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Virginia Prince William County Board of Supervisors Potomac District

A Prince William County Board Supervisor represents one of 7 Districts except for the Chairman who is elected at-large. The 8-member Board is responsible for setting local tax policy, approving land use plans and appointing officials to various countywide positions; including a County Executive who prepares the annual budget, and carries out laws enacted by the Board. District Supervisors serve a 4-year term at a salary of $43,422 per year.

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    Andrea Bailey

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    Douglas S. Taggart

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What is the best system for establishing the most satisfactory balance of residential, commercial, and open space development that provides for a high quality of living for all Prince William residents?

What measures would you support to promote health and safety, including overcoming substance abuse harm, in the county?

What changes would you support in the school funding system?

What taxation measures do you propose to provide funding for the county's highest priority needs?

Transportation planning & solutions: What is the most critical change needed?

What would you support to develop and implement a climate change action plan for Prince William County to both reduce carbon emissions and reduce our vulnerability to climate impacts?

education/Degrees Bachelors of Science in Media Studies Masters of Science in Human Resource Management and Development
experience Executive of Mid-Atlantic Region for Xerox. Executive oversight of Human Resources at Electronic Data Systems, now called Hewlett-Packard. Area Director for the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. Former National Board Member of National Coalition of 100 Black Women. Member of AKA & Links.
hometown St Louis, Missouri
We need to work with Developers, Builders, Businesses, and our community at large to ensure that we're meeting the housing needs of our growing population, while at the same time making sure that Prince William is a County that attracts businesses that will provide high-paying jobs so that we can grow our economy and reduce our reliance on the residential tax base.
We need to work with our police and fire departments to build relationships with our communities around the county, being transparent and open to community input, as well as providing the training that is needed for first responders in how to approach situations regarding individuals struggling with their mental health. Furthermore, we need to ensure that there are substantial mental health resources available to not just the students in our schools, but in the community at large.
There is historical value to the revenue shared agreement that currently funds our schools, in that it was designed to make sure that that the School System was guaranteed funding. However, we need to ensure that our School System is receiving the funds that it needs to keep up with our growing population and has the resources that it needs to guarantee that Prince William has a top-tier education system. That is why I'm committed to making sure that our schools are fully financed.
Bond measures can be a useful tool for paying for specific projects that need to be funded, but ultimately Prince William needs to get away from an over-reliance on our residential tax-base, but attracting more businesses into our county we can ensure that there is more revenue for the county. These businesses will, in turn, create more high-paying jobs that will further add to the revenue that the county needs to pay for critical projects.
We need to increase and expand upon our public transportation measures including expanding our bus routes to ensure that there are transportation options to move around the county. Furthermore, we need to ensure that both the bus and VRE schedules are increased so that our community can use them throughout the entire day. I would also work to ensure that we extended the VRE to Potomac Shores, which would allow greater access North, decreasing traffic congestion on I-95 and Route 1.
Yes. It's critical for our future that we're protecting our natural resources and ensuring that our communities are clean. This is also an affordable plan whereby utilizing green energy sources can help make the County more self-sufficient, reducing our emissions and helping our bottom line. That's why it's critical that Dominion Energy completes the Coall Ash cleanup at Possum Point Pond right away, and that there are safeguards put into place to ensure that it doesn't happen in the future.
education/Degrees BSEE - US Coast Guard Academy - 1976 MSEE - Purdue University - 1980
experience A retired United States Coast Guard officer. President of Overlook Systems Technologies, Inc. a small business (45 employees). President & CEO of Azalea Charities a non-profit that has raised $5 million dollars in 20 years for Homeless, Boys & Girls Clubs and Wounded Warriors here in Virginia
hometown Dumfries, VA
I am a big supporter/believer in planning. But as with any plans you need to be aware that things change and plans once approved may not be the right course when forces that were not initially perceived/factored in, become the new reality. I believe that Small Area Plans provide an opportunity to re-look/combine existing plans in order to implement the intended goal to achieve balance. I believe that the eastern region of PWC provides numerous areas where “Smart Development” should be pursued.
This is a problem that must be addressed at all levels. To better understand what measures are needed, I would first want to meet with all of the players. That list would be significant as it would include social services, schools, law enforcement, first responders, family support organizations, healthcare facilities, etc... There is no quick fix and focused/dedicated efforts are needed. Here lies a significant opportunity for the BOCS to provide leadership and address this challenge.
I would be hesitant to say that I am in favor of changing the current revenue sharing agreement (57.23%). I have been asked if I would consider using a different approach where the School Board might be empowered to impose taxes on residents – that would (in my opinion) not be a wise path to pursue. With that said, I do promised to take good ideas from wherever they originate, listen with an open mind to all views, and work cooperatively with other members of the Board to address our schools.
Before adding new taxes we need to pursue new business opportunities to help raise more revenue. To do this we need a clear vision and then be aggressive on reaching out to all key stakeholders to achieve it. Those stakeholder are the various Chambers of Commerce, the county's Department of Economic Development, the Industrial Development Authority, constituents, businesses (both large and small) to ensure all are working from the ”same sheet of music” to achieve the vision to bring in new $'s.
I support the bond activity surrounding Route 28, but I would also like to pursue other opportunities that improve PWC roads. My focus for the Potomac District would be on improving the Route 1 corridor. I believe this area offers many opportunities for wise economic development activity. The effort to bring VRE to the Potomac Shores Town Center is something that I fully support. I believe that the Potomac Shores Town Center has the potential to be a very successful addition to eastern PWC.
Yes. As an engineer I know we must always keep abreast of new research and ideas and thinking of new and innovative ways to develop new systems and make existing things work more effectively and efficiently. This is especially true in the area of renewable energy, as advances in solar, wind, biofuels, and battery technology offer great promise in reducing consumption and producing energy in a more sustainable way that protects the environment for future generations.