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Microsoft Word - BOE-JobDescriptionForVOTE411.docx School board members in New Jersey are responsible for adopting policies under which the school district operates; overseeing the school district budget; approving the curriculum; hiring and evaluating the superintendent; representing the public during contract negotiations; and serving as a communication link between the community and the school system. Elected school board members receive no compensation and serve three-year terms, unless elected to fill an unexpired term when a vacancy occurs.

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  • John E. Clark

  • Matthew J. Palmer

  • James V. Worth

Biographical Information

What are the major challenges facing the community/district and how would you propose to address them if elected?

What qualifies you for this position, both personally and professionally?

What factors are critical to the quality of life/education in your community and what would you do to improve or preserve them?

We need to get Mountz back on an even keel by hiring an engaged ,"hands on" Superintendent. Address staffing issues that have arisen with the 50% enrollment decline in the past decade and another 30% decline coming. Look for ways to improve Mountz enrollment while maintaining focus on providing education for in-boro children. The Board and Superintendent need to actively seek opportunities to share resources with near by districts. My overall goal is to maintain Mountz excellence in a fiscally prudent manner

We need to operate the district in an open and transparent manner. In the past there have been significant shortcomings in this area and secrecy can be expensive. The contract extension given to the prior Superintendent in 2017, without legally required public disclosure, ultimately cost district taxpayers over $100,000 when his employment was ended early. The district has also failed to maintain the legally required Board Executive minutes. I believe the district needs a new legal advisor more committed to keeping the district in compliance with Open Government requirements.

Make appropriate building repairs and upgrades, including security enhancements. Only issue new bonds if and when they are needed.
I have "skin in the game" with a child attending Mountz. I have participated in a number of school activities including the annual kitchen tour, field day and book fair and I am a PTA member. In the past I provided pro-bono services to my elementary and high school in New York

I served 9 months as a Board member in 2018.

I am a retired CPA and earned my MBA at Rutgers on the GI bill. My education and experience have prepared me to identify and find solutions to problems. I am willing to innovate and try new things to make improvements.

I believe Board activity need to be open and democratic. Based on my Board experience in 2018 I believe there is too much reliance on secretive, executive sessions.
I believe Spring Lake parents have high academic expectations for their children and expect Mountz to provide a firm foundation for their eventual success in higher education and professional work. The community is blessed with all the resources needed to achieve these goals.

Spring Lake boro has top notch local services delivered efficiently and enjoys an enviable low tax rate which supports property values. I believe the Spring Lake community has the same expectations of their school district, an excellent education delivered efficiently. I will work to help accomplish this achievable goal.

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