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Burlington County Freeholder

The Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders consists of five members who are elected to three-year, staggered terms. In 2018, two members will be elected.The Freeholders have executive and legislative responsibilities governing the County. One of the largest responsibilities of the Freeholders is the adoption of the annual fiscal budget for all County agencies and services, and Camden County’s 40 municipalities. Individual Freeholders are appointed as liaisons to county departments and oversee areas such as law enforcement, education, transportation/roads, waste management, etc.

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    Linda Hynes

  • Latham Tiver

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing your county?

What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges?

What do you consider the top priority(ies) in the next county budget, and how will you minimize impact on taxpayers?

Is there any specific department/agency you consider particularly in need of attention (oversight, auditing, and/or additional funding) and if so, why?

I feel that the most important challenge facing Burlington County is maintaining fiscal responsibility while still providing superior quality of services to our residents. The burden on taxpayers in Burlington County must be carefully considered in every decision made by the Freeholders. To ensure fiscal responsibility, the Freeholders must have a laser focus on the financial impact of each and every decision. That commitment to fiscal prudence, however, must be balanced with quality services being provided to the residents. Cutting services, for example, may accomplish the financial goal but would leave our residents without what they need here in the County.

The challenge of balancing low tax impact with the growing need of services for the residents is a real challenge for Burlington County. We can not limit services in an attempt to cut taxes that would have a detrimental impact on our residents. There is a growing need within Burlington County for services for seniors, veterans, families in need and many others. Ensuring Burlington County is providing for its residents is critical. The challenge lies in affording those services so that they can be provided without a burden on the residents.
Being raised by a single mother with an eleventh grade education, I understand personally the challenges that face many families in attempting to provide for their families here in Burlington County. My life experiences have enabled me to emphasize with families on fixed incomes in a way that many may never know. I am proud of where I come from, however, as it has given me a perspective to always look out for those that are struggling..

Moreover, I previously served for five (5) years on the Westampton Board of Education and currently serve as the Deputy Mayor Of Westampton. My prior public service has provided me with experience in handling fiscal planning. I have now worked on seven (7) budgets of several million dollars and am comfortable in addressing budgetary issues.

Finally, I am small business owner in Burlington County and understand not only the impact on taxpayers, but the impact in continuing business growth here in the County. We must encourage business development to create job growth and economic development. That requires, however, a careful balance to ensure that Burlington County remains an ideal place to live, work and retire.
I have worked on several budgets in my various roles in public service over the past decade. The first top priority is tax stability and ensuring that the burden on taxpayers remains the focus of every decision.

Shared service agreements are a way to minimize the impact on taxpayers. All opportunities in that regard must be exhausted. Another effective tool in smart fiscal planning is investigating all available grants and programs that can help our residents. There are numerous programs and grants available that can be used to serve the residents of Burlington County. A diligent inquiry into same must be made.

Finally, careful planning is key which requires smart, committed and knowledgeable leaders on the Freeholder Board. I feel that I would be an asset in that regard.
There are many in need of additional services in Burlington County but I would like to focus my answer on our most precious asset, our seniors. While there are services available to seniors in the County, more must be done. My campaign slogan is that I want to ensure that Burlington County is a community where you want to live, work and retire. Our seniors have played a pivotal role in the development of Burlington County and our appreciation is needed to ensure that they can continue to live here.

Programs for seniors must be evaluated to ensure that they are appropriately serving the needs of the community. More programs must be added in those areas where our seniors are still struggling. Simple ideas can be instituted that ease the burden on seniors in performing their daily tasks. Larger ideas will take planning but are necessary to serve the senior population.

Additionally, the current services that exist for seniors must be made more readily available to them. Many available services are not known to the seniors throughout the County. We need to do a better job in making them aware of all resources to which they are entitled. Community outreach is needed to ensure that information is made available to the community.
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