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Virginia House District 94

The Virginia General Assembly consists of two chambers. The House is the lower chamber and is composed of 100 Delegates. Delegates serve 2-year terms, represent over 80,000 Virginians, and receive a yearly salary of $17,740. House District 94 includes part of Newport News City. The candidates' required financial disclosures are available at the Department of Elections website at and at

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    Michael Bartley

  • Shelly Simonds

  • David Yancey

Biographical Information

What do you believe is the top legislative priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

What measures would you propose or support to ensure the right to vote and election integrity?

Regarding fair redistricting, (1) What is your position on the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission? (2) If the constitutional amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support for the implementation and work of the commission?

What solutions would you support to reduce the current level of gun violence in Virginia?

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education BSAE from Tristate University
experience 19 years as an Aerospace Engineer, including being on the collier winning team for the X2 demonstrator
Proper funding of education. I will work to end having localities fund schools, and evenly and fully fund STUDENTS from the state. Every child will be funded based on their grade level and special needs. They can spend this money on any public school. 75% of the money will follow the children to private schools, or receipts from home school. Principals will have to compete for the best teachers so the schools will attract students.
I will propose several laws regarding this topic. • Reinstate the right to vote to all felons who have completed their sentence. • Install ranked choice voting, so you can rank your candidates instead of voting for one therefore never “wasting” your vote. • Lower ballot access to 1% so minor parties can participate on a level playing field. • I support no-excuse early absentee voting and allowing early voting.
(1) I support having a nonpartisan redistricting commission (2) I will vote for the amendment. I would propose legislation to use mathematics to find compact districts as a starting point and measurement device for the commission.
I support ending all victimless crimes. The prohibition of alcohol caused a large increase in the murder rate that went down when prohibition ended. Our present prohibition laws were enacted slowly but are still responsible for a large portion of the murder rate in Virginia. Black markets create a large profit margin, and no legal recourse for disagreements. Make the markets legal, and the incentives for violence will evaporate.
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