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Virginia Prince William County Board of Supervisors Brentsville District

A Prince William County Board Supervisor represents one of 7 Districts except for the Chairman who is elected at-large. The 8-member Board is responsible for setting local tax policy, approving land use plans and appointing officials to various countywide positions; including a County Executive who prepares the annual budget, and carries out laws enacted by the Board. District Supervisors serve a 4-year term at a salary of $43,422 per year.See www.pwcQuickinfo for full information on your local districts, elected officials and voting place.

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    M. M. "Maggie" Hansford

  • Jeanine Lawson

Biographical Information

What is the best system for establishing the most satisfactory balance of residential, commercial, and open space development that provides for a high quality of living for all Prince William residents?

What measures would you support to promote health and safety, including overcoming substance abuse harm, in the county?

What changes would you support in the school funding system?

What taxation measures do you propose to provide funding for the county's highest priority needs?

Transportation planning & solutions: What is the most critical change needed?

What would you support to develop and implement a climate change action plan for Prince William County to both reduce carbon emissions and reduce our vulnerability to climate impacts?

education/Degrees I have earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of Central Missouri in Communication Disorders, as well as a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders from University of Central Missouri.
experience I spent two years as a speech language pathologist in a hospital setting in Chicago. I have served over eight years as a public school speech therapist, working for the families of Prince William County. I also serve as my HOA’s Vice President.
hometown I was born in Portage, Wisconsin. My father is a federal law enforcement officer for the Bureau of Prisons, and we moved throughout my childhood several times for his work. I am married with three boys in Prince William public schools. My family has made Bristow our home for over 10 years.
I believe that the current and former board has allowed our county to become overdeveloped, without paying adequate attention to protecting our rural crescent and ensuring that our schools and utilities are able to meet the added demands that development places on county services. At present, I believe our focus should be on preserving open green space and helping farmers by encouraging agritourism and agribusiness.
I would encourage utilization of drug courts, in partnership with our Commonwealth’s Attorney, to promote rehabilitation over criminal penalties for minor drug offenses. I would also favor increased investment in drug treatment programs and incentives to bring additional mental health practitioners to our county. I also support increased funding for social workers in schools. I would work with our strong network of community partners to improve county mental health and addiction services.
I would fully fund our schools and modify or end the revenue sharing agreement. A static rate allows no room for fluctuations in the economy, or the changing needs of our students. I would favor increasing the amount of total revenue we dedicate to education, and work to improve the business community partnerships, to fund public-private solutions for education needs.
I propose we diversify the county tax base by encouraging business growth and then ensuring that all businesses pay their fair share of taxes. I favor reevaluating the technology tax and ensuring that we are in line with neighboring county rates. I believe that a fair tax rate, implemented over several years, would increase the revenue we have available to better meet the needs of our schools, police, and fire departments.
Rapid development has left our county without adequate roads, bike paths, and methods of mass transit. In order to meet the transportation needs of our community, we must both bring new, high paying jobs closer to home to reduce traffic, as well as invest in multiple modes of transit. I favor building sidewalks so kids can walk to school, building pedestrian bridges over busy roads, and increasing commuter options such as busses, as well as exploration of expansion of the VRE and Metro.
I absolutely support a climate change action plan for Prince William County. I would increase public transportation options county-wide, including walking and bike paths, to reduce emissions. I also firmly support preserving the rural crescent. I favor increased investment in solar and other renewable energy sources, as well as ways to decrease consumption and increase recycling. I also believe community parks and gardens are essential to the health of our community.
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