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Virginia House, District 81

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower chamber of the Virginia General Assembly and as such shares legislative responsibility with the Senate of Virginia. Delegates are elected for a two-year term. Each Delegate represents approximately 80,000 Virginians. The 81st District includes localities in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

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    Lenard T. Myers II

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it? (1000 character limit)

Regarding redistricting, (1) Do you support the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission and why? (2) If the Constitution Amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support to implement the commission? (1000 character limit)

What would you do to help Virginia adapt to increased flooding and mitigate future sea level rises? (1000 character limit)

What solutions would you support to reduce gun violence in Virginia? (1000 character limit)

What, if anything, should the General Assembly do to promote health care coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all Virginians? (1000 character limit)

What are your priorities and goals for education funding in Virginia? (1000 character limit)

What measures, if any, would you support to ensure the right to vote and election integrity? (1000 character limit)

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Campaign Phone (757) 255-8866
Biography Len is educated in the law, having earned a doctorate of jurisprudence from the Regent University School of Law and practicing law as an accomplished litigator, first as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney and now in private practice, protecting the rights of consumers. Len is also a businessman, running a successful law practice serving the entire Commonwealth. Most importantly, Len is a life-long resident of Hampton Roads and loves his community!
Twitter @len4thewin
Responsiveness. Len is not seeking a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates so he can have a title in front of his name. Len has simply grown impatient which the lack of responsiveness many delegates have demonstrated on the issues that matter most to us as voters. Len’s attitude as your next delegate is simple: voters first. When one’s party or special interests take precedence over voters, then that’s an unacceptable conflict of interests. As an attorney, Len is responsive to the interests of his clients. Well, as a delegate, Len will be prioritize being responsive to the needs of the voters in House District 81.
Len supports nonpartisan redistricting. Len believes every district should be as balanced between our two major parties as possible because a balanced district incentivizes a delegate or senator to act in the best interests of the voters rather than partisan leanings of a particular party. This results in a legislative environment where lawmakers are not penalized for reaching across the isle and then they can truly work together to get things done for the good of all Virginians.
Len wants to protect our homes, farms, and businesses from recurrent flooding and encourage greater utilization of renewable energy. Virginia Beach farmers, families, and business owners lose hundreds of millions of dollars to flooding year after year. It will require approximately $3 Billion to construct the necessary infrastructure and that’s in addition to enhancing our existing stormwater system. Len believes a good place to start is to find federal and state dollars to bring back to Virginia Beach for this tremendous undertaking; with the city, state, federal governments contributing roughly $1 Billion, each. Virginia Beach needs serious help and Len is committed to making funding a reality.
Len believes the best way we can protect our community is by implementing commonsense gun safety measures such as universal background checks, red flag laws, and banning gun silencers like the one used in the shooting . While we cannot eliminate gun violence, we can certainly do better to protect the lives of neighbors and our loved ones while also protecting our 2nd Amendment rights.
Len is very concerned about the burden of healthcare costs on fellow Virginians as well as the protection of coverage for pre-existing conditions. Len is also committed to finding relief against the meteoric rise in prices on prescription medications. That is why when Len is elected, he intends to immediately introduce a bill to cap health insurance copays for life-saving prescription drugs like insulin to no more than $100 per 30-day supply. Virginians should not have to risk their lives trying ration vital medications they can no longer afford.
Len wants to restore state funding for public education. Students are failing and schools are crumbling because state funding has been frozen since it was slashed ten years ago during the great recession. The time has come to restore that funding, so cities like Chesapeake and Virginia Beach don’t have to take drastic measures like raising property taxes to cover the shortfall caused by the state funding gap. State funding formulas need to be fixed to reduce the student/teacher ratio and provide for more counselors in behavioral health. Teacher pay needs to be increased and more innovation should be brought into the classroom. There is so much to be done to improve education in Virginia and Len is ready to make that happen.
Len believes voting is a right and not a privilege. Recently-enacted Voter-ID laws and other such legislation was passed to combat so-called voter fraud, but no such fraud has never been proven to exist in Virginia. Rather the intended purpose of such legislation is to suppress as many people from voting as possible in order for the majority party to protect its control of the General Assembly. Len wants to restore voting protections by having such discriminatory laws repealed in our Commonwealth.