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An elected school board member serves a three-year term. The school board represents the concerns of citizens, taxpayers and parents to the school administrators, and represents the needs of the students and school district to citizens, taxpayers and parents. The school board does not operate the district on a day-to-day basis; that is the job of the superintendent (the district’s chief executive). Rather, the school board sets policies, goals and objectives for the district, and holds the superintendent responsible for implementing those policies and goals. (Abridged from NJ School Boards Association website)

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  • Christine Boyd

  • Leslie "Les" Gallagher

  • Patricia Knott

Biographical Information

Why are you running for the board of education (Why are you seeking reelection)? What expertise do you bring?

What is your top budget priority and why?

What is your view on test scores? What steps will you take to improve these scores (if improvements are needed)?

What are your views on the latest formula for apportioning state aid for schools?

What measures, if any, do you feel are needed to improve the safety and security of our schools?

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Campaign Address 49 E CLOVERDALE AVE
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I'm seeking reelection because I feel all the children attending the Pine Hill School's deserve a fair and equal education in a safe environment. I feel I have made a difference in how the School District has progressed over the time I have been on the Board of Education and I can continue to help in that progression. Graduation rates have increased during my time on the board, student discipline has also increased and so has attendance through the Policies that have been put in place during my time on the Board. Working with the Superintendent, administration and staff I feel I have dame a positive difference in the education process in the Pine Hill School District.
I have several budget priorities when it comes to the budget. 1.) Continue to improve and upgrade the buildings; healthy buildings lead to a healthy learning environment. 2.) Continue to upgrade learning resources; computers, science labs at the high school and other needed tools for the educational process. 3.) Safety: Up grade the schools camera systems to tie into the local Police to aid in quicker response during emergencies
Overall test scores need to come up. As a Board of Education Member I plan to continue to work with the Superintendent and Curriculum Coordinator to provide training and resources to our teachers to improve their teaching abilities and techniques to advance the learning of our students. I also believe we need to observe the individual students in their learning environment since not all students process and learn the same and because of that the NJ State testing requirements need to be evaluated also.
On the latest formula I feel it is going in the right direction the Pine Hill School aid has been well under 100% for many years as well as many other districts while some school districts in the State have been receiving Aid over 100%. Looking at the latest formula Pine Hill has recently seen an increase in state aid allowing the local school district to go below their allowed 2% increase so the local property tax payer saw a small decrease in their taxes.
In school safety we have made several improvements over the last 4 years in securer access to the schools the next improvement would be a system allowing the local police to have access to the schools through upgraded security cameras and internal alerts in all schools. This would allow the police to instantly be notified of any situation in the schools where their presence will be required.
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