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Virginia Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman

The Chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors is an at-large position serving the seven magisterial districts. The 8-member Board is responsible for setting local tax policy, approving land use plans and appointing officials to various countywide positions; including a County Executive who prepares the annual budget, and carries out laws enacted by the Board. The Chairman serves a 4-year term with an annual salary of $49,452.See www.pwcQuickinfo for full information on your local districts, elected officials and voting place. candidates' required financial disclosures are available at the Department of Elections website and at

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    Muneer A. Baig

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    Donald E. Scoggins

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    Ann B. Wheeler

Biographical Information

What is the best system for establishing a satisfactory balance of residential and commercial development that provides for a high quality of living for all Prince William residents?

What changes would you propose to decrease the need for residents to travel out of the county to work?

What changes to improve land use planning would you propose or support?

What changes would you support in the school funding system?

What is your priority for changes in Prince William County?

How much effect do you believe campaign donations have on decision-making by Prince William County elected officials?

education/Degrees BA in Business Administration, University of Kashmir, India University of Virginia, Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership Boston University – Small Business Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Management
experience Several leadership roles in Prince William County, including: - Human Rights Commissioner, - Hylton Performing Arts Center Executive Committee, - Health and Human Services Commission Board, - Transportations Strategy Planning Board, - Zoning and Ordinance Committee - and more.
hometown Manassas, VA
The best system is one that requires limited travel outside the community for day to day necessities. I favor village-type housing clusters which include commercial retail and other facilities within the cluster. The retail facilities will cater to the day to day needs of the residents, such as groceries and other supplies. The office facilities can be “Approved Secure Facilities” enabling our federal workforce that operates in high-security zones to work remotely and securely.
Encourage small and large businesses growth and increase the number of non-retail small businesses, such as tech companies, manufacturing, etc. creating high paying jobs. Small Business is the engine of our national economy employing over 90% of the workforce. We can create an environment that fosters small businesses and creates opportunities for our residents. I will work with the federal government and bid on opportunities to relocate agencies to Prince William, creating jobs in our county.
I will propose that any plan for land use MUST take into account everything that the development will need and should have to maintain quality of life, including schools, parks, roads, transportation, etc. The development should be able to generate enough tax revenue to support the services offered by the county to prevent any budget deficit. The plan should also include the data to identify the need for school and the impact on roads from the traffic that will be generated by any development.
My changes will include stablishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Return on Investment (ROI). I am a small business owner today, but I have also had the opportunity to work for companies like Microsoft and run services globally. KPI and ROI was and is always part of our routine conversations with our clients in the private sector. I want to bring this private sector expertise to the government and drive performance and accountability across the board to reduce the operating costs.
• Support schools to help our kids become 21st-century leaders and innovators, the next Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. • Reduce commutes by fixing our highly congested roads like RT 28, while planning for long-term public transportation solutions. • Advocate for smart-managed growth to protect our environment and enhance the quality of life. • Ensure county government reflects the diversity of our community and is inclusive. • Strengthen our economy by investing in small business and entrepreneurs
Campaign donations significantly impact our government and elected officials’ decisions to operate in an unbiased way. Campaign donations influence the decision-making process and more than often these decisions are in favor of the campaign donors with citizens of the county getting the short end of the stick. We have seen this with some of the development plans in the Rural Crescent and the proposed Small Area plans, including RT 29 small area plan. It also impacts independents outreach ability
education/Degrees Associates in Arts Bachelors of Business Admininstration
experience 43 years as a CPA - 39 of them self employed; Former US Marine 1969- 1973
hometown Bronx New York
We have to increase the commercial base to reduce the tax burden on the residential base. Right now, that base is approximately 15/85%. Commercial & residential pay the same real estate tax rate but commercial properties do not use school, [park & rec, libraries). As such, they are more "tax efficient". So we need to encourage business to move to PWC and we can do that by lowering the real estate tax RATE so we are competitve with surrounding counties. Our rate is the highest in the NoVA region
Only possible answer is to bring jobs to PWC.
We need to update the Comprehensive Plan in its entirety instead of doing sectional changes.
I would discard the Revenue Sharing Agreement as it has outlived its usefulness. In addition, the BoCS has essentially abdicated its oversight responsibilities. The School Division must justify the 57% of ta dollars it receives
1) Keep Public Safety the # 1 priority. 2) Preserve and protect the Rural Crescent. 3) Reduce the Real Estate tax rate 4) Bring jobs to PWC
Huge. Large dollar donations are made for one purpose: to infuence the recipients decision on voting on a particular matter. The law allows this. Its called Freedom of Speech. That said, I think a publicly elected official should disclose to the public f they have received any campaign contributions, in any dollar amount, from an application seeking their vote. Public disclosure and then let the PUBLIC decide if that officials judgement might have been IMPAIRED by the size of the contribution.
education/Degrees B. Arch., Hampton University Masters, Urban and Regional Planning University of Pittsburgh
experience Vietnam military service, Housing Advisor to Mayor of Danang. Urban Planner, Housing Specialist and Realty Specialist within local and federal Government. Real estate broker and investor. Many years involved with veteran groups, numerous civic and charitable organizations.
hometown Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
If possible, residential development shouldn’t occur unless enough infrastructure exist to service these needs.
If there were some way to determine where majority of County residents work, make attempts to attract those employers to PWC and/or aggressively utilize tele-work.
I would first develop overall vision for Prince William County then develop strategic plans for each County region and from there create individual neighborhood plans considering unique features within each sector.
I believe there should be hybrid arrangement of guaranteed annual revenue to PWCS combined with the ability of the school system to seek additional funds to support worthy projects it must justify receiving.
In my opinion it’s imperative for PWC to implement a robust economic development schedule. I also believe the County’s planning office needs to improve its land use review to ensure appropriate ratio of housing and commercial develop aligning with existing or planned infrastructure.
Although, with no concrete evidence it’s very suspect how some elected officials appear influenced by major campaign donors through the coincidental timing of certain decisions they make.
education/Degrees BS Mechanical Engineering-Tufts University MBA University of Chicago
experience Involved in Prince William County for 20 years. NOVEC Board for 14 years, PWC Board of Social Services for 5 years, immediate past President of the Committee of 100, the Hylton Performing Arts Center Executive Board the past two years, District Budget committee, HOA President, School Boundary Comm.
hometown My family and I have lived in Haymarket since 2001. I grew up in New Jersey, went to school in Boston, lived in Chicago for 13 years and have been in Virginia for 25 years, 20 in Haymarket
The best system would provide for a robust economic development plan. Residential development will continue with the growth in Northern Virginia and we need to make sure it's done in a holistic manner by redoing the comprehensive plan and having a vision for where the county wants to go.
We need to address that fact that 70% of residents travel outside the county for work. Economic development should focus on expanding technology businesses related to our current commercial ones, expanding biotech at the George Mason campus, creating a small business incubator that supports entrepreneurship and growing industries like Agritourism and Sports Tourism.
I would support redoing the Comprehensive Plan that plans for growth and make sure all communities that go in are walkable and more geared toward the town center model.
I would support increased school funding to address our large class sizes and our low teacher pay. We also need to invest capital in the infrastructure of older schools and the building of new ones.
Increasing school funding Reducing traffic congestion and offering more transit options Ensuring a more robust economic development
Campaign donations should not effect decision making in Prince William County.