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Haddonfield Borough Commissioner - Unexpired Term

Since 1913, Haddonfield has operated under the "Commission" form of government. Three Commissioners are selected by the voters of Haddonfield at a nonpartisan election held the second Tuesday in May every four years. Amongst themselves, the Commissioners select a Mayor and may select a Deputy Mayor.Each Commissioner oversees a Department within the Borough.This election is for Commissioner, Unexpired Term, (until 5/2021).

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    Colleen Bianco Bezich

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    Robert A. Marshall

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    Gregory Peltz

  • Kathryn Raiczyk

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What do you consider the top priority(ies) in the next municipal budget and how will you minimize impact on taxpayers? Please discuss no more than three priorities.

What do you consider the most important issue facing the municipality today and how would you address the issue if elected to office?

What is your view on consolidation of municipalities and/or sharing services with neighboring municipalities?

What would you to to promote economic development and attract businesses to the municipality?

Campaign Email
Campaign Address 235 Hawthorne Avenue Haddonfield, NJ 08033
There are forces outside of our control, such as increasing costs to handle and dispose of waste globally, which will have a significant impact on our Borough in the near future (and beyond). Additionally, climate change and our aging infrastructure are likely to drive up costs in both the short and long-term, with important decisions to be made about capital expenditures, maintenance, new technology and adaptations.

I also prioritize minimizing the overall likelihood of costly appeals and litigation, as these have been a continuous threat to our budget under the existing leadership.

Finally, in an effort to minimize the impact of rising costs to taxpayers, I will prioritize county & state-wide resources, including grants and subsidies.
I consider the most important issue to be a lack of leadership, as this impacts us all in a variety of ways, whether the most hotly contested issues (Bancroft & Snowden) or the handling of issues related to diversity and accessibility. I will start by continuing my work on the campaign trail - engaging with and responding to all citizens, as I believe in responsive, transparent governance.

Three pressing issues that I'd like to tackle include resolving the Bancroft redevelopment, re-examining affordable housing plans & priorities, and confronting storm water management in a way that respects the rights of property owners while also minimizing environmental and economic impacts to our community as a whole.
Shared services and programming that pools resources can be incredibly beneficial to municipalities. However, I don't believe there is a one-size-fits all model. And, importantly, having worked on and implemented shared services agreements in many communities over the past 15+ years, I know that they do not solve problems or reduce costs overnight - and this needs to be a part of the conversation that we undertake with constituents when examining such opportunities.

I will commit to being thoughtful, engaged and transparent in any consideration of shared services or consolidation options. And, importantly, I believe my experience in this realm will be of tremendous value to the taxpayers.
Having spent six years as an economic development consultant, including the establishment of Haddonfield's own business improvement district, I have deep understanding of business attraction and retention strategies. I have also worked on projects of varying sizes to increase ratables, diversify tax revenue and institute long term planning for economic revitalization. I would undertake a thorough review of the Borough's existing economic development strategy and examine current trends, as well as the Borough's long-erm goals.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the challenges faced by my fellow entrepreneurs in 2019, and I have a commitment to creating a robust, diversified business community that will thrive for years to come
Campaign Address Bob Marshall for Commissioner 514 Maple Avenue Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1440
Party Tagline Independent, Fiscally Responsible, Transparent, Highly Experienced
Approximately 47% of the Borough budget is designated as labor costs. Reducing such costs are a challenge with rising healthcare premiums. There continues to be a need to address this at state and national levels. Aging road and stormwater infrastructure must be maintained; costs will be compounded if neglected. Opportunities for grants and low-interest loans from State and Federal programs should be explored. The County share of our property taxes approaches 30%, almost double the municipal portion. We need to obtain our fair share of benefits and ensure that County tax dollars are spent appropriately. Our legislature must be held to account for unfunded state mandates. See comment below concerning Bancroft debt service.
Debt service on the Bancroft property will rise over $500,000 in the 2019 Budget. In August 2019, the Commissioners received a proposal for 71 market-rate, age-restricted townhouses. The age-restricted component will lessen burdens on our schools. Under the NJ Long Term Tax Exemption Law, I intend to support adoption of a 100%, 30-year PILOT, with 96% of payments in lieu of taxes (Annual Service Charges) apportioned to the Borough and the required 4% to the county. The Borough would repay financed debt and redevelopment expenses as the project develops and tax revenue is produced. As Commissioner, I will support a tax-neutral proposal with maximum payments to the schools consistent with the tax-neutral commitment to Borough residents.
Consolidation of services is appropriate when it lowers expenditures, preserves or improves the qualities of services and where the interests of participating municipalities are in agreement. Haddonfield has explored shared services and has done so judiciously, as in the case of municipal court services, “911” emergency services, health care insurance, joint insurance fund, domestic violence response, deer carcass removal and other services. In other cases, such as the decision to maintain a local police force, Borough residents should decide whether to give more weight to factors other than costs when evaluating the benefits of shared services.
Market trends are difficult to predict or control but, as we see the decline of shopping malls throughout the nation as on-line shopping increases, we also see a renewed interest in the small-town experience and changing directions for entrepreneurial investments. The success of the Kings Road Brewery is one of them, with the sensitive redevelopment of an older storefront enhancing Mechanic Street and surrounding commercial tenants, attracting creative development of second story residential apartments and enhancement of existing residential units. We need to build on such successes where we find them and assist long time and new commercial establishments through the Partnership for Haddonfield.
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Campaign phone (914)260-5739
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Party Tagline Third Generation Working for All Generations
One of the major priorities is the impact of the debt service on the bond for the Bancroft purchase. Until the negotiation of the Annual Service Charge is finalized, the debt service needs to be covered by the taxpayers. I will work earnestly for a speedy, beneficial agreement for the Borough of Haddonfield. In the meantime, closer attention needs to be on other major line items (e.g. contracts put out to bid, etc.)
I have been going door to door to talk with our citizens. They have stated their concerns:

Condition of our roads; Noise from landscapers equipment too early in morning; More restaurants in our downtown area; Street trees maintenance; Concerns with Board of Education (candidates running unopposed); Concerns with Crows Woods fields

To the best of my ability, I would address these concerns by being proactive with road and tree maintenance. I would better regulate hours of operation of noice producing equipment. I would have an evaluation completed on the fields (e.g. soil tests, etc.)
I support consolidation of certain judicial services and business matters. However I believe in local emergency response services.
I believe by keeping our downtown streets clean and safe this will encourage business owners to want to do business in our town. Haddonfield does a very good job in cleaning up the streets after the Harvest Festival, Fine Arts and Crafts Fair, etc.
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