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Virginia House District 98

The Virginia General Assembly consists of two chambers. The House is the lower chamber and is composed of 100 Delegates. Delegates serve 2-year terms, represent over 80,000 Virginians, and receive a yearly salary of $17,740.House District 98 includes Counties of Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen, Mathews, Middlesex and part of King William.The candidates' required financial disclosures are available at the Department of Elections website at and at

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  • M. Keith Hodges

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    Elizabeth B. "Ella" Webster

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What do you believe is the top legislative priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

What measures would you propose or support to ensure the right to vote and election integrity?

Regarding fair redistricting, (1) What is your position on the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission? (2) If the constitutional amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support for the implementation and work of the commission?

What solutions would you support to reduce the current level of gun violence in Virginia?

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education 1991 BA - Anthropology Drew University Madison, 2002 MD - Dartmouth Medical School Hanover, NH
experience A resident of Gloucester since 2006, Dr. Webster is the 13th generation of her family to live in Virginia. She served in the Peace Corps and has worked at Gloucester-Mathews Free Clinic and the Health Department.
Twitter @ella4the98th
Broadband. The current approach has been to give private corporations tax payer funds to expand their networks. I support public-access fiber to schools, libraries and post offices that would allow local businesses to get into the internet service provider business at a cost that is not prohibitive. Breaking up the current telecom monopolies through competition.
My first bill would introduce early voting and same day registration. It would permit counties to experiment with universal postage paid vote-by-mail and require ranked choice voting be offered for primaries. Virginia is in better shape thanks to the previous governor, but hand marked paper ballots is the standard. Absentee ballots should not require a stamp.
I would support the current amendment although it would not have been my choice, it is better than what we have now. I would support increasing the number of delegates and senators based on even multiples of congressional districts and going to nested districts from Delegate to US Congressman.
I support universal permit to purchase and carry, with a background check, interview with law enforcement and written exam. I support registration and periodic re-certification for carry permits, and an end to open carry. I support the banning of all high capacity weapons and making it illegal to carry a gun with more than 10 bullets in it outside of controlled recreational situations. I support red-flag laws.