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Virginia Prince William County School Board Brentsville School District

The Prince William County School Board makes the policies that govern the school division. There are eight members on the School Board, one from each magisterial district and one at-large member who serves as chairman. They serve a 4-year term with a salary limit set by the Virginia Code. The policies developed include instruction, administration, personnel, and students including matters of school boundary determination, pupil assignment plans, guidelines for student assessments, and annual school calendar, an instructional calendar, a 5-year plan for instruction, and location of schools.

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    Shawn L. Brann

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    Adele E. Jackson

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What would you propose in order to provide a curriculum best-suited for each student?

What changes would you support in the school funding system?

What are your chief concerns about state-mandated curriculum and assessment requirements?

What innovations would you propose to improve the education of our students?

How well do you believe the specialty programs in some high schools serve the school population? What changes would you support?

What changes and resources are needed to increase public pre-kindergarten programs?

How would you expand citizen involvement in the budget process and in other decision-making such as school boundaries?

What systemic changes are needed to increase the retention rate of new teachers to keep them in Prince William County schools?

Age 47
education/Degrees BA in English, George Mason University BA in Speech Communications, George Mason University Masters in Education, George Mason University Certificate in Educational Leadership, George Mason University
family Wife Julie, daughter Sophia, and son Tyler
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Honestly, it's a mixed bag on the value of the specialty programs and how well they serve the students in PWCS. I think certain programs are more valuable than others, and do more to prepare students for college and professional experiences. I was a teacher in Woodbridge Senior High School's Center for Fine and Performing Arts, and had the opportunity to teach many CFPA students during my last few years at the school.
During my tenure as an Acting School Board member, I had the opportunity to film one "Board Matters" video. I picked a pre-K classroom at Victory Elementary, because I know how valuable those first educational experiences are to young children as they prepare for Kindergarten.
As a citizen in the Brentsville District, I have had the opportunity to be part of a budget committee that was created by Brentsville District School Board member Gil Trenum. Since 2012, I have analyzed the school budget each "budget season," providing insight to Mr. Trenum and now Ms. Satterwhite of the Gainesville District. This committee is made up of citizens and PWCS employees. I would continue this committee, and expand it as well to provide more input from other citizens.
Teacher pay is incredibly important, and as a School Board member, I would do what I did as an Acting School Board member from 2016-17: I would vote to increase teacher pay. In addition, we need to evaluate how to smartly return missed steps to our teachers. Also, we need to evaluate our benefits to ensure we're offering our educators a competitive benefits package compared to other local school systems. I think mentoring of new teachers by veterans is crucial as well.
Age 41
education/Degrees B.S. in Sociology M.Ed Special Education with certificate in Leadership
family Married with twin boys who just started kindergarten.
I have taught for 14 years, I resigned in June to run for School Board. You cannot be on the Board and be a teacher in PWCS and leaving in the middle of the year would negatively impact my students. Due to my extensive, and recent, knowledge of researched based instructional practices I feel we should always approach instruction in the Least Restrictive Environment possible. We must maintain high individualized expectations for every student.
The pro for the current budget agreement is that the BOCS does not have line item authority but provides a lump sum. The con is the current agreement is old and how we fund our schools needs to be re-assessed. The schools, students, and community are ever changing; our funding model should reflect the needs of our community. We need to fully fund our schools.
For the last two years I was responsible for three different math curricula with three different SOLs. I am very familiar with the current high stakes testing environment that our schools, and most importantly, students experience. These tests should not be the only measure of academic gains a student achieved in a year. I feel it is important we measure progress in a general education curriculum while being mindful not to over test.
For a complete list of items please visit my website. I feel that innovations and instructional practices are designed best when meeting the unique needs of a school. I would advocate for fully funding our schools to allow for administration to focus on what their school needs. Additionally, I would review our current pre-kindergarten opportunities to ensure all students have access to researched based instructional, age appropriate, opportunities.
I believe in supporting an environment where all students can access their unique dreams. However, I believe all schools should have access to specialty programs. When we design programs we must ensure equity and inclusion. We must create policies that foster an environment of equity and inclusiveness so we can better advocate for a school system in which all students feel safe, included, and valued at school.
Currently PWCS is not accessing all the resources available to create a public pre-kindergarten program. We must review infrastructure and secure additional funding. All students should have access to quality, age appropriate, pre-kindergarten programs.
As a teacher fresh from the classroom, I understand the importance of building and fostering relationships with families. As a mom with two in kindergarten, I understand the importance of open and clear communication with your child’s school. Navigating the public school system as a parent or guardian can be a challenge. I will always make myself accessible and meet the communication needs of all working and commuting families both in person and electronically. Community connection is essential.
PWCS' staff is our community's greatest resource. It is imperative we listen to all school staff when addressing retention. As a teacher I understand that educators/staff in PWCS are not competitively compensated. However, our retention issues stem beyond pay and this county needs a strong advocate with recent firsthand classroom knowledge to advocate for change. We need to retain current and new teachers in PWCS; we need to have open and difficult discussions to improve retention.