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Manistee City Council - District #2

For City Council Races, you will select 1 of 3 appropriate districts. To find your district, click this link to the City Council District Map. Once you have determined your district, you can view the race and the candidates for that district.City Council members are elected to a 2 year term to the Manistee City Council, which is the legislative authority and governing body for the city. It is responsible for hiring and overseeing the city manager, setting policy and adopting ordinances and resolutions. It is also responsible for the adopting a budget to fund the city's operations.

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    Lynda Beaton

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Campaign Phone (231) 383-0404
Educational background Adrian College and OCC Liberal Arts
Occupation/Current Position Associate Broker with Lighthouse Realty
Serving others, helping people find answers to their issues, and listening to your feedback has given me a lot of experience over the past 4 years. To continue for another 2 years would be an honor. I am not cavalier about my responsibilities or hesitant about giving up personal time to respond to residents of the City. Making sure identified street repairs go forward and that our wastewater facility is completed are monumental projects that will make our residents feel more secure about their environment. Recognizing all our critical needs is a balancing act between the pocketbook versus trying to prioritize where we need to spend taxpayer money. Elected officials need feedback. We need citizens with time to serve on our boards to help advise us. Please vote and call me anytime.
Population decline, due to lack of housing and jobs hurts all economic sectors of our city. Creating an environment that encourages opportunities is the key to our survival. Young families have essential needs, such as livable rages, good health care and great childcare services to help them grow. Retirees need housing and health care as well. We have quite a few services today, but we must be vigilant to make sure we continue to improve. Zoning plays an important role by adding more special uses and nurturing expansion of industries already established within our limits. We will vote on the DDA TIF plan soon. Their purpose is to halt property value deterioration, increase property values, and promote economic growth. Is that glass half full? Call me with your opinions, thank you.