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Virginia House, District 82

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower chamber of the Virginia General Assembly and as such shares legislative responsibility with the Senate of Virginia. Delegates are elected for a two-year term. Each Delegate represents approximately 80,000 Virginians. The 82nd District includes localities in Virginia Beach.

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    Gayle H. Johnson

  • Jason S. Miyares

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it? (1000 character limit)

Regarding redistricting, (1) Do you support the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission and why? (2) If the Constitution Amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support to implement the commission? (1000 character limit)

What would you do to help Virginia adapt to increased flooding and mitigate future sea level rises? (1000 character limit)

What solutions would you support to reduce gun violence in Virginia? (1000 character limit)

What, if anything, should the General Assembly do to promote health care coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all Virginians? (1000 character limit)

What are your priorities and goals for education funding in Virginia? (1000 character limit)

What measures, if any, would you support to ensure the right to vote and election integrity? (1000 character limit)

Campaign Phone (757) 219-2631
Biography Formerly a professional musician, Gayle combines creativity and analytical thinking to find new solutions. She listens to concerns from all sides to build a consensus and find meaningful solutions for all parties. Gayle envisions a sustainable future. She earned certifications as a Class A Contractor, LEED Accredited Professional and Certified Green Professional. In 2013, she built the first net zero energy home in Virginia Beach to inspire others to invest in energy efficient building.
Twitter @GayleJforVA
My district is surrounded by water on three sides - the Atlantic, the Chesapeake Bay, and the Lynnhaven River. Recurrent flooding from increasingly intense storms and sea level rise pose an existential threat to our community.

Fortunately there are cost effective solutions that we can implement today to mitigate flooding. [See question 3.] Beyond that, our strategically located port has tremendous potential to create a bustling clean energy economy that will help lower greenhouse gas emissions and slow sea level rise. Companies that manufacture and maintain wind turbines could produce 10,000-14,000 good paying jobs. Clean energy already employs approximately 101,000 Virginians and is projected to grow 7% in 2019, according to the Advanced Energy Economy. Already solar panels and offshore wind are less expensive than fossil fuels. In addition, cheap, reliable energy can create incentives for businesses to relocate to Virginia.
1.) I absolutely support the proposed non-partisan Virginia Redistricting Commission that includes an equal number of legislators and politically independent citizens. Such a Commission will assure that districts are drawn for the best interests of the voters, not for the purpose of keeping legislators in office. Districts should not be drawn by the party that happens to be in power when the census is taken. Rather, we must create a sustainable system for drawing districts that allows our citizens to choose officials that will effectively represent them.

2.) I support legislation that binds the General Assembly to the Commission’s recommendations in order to avoid any future gerrymandering. I would also support any legislation that I believed would advance the cause of guaranteeing impartial and fairly drawn districts.

As a LEED Accredited Professional with the US Green Building Council and a Class A Contractor, I know cost effective solutions we can implement today in construction projects that will help dramatically.

Our state tax policy can incentivize beneficial choices that would mitigate flooding and lower our carbon emissions to help slow sea level rise, such as: – Tax credits for homeowners, business owners, and developers who use pervious materials to absorb storm water runoff on site and decrease the strain on the public storm drain system; – Tax credits for builders to use energy efficient green building techniques, tiered like the LEED point system to reward greater efficiencies; – Tax credits to purchase solar panels; – Tax credits to purchase electric vehicles, scaled based on income. A family making $40,000 per year buying a $20,000 electric vehicle would receive a greater tax break than a family earning $100,000 buying the same vehicle; – Tax credits to preserve mature trees.
We need to create more comprehensive laws that make everyone safer, gun owners and non-owners alike. I support the following measures: – Create tax incentives for gun owners to purchase gun safes, which should keep guns out of the hands of unsupervised children and decrease the likelihood of suicide by gun, since it is often a spontaneous decision that can be avoided with simple obstacles; – Increase access to gun safety courses for all gun owners and require such a course for new gun owners; – Support universal background checks; – Close the “gun show” and “boyfriend” loopholes in existing laws; – Support a “Red Flag” law that temporarily separates a person from firearms if that person presents an immediate threat to self or others; – Prohibit individuals subject to final protective orders from possessing a firearm; – Ban high capacity magazines and bump stocks that transform a normal rifle into a military style assault weapon.
I believe that access to affordable healthcare is a human right, and that is it our state government’s responsibility to guarantee access to healthcare for all citizens of the Commonwealth.

I support the following to improve access to healthcare in Virginia: – Protect expanded Medicaid/Medicare in the Commonwealth; – Provide state funding to improve access to healthcare in low-income communities; – Work with pharmaceutical and insurance companies to keep prices low; – Hold healthcare companies accountable for unethical and illegal behaviors (e.g. lying about the addictive nature of new opioids); – Create a public option for health insurance for all Virginians not eligible for either ACA insurance or Medicaid.
I support increasing our state budget for education to return to pre-recession levels. This should include the following: – Create a fair system for determining teachers’ salaries, tying teacher salary to per-pupil spending requirements; – Expand teachers’ benefits, restore defined-benefits pension plans and protect continuing contracts to ensure that Virginia’s public schools continue to employ and retain high-quality teachers; – Create incentives for teachers to earn certifications from the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.

Regarding higher education and trade schools, I support controlling in-state tuition to keep higher education accessible to our youth. Yet we cannot expect every student to pursue a traditional college degree, nor can we ignore the need for high-skill laborers in all fields. That is why I propose expanding vocational and skills training courses for our high school students, and improving access to quality vocational training for adults.
I believe that Virginia’s new system that combines computer technology with paper copies is the best way to both modernize and safeguard our election integrity.

To protect the right to vote, I propose that we make Election Day a state holiday so that it’s easier for working people to get to the polls. I support early no excuse voting and provisional same day registration for voters who discover a problem with their registration when they go to the polls on Election Day. I also support restoring voting rights to certain convicted felons who have served their time
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