five-member school board is responsible for the operation of Mobile County's public schools in accordance with Alabama State Department of Education regulations. In addition, the school board is tasked with selecting and supporting a superintendent to oversee the day-to-day operation of the schools. In all its activities, the school board is to uphold and assist the Mobile County Public School System's educational mission.

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    Sherry McDade

Biographical Information

How have your training, professional experience, and interests prepared you to serve on the Mobile County School Board?

What will be your top three priorities for action if elected? Please explain what form this action would take.

There has been a lot of publicity about our successes in increasing the graduation rate. Apart from graduation itself, what measurements of college and career readiness of Mobile County high-school graduates would you encourage?

What solutions would you propose to improve academically struggling schools? How can the school board support the faculty and administration to achieve academic excellence in these schools?

What are your budgetary priorities as you balance the various needs of the school system (e.g. new technology, locally funded teachers, infrastructure upgrades/expansion, etc.)

How would you incorporate the use of technology to improve the delivery of curriculum to K-12 in MCSS.

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I have worked all my career as a Teacher/ Coach/ Administrator for the betterment of students and issues that affect our youth in Mobile County. I have experience things that worked well and have seen places where there is an opportunity for improvement. I will encourage open communication on the issues that come before the board. I understand the importance that my decisions will have on the our students and the residents of district four. Simply put, my philosophy as a parent and retired educator is that we must improve and evolve the quality of our children's education in order to meet the needs of the 21st century. We must ensure that schools are safe and the delivery of education is coefficient as possible.
1. Increase Transparency in our schools. Our Board will keep the community updated on what is happening in our schools. MCPSS are our schools and every person has a right to easily access information and stay up to date on how to get involved in our schools. This way they will become vested and show ownership in our school system. 2. Improve Accountability in our System. Board members and Superintendent must be accountable to make change for the betterment of our system. It is time for our leaders to take their role serious and be held accountable for both the success and failure of our schools. 3. Establish equality in our system. It don't matter where a child lives or how much money a family makes should not impact the opportunities for them to have access to all books, equipment, teachers, support staff, and a safe positive environment to prepare them for the 21st century, every student in MCPSS should have the same opportunity to succeed regardless of who they are.

The challenge is not simply to get students into post-secondary programs. It is to prepare them to succeed, not simply to complete High School. I have selected five steps that will prepare students for the work ahead. Align the standards and curriculum. Students need to be exposed to the skills,concepts and understanding that will prepare them for the next level. We must teach them soft skills like being able to collaborate, create, think outside of the box and communicate . As educators we must teach our students and prepare them for whatever path they choose. Our students should graduate with multiple options. I will challenge all schools to identify students who are off track for middle school readiness and off track for high school readiness. Change will come when school districts define college and career readiness and began to ask, “What is my role?”
I think that our board must explore any and all options. There is a teacher shortage coming. Many colleges and University has stated that undergrads and grads are not enrolling to become teachers. Our Board must offer incentives to encourage students to come an teach in struggling school with financial assistance such as Bonuses, assisting in paying off college loans, provide housings for incoming teachers. School should provide mentoring program from successful teacher to motivate and monitor new teachers. Also site visits from central office to show that they support them in making a choice to come into struggling school and lastly when recruiting teachers for struggling schools anything and everything needs to be on the table.
There are many priorities that can be addressed with a board when balancing the budget but we must think of our first priorities and that is our students. * We must provide multiple pathways enabling graduates to be globally career-ready. * Meet the needs of each individual child, including their health and wellbeing and a strong start for all students. *To ensure the budget is aligned to the strategic from optimize resources, including the implementations of the environmental plan. *Promote instructional strategies and curriculum that engage delivery methods and 21st century physical spaces. After analyzing the cost the board must find resources to pay for the instructional priorities through revenues, sunset programs and finding ways to perform certain service for a lower cost and direct the saving to the instructional Priorities.
Technology can equip students to independently organize their learning process. So, instead of being passive recipients of information, student using technology become active users. First we must make sure that teachers has confidence in technology as well as their technology skills. students learn at different levels but the use of technology in the classroom, encourage student to learn at their on speed or pace. Using a computer, tablet or other devices encourages self direct learning and create an active participant in the class. interactive lessons plans can turn a boring class subject like math and science into fun, engaging and educational activities for students. Technology is an integral part of how we work and live, every day. Teaching students how to use technology to learn , research, collaborate, and solve problems from an early age will better prepare the for their careers. The point is not to let the technology take over your classroom ,but to integrate it.