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Manassas City School Board 2019

The School Board of the City of Manassas is comprised of seven members who are elected by the citizens of the City of Manassas. Elections for the City School Board are held on the first Tuesday in November in even-numbered years. The seven members are elected at large, rather than by districts, meaning that all voters of the City may vote for every seat. Members hold staggered four-year terms, meaning that every two years there is an election to fill either three or four seats. Terms begin on January 1 after the November election.The 2019 election is necessary to fill the open position that resulted from a member’s resignation.

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    Peter B. O'Hanlon

  • Lisa Anne Stevens

Biographical Information

What additional revenues are needed for the Manassas City Schools and what would you support for a source?

How successful is the City of Manassas School system in involving parents? If improvement is needed what proposals would you support?

What are your concerns, if any, about state-mandated curriculum and assessment requirements?

What is your priority for further improvement in the Manassas City Schools?

education/Degrees Approximately three years of undergraduate college education.
experience I am a retired auditor for the Postal Service Office of Inspector General. I am currently in my third year of service as a School Board member. My five children all attended Manassas City Schools and I was active in all aspects of their education including PTAs and other support groups,
Moving forward, the City has proposed a meager increase in the funding allocation to the schools. In order to remain competitive with other local jurisdictions and provide quality services to our students, we need approximately a 3.5% increase annually in funding. The City Council is our funding source, so allocation is up to them. With all the new growth in the city and an increase in home values, the funds are certainly available, however, other projects have been chosen above education.
Every year we become better at involving parents. All the schools have been creative in methods to contact parents for teacher conferences. One thing we need to begin doing is take advantage of events with large turnouts, such as band, orchestra or chorus concerts, and talk to the parents about becoming involved. This year we had our first welcome back message from the school board where we encouraged all parents to become involved in their child's education.
While we certainly must have a standardized minimum curriculum and a way to assess the effectiveness of education, local jurisdictions should have more input in the process. Currently, the state is assessing the number and frequency of the SOL tests to see if they are all needed and relevant. This process must be ongoing, and the test evolve with the way students learn and share knowledge. As skill demands rapidly change in the workplace, so must education evolve to meet those requirements.
My top priority is to improve student behavior. We are working hard to make sure students know there are consequences for their behavior. Just as good behavior earns you rewards or benefits, poor behavior will result in the loss of privileges. We cannot continue to allow disruptive behavior to take away from the time teachers have to teach and the other students have to learn. Students can only reach their maximum potential when they are ready and willing to learn. Additional priorities include ensuring we provide an educational environment that is conducive to learning; increasing the retention of our teaching staff; and ensuring all students graduate with knowledge, skills and abilities to allow them to succeed in the college, trade or career of their choice.

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