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Warren Treasurer

Warren Treasurer, 2019 general election, one(1) 4-year term

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    Lorie Barnwell

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    Arnold Simkus

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Campaign Phone (810) 394-2952
Education B.A. in English from the University of Michigan-Flint
Occupation / Current Position Treasurer for the City of Warren
Background and Experience

1. Loan Underwriter- CITIFINANCIAL Awards: Top in Sales and Customer Service

2. Bank Manager-CHASE BANK Awards: Received awards in customer service, employee satisfaction, top sales, and profitability

3. Treasurer-CITY OF WARREN Top Accomplishments:

A. Cut wait time at City Hall- Opened more cashier windows and we are better staffed during our busy seasons

B. Launched new state-of-the-art payment portal

C. Cut payment fees-It is now NO FEE to pay online or over the phone with your checking or savings account. Fees are now lower for credit card payments as well!

D. Earned the city 2.2 MILLION in investment return for 2018 by taking the state’s recommendations on wise investing

E. Streamlined our free AARP Tax Service for Warren seniors

F. Made investment reports more transparent and user-friendly

G. Worked with Macomb Oakland Disability Network to make our office more accessible

H. Serves as Vice Chair of the Macomb County Treasurers’ Association.

I. Helped create and implement a payment plan to pay down the unfunded liability for our Police and Fire Retirement System. This not only puts our brave Police and Fire Department retirees in a secure spot, but also helps our city finances in general.

Statement on Candidacy:

Warren needs a strong finance leader at the helm. As the City’s “Banker”, the Treasurer oversees all investments and payment technology. In 2015, Warren’s investment return earned the city about $500,000. All of our investments were sitting in simple savings accounts, which is NOT what the State of Michigan recommends. I opened a variety of accounts that offered more security and return for our tax dollars. In 2018, we earned 2.2 MILLION dollars in our investment return. We want to go even further with our investments and continue to earn residents money on their tax dollars. We launched a new payment portal for the City of Warren. This portal is among the most user-friendly in the state! Currently, it is available for tax and water payments. We will be working in the future to add more departments to the portal, making it easier for residents to conduct city business without having to come in to city hall. We will also work to install a payment kiosk that connects to the portal for residents to access. As long as I am your Treasurer, we will always continue to push to increase investment return and security, bring you the best technology, decrease fees and wasteful spending, and prioritize customer service.
FURTHER EXPAND TECHNOLOGY AND INFORM MORE RESIDENTS ON NEW FEATURES The City of Warren launched its new payment portal this summer. I want as many residents to know about it as possible. If elected, we will continue to promote by all means (mail, newspaper, social media, city promotion) possible! We will also be launching a new payment portal kiosk in our lobby to help residents feel comfortable logging on to the portal. We started with water and tax payments for the new portal. We want to extend this out to other departments and services. We want to make a one-stop site for residents to take care of their city business while staying informed and connected.
Campaign Phone (586) 260-3220
Campaign Website
Education U of M Ann Arbor, Math Major English Minor, School of Education New York University, NY Child Psychology, Computer Science Wayne State U; Detroit, MI Elizabethan Literature UM Oakland, Hospital Admin.
Occupation / Current Position Consultant to improve individuals health; member of mobile medical software design and development team; energy systems; literacy proficiency curriculum broker.
Facebook Member no FB page.
My role as a Pro-Life Democrat running for City of Warren Treasurer (Nonpartisan race) is to help residents and families improve and protect life – from preborn to retired; to bring ideas to new and existing businesses, churches and nonprofits. We achieve our goals by strong financial plans where Warren leads Michigan to a better quality of living.

I held various positions, from direct sales and marketing to being head of a large IBM Datacenter in Cleveland, Ohio. I was directly responsible for multimillions of dollars in revenue and profits. I had over 60 fulltime employees reporting to me.

I was executive vice president of one of Ann Arbor's fastest growing technology companies where we helped companies design and develop business solutions using software design and development applications. We dealt with Ford Motor Company, GM and Chrysler as three.

To be a city treasurer that is a catalyst to open doors to new business opportunities via city supported symposiums and workshops. I plan to reach out and show how to prepare and submit proposals and contracts to federal agencies. Help childless couples how to successfully navigate complex and costly adoption processes. To show parents ways to raise their children’s literacy and math skills; have “Shark Tank” sessions where entrepreneurs pitch their businesses. Our city can consider being equity partners in businesses that want to relocate or expand in Warren; asking for tax rebates? Yes, for X tax credits in exchange for Y equity. To work on findings ways to reduce cost of health, auto and other insurance. All these types of finance plans and topics that show promise to be win-win for all living and working in Warren.

Create a City Endowment Fund: CEF, managed by proven financial institutions. CEF will fund projects educate young and old for high-paying job skills – cyber security, unmanned aircraft systems, advanced manufacturing, engineering, etc. CEF will be like any other large endowment funds generating dividends that can then be shared with those located in Warren. The power of investments generating dividends, profit shares and simply asset growth, has to be considered.

As Warren is booming with new development projects, the added property taxes, more residents employed getting $25 per hour or more, will allow us to consider lowering property taxes because we now have a larger and richer tax base. We also work to create additional income streams for the city’s use for other projects, repairs or upgrades. This can lead to attract the younger generations of Americans to want to come and live in this thriving growing city.

Offering young people and couples a place to work and raise a family in a safe clean growing community is Warren’s allure. To use the power and financial leverage our city has so we can consider lower property taxes. Can anyone imagine a city where property taxes have the potential of being lowered with growth that can lower them even further with more economic growth? Imagine, instead of tax increases, Warren has lower property taxes as time goes on… something unheard of in America. Why not consider this idea?

To work with Warren’s mayor, its community development department and council members to seriously consider entering into public-private partnerships; where the federal government (many agencies award substantial funds) will sign multi-million, multi-year contracts to solve problems.

Now as we get these awards we can use these funds to steady or lower property taxes and water bill rates. This may not be easy or allowed, but the point of this vision is to look at income streams private sector companies like Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, McKinsey, Booze Allan use to fill their bank accounts with billions of dollars from federal government contracts. City of Warren can organize itself and be a contender for federal agencies’ contracts; when was the last time a city as partners with another private company submitted a proposal for a large, multiyear federal government contract? Why not Warren?

Over the last 12 years our city has developed into a better place to live, work and play. It now is in the position to tap into untapped markets and opportunities to lead Macomb County, Michigan and nation. Areas in science, technology, engineering and manufacturing. Areas where we can work together with public, private, faith-based and nonprofit industries. All aimed to generate more streams of income to the city, its residents, businesses, faith-based organizations and nonprofits.

Income that goes into the city’s treasury used to reduce costs of living and doing business in Warren; providing new funds to pay for projects such as developing our own “Silicon Valley” by developing our own major roadway, Groesbeck Hwy; make it “Golden Groesbeck New Jobs Alley” where new plants, data centers, engineering facilities, science research labs, job/career training centers are built…

…build it and they will come…
1. Education.

Educate those of all ages train job and career skills that will pay them good paying wages; education is the key to a city's wealth and prosperity. Select ANY zip code in America and where average household income is high, crime, drugs and other "social issues" are minimal... zip codes that are in the poverty zone, just look at your TV nightly news... these factors speak for themselves.

Action to take: Create a city treasurer's office policy where we will have on-the-job training free to Warren residents, from high schoolers to retirees; anyone who is interested in learning new job skills will be welcomed - regardless of race, sex or age. These jobs/careers will pay high wages and allow our residents to buy or expand their homes and generally benefit all living and working in Warren. We will enter into public-private partnerships with huge corporations who will pay the cost of this education because our graduates will fill the needs these companies have for our taught skills. Imagine graduates receiving offers from 5 corporations where they can select the best offer vs. job hunting with little or no skills?

2. Economic development.

Create City Endowment Fund where Warren builds a fund that begins to pay residents' dividends, the city's costs for road repairs, new public parks equipment and family entertainment. Enter into negotiations with large corporations where Warren can participate in the income and profits of joint-ventures.

There is so many federal contracts awarded in the multimillions of dollars range to those groups who show they have an answer to America's problems. We can mobilize our community's brain power to come up with great ideas that solve great social and economic problems that the federal government by law is dictated to fund. We all come out winners and another key to economic growth.

With Warren leading to way to prosperity, we will attract young couples and individuals to make Warren their home.