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Burlington County Freeholder-Unexpired Term

The Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders consists of five members who are elected to three-year, staggered terms. In 2018, two members will be elected.The Freeholders have executive and legislative responsibilities governing the County. One of the largest responsibilities of the Freeholders is the adoption of the annual fiscal budget for all County agencies and services, and Camden County’s 40 municipalities. Individual Freeholders are appointed as liaisons to county departments and oversee areas such as law enforcement, education, transportation/roads, waste management, etc.In 2019, there is a vacancy to fill a two-year unexpired term.

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    Daniel J. O'Connell

  • Lee Schneider

Biographical Information

What do you consider the most important challenges facing your county?

What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges?

What do you consider the top priority(ies) in the next county budget, and how will you minimize impact on taxpayers?

Is there any specific department/agency you consider particularly in need of attention (oversight, auditing, and/or additional funding) and if so, why?

The most important challenge is making our county more affordable, while providing services for our residents. This year I was pleased that the Freeholder Board worked to create a responsible budget without increasing taxes. That will become more challenging as the fixed costs to deliver critical services go up annually. That's why we must grow our local economy to create a consistent revenue stream and run county government efficiently.
As a retiree and senior I understand the challenges one can face with household budgets. In addition I served as a councilman in Delran and worked with fellow councilmen and councilwomen to responsibly balance a municipal budget. That gave me a real understanding of the impacts of each choice. Likewise representing working men and women as a union representative in complex negotiations impacting their salary and benefits, made me aware of the consequences of our choices. These experiences have served me well as a freeholder to insure that we do what is right for our county residents.
The biggest priority facing the county in our next budget is how will we continue to provide county services in the most efficient way possible without raising taxes? This becomes more difficult each year with rising costs. We must be willing to find smart solutions, such as working on an economic development plan that could relieve some of the tax burden on homeowners. We owe it to our residents to keep Burlington County as affordable as possible
I think it's important that we look broadly at ALL departments for cost savings. Each year we should approach the county's budget by examining each department for ways to save, eliminating duplication of services and justify all spending before we approve a fiscal year budget.
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