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COUNCILMEMBERS-AT-LARGE – Full Term – Vote for ThreeThe Borough of Tinton Falls operates under the the Mayor-Council form of municipal government. The Mayor is the chief executive officer of the Borough and is elected for a four-year term. The Borough Business Administrator reports to, and may act on behalf of the Mayor, in the Mayor's absence. The Borough Council is the legislative body, made up of five members elected at-large for four-year terms on a staggered basis, with either two or three seats up for election every other year as part of the November general election, with the mayoral seat up for vote at the same time that two council seats are being chosen by voters.

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Biographical Information

What are the major challenges facing the community/district and how would you propose to address them if elected?

What qualifies you for this position, both personally and professionally?

What factors are critical to the quality of life/education in your community and what would you do to improve or preserve them?

Having lived in Tinton Falls since 1991, I’ve seen so many changes to the area. What these changes have made me realize is that governing a community is an everyday challenge. Populations grow and services are needed to properly represent our citizens. I see the complexity of dealing with the County of Monmouth on the landfill, managing how our tax dollars are spent and the thoughtful approach to dealing with development, not as overwhelming challenges but as opportunities to seek input from residents on what makes Tinton Falls THEIR town. One person alone can’t solve the issues we face but one Council and a cooperative Administration can effectively lead Tinton Falls into a successful future. I look forward to bringing that attitude to the Council and along with my running mates, we anticipate taking the opportunity to be YOUR Council members as a way to keep Tinton Falls a very desirable place to live. I encourage any undecided resident of Tinton Falls to direct any questions they might have to me so that I can include those concerns or questions in my agenda as the next Tinton Falls Council member.
To be candid, I'm not a politician. My political leanings are not public because I don’t feel that they have any relevance in a local municipal election. So, like my running mates, both of whom have little to no “political qualifications” I can only tell you what I WILL do when elected and what I HAVE done professionally. I chose to run for Council because I believe I can best represent you, the residents of our community, in dealing with the upcoming issues and those lingering ones that haven’t been resolved as of yet, with a blend of no-nonsense reasoning and determination to succeed on your behalf. I have watched for many years as others have run for office with good intentions and others with agendas or motives that run counter to your best interests. I am running for one reason only: I want to live in the best community in the State, with people of good character and strong values, as I’ve had as long as I’ve lived here. In my professional life, I've been an apprentice, an employee, an entrepreneur and now a boss. I am the owner of my Tinton Falls based business, Red Bank Cabinet Co. Our business is one based on craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and careful evaluation of the capabilities we need to employ to complete a job. I plan to bring these skills into my leadership position as Council Member. You can be certain that I will apply careful consideration to every budget, every legislation and to every one of your issues, as your Council Member.
We have a fantastic school system and our recreation programs fulfill so many needs for teaching strong family values. I salute those leaders in our Tinton Falls K-8 and High Schools for putting our children first. It’s hard to argue that there are any more critical issues than the quality of education and the mentorship that takes place there. I’m pleased to have recently learned that several former students have returned, after pursuing degrees in education, to become teachers in our school system. In my opinion, there is no better way to represent the quality of our educational system. As Council Member, I will try to keep our strong relationships with the schools and the Boards of Education from declining. Additionally, I’ll support the Recreation Department in their efforts to produce high quality, inclusive programming for our older adults. Senior programming and events will help to bridge the gap for those who have more time on their hands to participate in local art festivals, music events, active-senior sessions and more.
1. Protect Our Tax Dollars: Keep our tax rate in check, spend our tax dollars carefully and reduce our debt. Three examples: (1) Implement a “shop in town” discount card program that promotes local businesses and results in property tax credits. Neighboring towns like Long Branch and Ocean Twp have had much success with programs like this. (2) Continue to pay down the balance of our outstanding debt. (3) Spend Smarter: Certain expenditures can be reduced by finding innovative solutions that involve the community and/or make use of grant funds. For full details, send an email to

2. Protect Our Quality of Life: We will take action on our town’s environmental issues in order to control over-development and preserve Tinton Falls.

3. Increase Transparency: Transparency is important to us. We will fight to increase open and transparent communication between the Council and our citizens. We would foster more community engagement and participation.
I am running for Tinton Falls Council because I truly care about our community, our quality of life and our environment. I want to ensure that our legacy is one that the next generation will be proud of. I am concerned about over-development and think we need a stronger voice to stand up for Tinton Falls as a community. I also care about keeping our tax rate in check and that we spend our tax dollars carefully and reduce our debt.

I have met so many talented, knowledgeable residents with a rich varied background of expertise who have so much to offer, so I see an opportunity to bring the community together. I have attended almost every council meeting for nearly 3 years, so I care about this town and the issues facing everyone, regardless of where you live in town.

I have my CPA and MBA in Accounting with 19 years compliance experience. I have worked extensively in external and internal audit, with experience in: Sarbanes-Oxley, contracts compliance and fraud investigation. I will utilize my analytical skills and my ability to understand a budget and contracts in my role as council member. I have been an integral, active member of our community, serving as a Board Member of the Winding Brook Condo Association and also as a Board member of the NJ World Trade Center Scholarship Fund.
While there are many factors that contribute to the quality of life, I will focus on two specifically here. Quality of life in Tinton Falls has been impacted by the ongoing odor emanating from the Monmouth County Reclamation Center (MCRC). For residents living near the MCRC, it has been unbearable. I would be an active partner with residents in town to ensure the County fixes these issues. Over-development is also a concern and we must find ways to control it.

Library: We support the Tinton Falls Library and will work to have the library renovated and reopened as quickly as possible with the funds allocated to those purposes in our budget. Not only was our library a place for reading and learning, but it also provided a sense of community, a gathering place, with weekly and summer programming and activities for parents and children.
We need to improve transparency and communication between the administration, the council and the residents. Having lived in this town for almost 25 years, I am aware of the issues facing our local residents and the intricacies of the concerns that exist. If elected I will seek and respond to questions and concerns with the same diligence that I responded to stakeholder concerns in my many years of education. I understand that there are a variety of stakeholders in town and I believe that all deserve a voice. Tinton Falls residents deserve a smart budget, one that supports our needs but does not spend recklessly.
I have a proven track record of manifesting positive change while working as a member of a team. I understand budgets and politics having worked in a school district for 27 years. My goal is always to provide the very best support and services possible for those I am working for and with. I am passionate about the world we live in and the idea that it is our responsibility to make that world a better place for our children and their children. I am an excellent listener and I believe my skills as a counselor benefit any workplace or situation. Most recently I am recovering from chronic Lyme disease that has helped me to better appreciate the value of good health and to have a greater level of understanding for those facing illness and/or a disability.I would like to continue to serve and assist others and believe that this is the perfect time to become involved in my hometown community.
Tinton Falls is a beautiful and safe community. I raised my children in this town, both are adults currently also residing in town. Our first responders are well trained and highly responsive to all situations, contributing greatly to the quality of life here. It is my intention to support our first responders in any way possible. In recent years there has been quite a bit of development in our town. My goal is to help to educate community members on what plans are coming to the council and to always listen to and respond to citizens thoughts and ideas. We are at a point of overdevelopment and we must be cognizant that this will hinder our quality of life. I am an independent voice for our town and i am not beholden to the county Freeholders or any other group. This is a very important factor in having the ability to make sound decisions for our town.
*Minimizing the impact from the Tinton Falls Landfill/Reclamation Center *Controlling our property taxes *Traffic Safety All of these important issues must be addressed and analyzed with full disclosure by the Mayor and Council to assess these current problems that affect our community. The population of this Borough continues to grow and with that comes more services to the residents, more traffic issues and safety issues. The impact on our property taxes must be examined by the elected officials. Transporting of waste products by huge trucks through residential areas when available, alternative, less residential roads could be utilized is a major problem especially for the residents in the southern areas of Tinton Falls. The noxious fumes of the landfill have permeated at least one-third of the Borough this past year and and many years before. The plans for expansion of the landfill must be thoroughly examined and regulations implemented to minimize the impact to our community. The residents must be heard and actions to address these issues is my priority.
Living in the southern area of Tinton Falls for over 32 years and knowing the issues I have presented qualifies me as a resident who has lived these issues. Professionally my life and work experience has trained me to analyze and make sensitive and well-reasoned decisions. My experience:Chief Forensic Dentist for the five boroughs of New York City, Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Forensic dental consultant to the Regional Medical Examiner, the State of New Jersey; and to the Union County, Medical Examiner. The forensic dentist for the County of Rockland, NY, Office of Chief Medical Examiner, and consultant for the Philadelphia Medical Examiner. A Member of the Federal Disaster Mortuary Response Team-Region 2, and the Forensic Dental Director of the Regional Mass Fatality Response System. I have been involved in the identification of victims of disaster events since 1990, including both World Trade Center Disasters, flights US Air 405 and American Airlines 587, Hurricane Katrina 2005, Hurricane Sandy 2012, Hurricane Maria 2017, and other incidents in the NJ/NY region. I served for twelve years on the Union County Commission for Missing and Abused Children. Associate Professor at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine. Providing courtroom testimony as an expert in human abuse cases and in forensic odontology. Director of Dental Operations on the Medical Examiner Special Operations Response Team for NYC. Honorary Police Surgeon for the NYPD . Private dental practice for 40 yrs
Residents must be assured of their safety at home and in their neighborhoods. Open lines of communication with the borough officials to keep residents informed and address their concerns. Often times residents do not know who to call when problems arise. Quality of life issues: clean water, clean air, safe streets, maintaining power and restoring power in a timely manner. Alternatives to above ground wiring may improve the problems that have recently plagued our community. Our air quality issue is certainly a priority and must be addressed continually. Education is a lifelong experience. My brief biography attached is a testimony to my thoughts concerning education. My three children were educated in Tinton Falls and it was a strong foundation for their future learning experiences. I believe we must continue to preserve the strong education system that is currently available to Tinton Falls residents. Tinton Falls is a great community with a large senior population, a large middle age population, and a large child population. A diverse community of individuals with many different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs, all getting along with each other to enjoy a comfortable quality of life. Insuring open communication with elected officials, employees and personnel of the Borough is what I believe must be preserved and continually improved upon.
One of the major challenges our community faces today, as well as our society as a whole, is a lack of effective communication. With technology booming and social media trending, our world has become hyperconnected making adequate communication essential. As councilman, I will prioritize direct communication with our residents. I will strive to ensure honest assessments are being made and publicized, as misinformation is the ultimate kryptonite to a thriving society.
Personally, I have always enjoyed helping people and I want to give back to my community through my position as councilman. I have continually received the President’s Volunteer award at my workplace for the past six years and have also been part of teams that promote community activities such as Habitat for Humanities. Another reason I believe I qualify for the position of councilman is because I am an experienced leader. I was the volunteer head coach of the Saint Jerome softball team for ten years and president of the Monmouth/Ocean parochial softball league for six years. Professionally, I come from an Engineering background for which I have a wide range of experiences that include building labs, project management, software development, analyst and leading teams. Running for office is a new avenue for me. I plan on using my professional talents, life experiences and my passion to help our town.
One way to improve life in our town is to encourage our community members to become more active as a whole. One way I would like to encourage communal engagement is to offer additional activities to our senior citizens. Another essential aspect to improving the quality of our communities' living is to preserve and improve our town’s education system. To ensure our school systems remain adequate we must assure that teachers are up to date in modernized teaching techniques. Our schools must maintain healthy relationships with their students, ensuring helpful services are being offered and their messages are being received effectively.
Protect Our Tax Dollars: Keep our tax rate in check, spend our tax dollars carefully and reduce our debt. Create a budget that reflects the interests of the entire Tinton Falls community. Increase Support for First Responders: We need to provide our first responders with the support and resources they need so they can continue to keep our town safe. Protect Our Quality of Life: We will take action on our town’s environmental issues in order to stop overdevelopment and preserve Tinton Falls. Increase Transparency: Transparency is important to us. We will fight to increase open and transparent communication
I have been a resident of Tinton Falls nearly my entire life. Both my wife Katie and I were born and raised here and grew up just down the street from where we live now. I am a third generation barber at my fathers barbershop that was started by my grandfather in the 1950's. There, I have the advantage of talking with many residents in town about concerns they may have with the town, ideas they think will benefit all, and help direct them to find answers to their questions about any specific issues they may have. I may not be the smartest person in the room, but I know how to pull people together to accomplish goals we intend to reach. If elected councilman, I will continue to help our community in the same way I help my barbershop customers, by listening carefully and bringing the right people together to solve problems.
There are several factors that are critical to our quality of life in Tinton Falls, but the main factor I want to focus on is overdevelopment. Growing up in town, I have seen the town grow the same time as I did. The problem is, Tinton Falls began to grow at a faster rate than me. Growth and change in inevitable and can be good, but growth and change with out the right infrastructural updates can be dangerous. 20 years ago, the intersection at Hance and Sycamore never looked like it does today, but because community growth and overdevelopment, the town has allowed more homes to be built, which resulted in more cars on the roads. Coupled with the lack of traffic safety updates such as a proper light, we now have a dangerous intersection, which leads to our County Freeholders wanting to build a five lane intersection, which is completely overboard. However, we can get ahead overdevelopment by reducing the amount of issues we have by adjusting the zoning masterplan, which allows the number of homes or condos built per acre. Overdevelopment has a very strenuous effect on our schools. As per our state average, 10% of all new developments, not including 55+ communities, will add more students to our schools. This is a great community and we all understand the attributes our town has to offer, but we need to be smart and make the right decisions for the future of Tinton Falls.
To protect the safety of the people; those that live in Tinton Falls and those that travel through Tinton Falls. I’ve lived here for over 30 years. The intersection at Hance Ave and Sycamore Ave is one of the most dangerous intersections in the county. I’ve been fighting for a number of years to push the county to help make this intersection safe. Recently there was a fatal accident there. As a councilman of Tinton Falls I’ll do what it takes to make this intersection safe.

I’d also work to control spending. The key to running a successful business is bringing in revenue and controlling spending. Running a business for most of my life has helped me to comprehend and implement both. I believe that a town runs similar to a business and therefore I will bring my business skills, along with my genuine personal qualities, to the council when elected.
I’ve lived in Tinton Falls with my family for over 30 years. It’s a wonderful town and I’m proud to call it home. Because of my business experience and my ability to deal with people I know as a councilman, I will be a major asset to the community. I’ve run a successful IT services company for most of my life. For 12 years I have chaired Eatontown’s Economic Development Advisory Committee. This committee assists with promoting healthy economic growth in Eatontown and I plan on creating the same successful committee here in Tinton Falls. Business is the key to Lower Taxes. At the same time, we need to promote smart growth in regard to residential building. We have to be careful to steer clear of high-density housing which will burden our taxpayers as well as our schools and infrastructure. I’m truly excited about this committee and I’m looking forward to getting to work on this!
I believe that communication from the Borough to the residents needs to be improved. The current administration has invested in a new and improved reverse-911 system that can inform residents of a host of situations and events that are occurring in the Borough. Most of us have smart-phones and Borough updates on recycling, snow activities, emergency situations and many other local events can be instantly transmitted to residents who have signed up for this service. I would propose finding a way to “sign up” as many residents as possible at community events such as Tinton Falls Day and other times residents gather. Additionally, I support the installation of Tinton Falls TV, a service where our public meetings can be broadcast and repeated on the local access channels provided to the Borough. More information via these technologies make for more informed citizens and a greater participation from those who are unable to make the meetings.