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Virginia Prince William Sheriff: Prince Wiilliam, Manassas and Manassas Park

The primary responsibility of the Sheriff's office is to secure the Judicial Center and service the civil process and provide certain public safety and community services. The Sheriff's Office holds concurrent law enforcement jurisdiction with local police departments and may assist the police in their primary duties when needed. Examples of the Sheriff's duties include maintaining courtroom decorum and security, transporting inmates, serving notices, issuing subpoenas and summoning witnesses. The Sheriff sits on the Jail Board by statutory authority.

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    Rhonda Dickson

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    Glen Hill

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    Joshua Lavon King

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Please explain the differences in the role of the Sheriff and the police in the county and the cities. What change, if any, would you recommend and promote?

What would you propose to promote greater safety in Prince William?

What additional resources for the community will you plan for the Sheriff’s office to provide?

Nationally there have been cases where law enforcement incidents and practices seem to have a race-based bias. What steps would you take to prevent that perception and/or reality in our area?

experience 21 Year Air Force Retiree Over 15 years with Prince William County Police Department Over 6 years with Prince William County Sheriff's Office
Facebook Rhonda Dickson for Sheriff
The Sheriff has only three areas of responsibility: Courthouse Security, Civil Process and Transportation of inmates and mental health patients. The County and City police departments have all other law enforcement function. I highly recommend the institution of a K-9 Unit for explosives and drug detecting. We can not afford to wait of a unit to arrive. We have go to have one as a deterrent checking the outside and inside of the Judicial Center on a regular basis.
I believe our deputies need additional training in day to day patrol tactics. They are sometimes the first ones on the scene of an incident just by virtue of servicing civil process in the various neighborhoods. If you have been a deputy with Prince William County Sheriff's office, you do not have the same training that County and City officers get once out of the Academy. We need that additional 45 days with an FTO ( Field Training Officer) to develop those skills needed to assist as needed.
I would like to see us obtain an emotional support dog for victims of violent crimes when they have to make court appearances. We also have a dire need for a mental health hospital to be built here in our county. Right now, we have to transport people all over the Commonwealth of Virginia for them to get the treatment they need.
Our deputies in the field need body cameras. The County and City officers have had them for about 3 years. We should have had them at the same time. We have got to be as transparent as possible to win and retain the public trust.
education/Degrees Attended Northern Virginia Community College
experience 50 years of law enforcement and 40 of those years were in progressive management.
The Sheriff by State Code has criminal, civil, and penial authority. We are responsible for the safety and security of the Judicial Center and its grounds. In addition, we provide civil enforcement to Prince William County, and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park. Our deputies are Law Enforcement certified and equipped to respond to any public safety concerns in our community. We train with our partners at the PWC Public Criminal Justice Academy to ensure a uniform response.
To continue to work with our law enforcement partners to provide the highest levels of Public Safety services to our citizens. Working directly with the community and its elected leaders to ensure the highest of standards are in place. Public safety is paramount, and we must deliver services expected by the community with the utmost professionalism and trust.
We will continue to enhance our abilities to provide additional public safety services to address our responsibilities appropriately and efficiently. We will continue to enhance our community services programs such as Project Lifesaver, Senior Safe, Gun Safety, VIN Etching and Child ID’s.
Cultural diversity and crisis intervention training ensures our certified staff meet the needs of the community. We will work with our citizens through open dialog, community meetings and our faith-based partners to show transparency. We will continue to ensure that the diversity of the Sheriff’s Office staff continues to reflect the community that we serve. We are proud of the fact that we are one of the most diverse law enforcement agencies in NOVA and this will continue to remain a priority.
education/Degrees B.A. Public Administration (GMU)
experience Josh King is an Iraq Army Veteran, a law enforcement officer, an advocate for people with special needs and a union leader.
The Sheriff's role is to provide security at the Judicial Center, serve all court process, provide prisoner transport and assist the local police departments as needed to keep the peace and maintain order. The Police role is to maintain public order, enforce the law and deter crime. I would promote special needs training for all first responders.
We need adequate staffing in the Sheriff's office and more diversity in hiring. We need to end the school to prison pipeline, end the costly and discriminatory 287(g) program that deputizes local law enforcement officers to act as agents of ICE, and work to improve the Veterans Treatment Docket to ensure that our veterans have the support they need
Officers shall be trained to interact appropriately with people with special needs. We need to form a new bi-partisan coalition with locally elected leaders, mental health providers, teachers, parents of special needs individuals and residents with mental illness in order to create adequate training to address the challenges that we face.
Diversity in hiring is a start. Thorough background checks and screening will ensure that new officers are vetted. More community events with officers throughout the county will promote trust and understanding. These events will focus on interactive cultural education for officers and interactive police education for residents.