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Morristown Town Council Ward 3

The Mayor and the seven Council members (four from wards, and three at-large) are elected via partisan elections to four-year terms.

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    Stefan Armington

  • Lorena Inestroza

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What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing your town and how would plan to address it/them?

What in you personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

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The biggest challenge for Morristown’s 3rd Ward will be the upcoming Speedwell Avenue Redevelopment Project. The Project was started in 2004 and has adopted redevelopment plans and zoning ordinances which provide the property owner with legal development rights.

For the project to be successful, the community must organize and work together with the Council and the Administration to make sure the project embraces its location as the cultural center of the Latino community in Morristown, that it provides opportunities and incentives for local businesses to be reestablished in the district after construction, and that it investigates opportunities for temporary relocation of existing businesses in the community during construction. The Town must be responsible for fully mitigating all traffic impacts and the Town must complete the construction of the new Town park adjacent to Speedwell Avenue and the Early Street Modera apartments. As a professional city planner, with over 20 years of experience in public, municipal and state projects, I was one of the core participants in the Early Street Redevelopment Projects, listening to the public's concerns, meeting with citizen and business stakeholders and using the power of the Council to refine the redevelopment project so it better serves the community. I am partially fluent in Spanish and have strong working relationships with the many of Morristown’s Latino leaders, which will help the community organization process.
As a professional city planner, I have extensive experience in all aspects of community development from holding public meetings, working with stakeholders, understanding the technical elements of traffic engineering, architectural designs and finance. Over the last eight years, I have proven experience as the 3rd Ward Councilman leading the Council efforts on the Town's 2014 Master Plan, the 2018 Zoning Code, and a variety of legislative initiatives and capital improvements on neighborhood parking, cut-through traffic management, park improvements, and other quality of life issues. I have also served 10 years on the Planning Board, eight of which I was representing the Town Council, reviewing detailed plans, analyzing the sufficiency of traffic analyses, and working to make sure Development projects do not result in negative impacts to Morristown's residents.
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