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Sea Bright Borough Mayor

MAYOR - Full Term - Vote for OneSea Bright is governed under the Borough form of New Jersey municipal government. The governing body consists of a Mayor and a Borough Council comprising six council members, with all positions elected at-large on a partisan basis as part of the November general election. A Mayor is elected directly by the voters to a four-year term of office. The Borough Council consists of six members elected to serve three-year terms on a staggered basis, with two seats coming up for election each year in a three-year cycle. The Borough form of government used by Sea Bright is a "weak mayor / strong council" government in which council members act as the legislative body with the mayor presiding at meetings and voting only in the event of a tie. The mayor can veto ordinances subject to an override by a two-thirds majority vote of the council. The mayor makes committee and liaison assignments for council members, and most appointments are made by the mayor with the advice and consent of the council.

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  • Brian P. Kelly

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    Jack Sanders

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Sea Bright is an amazing place to live and have a family. It’s a small strip of land by the ocean, and everyone living in the borough is a short walk from our beaches. Over the last 5 years, the Jersey Shore has had an amazing recovery, including Sea Bright. Now we need to protect the residents of Sea Bright from over development that has caused problems for other shore towns. Big developers who want to build the largest possible buildings in our small Borough are the most significant challenge because what developers are seeking to do to the Borough needs to be balanced against the realities of the space available, flooding concerns and rising ocean levels. There has been an effort to build the largest possible buildings here, and cram in the most profitable buildings possible. This effort has pressed the development of Sea Bright to the outer limits of our building codes and beyond. We need to be making sure our rules are uniformly followed with a focus on livability for residents and an overall sustainability for the Borough. Instead of profits for developers, the Borough’s development focus should be on making sure that Sea Bright is ready if another storm comes and making sure that Sea Bright has the services to support additional residents and homes. Overpopulating Sea Bright and cramming more large buildings into a flood zone doesn’t do that. We need someone to stand up for the people of the Borough, and I’m here to do that.
I’m a trial lawyer and I’ve been an advocate for people for almost 20 years, holding government and big corporations accountable. I’m never afraid to stand up to big money companies to make sure that they follow the rules like everyone else. I don’t have any connections to the builders or contractors in Sea Bright and I’m not a politician beholden to anyone else’s interests other than those of the people of Sea Bright. I already have a successful career that I love and I’m not seeking to make a career out of politics. All of this puts me in a position to act independently of the closed bubble of political leadership that’s been running our local government and instead work directly for the people and the people only. In my career, I’ve made a reputation as someone who’s tough but pragmatic and can get serious deals done in a positive way, and I’m ready to work with our current leadership for the people of the Borough in an open and transparent way to keep Sea Bright livable and sustainable.
Foremost, the people of the Borough of Sea Bright must come first and that means transparency for important decisions. We need to make sure that the public is told about what is happening with decisions that impact development of the Borough, the maintenance of our beaches and our public schools. I will fight for transparency and make sure that the people of the Borough know what is happening. I don’t think that it’s right to have years of strategical decision being made on these issues taking place with lawyers instead of with the residents of the town, who only see the legal bills. As an experienced attorney, I’m in a position to evaluate and address the legal work that’s been done in closed consultation with lawyers, so that the public can decide important issues for themselves. Finally, I didn’t have any experience running for office before this election, and I see that as a positive. I think it’s important to have open participation in local government with new candidates and new ideas in the room when decisions are made instead of a closed bubble of leadership. I think the voters in Borough elections should have different candidates to choose from instead of handpicked unopposed candidates. More people who don’t want to make politics their job, but who want to help their community should be encouraged and supported by our local leadership to become involved and to share their ideas instead of being shouted out of the room.