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Holland Township Committee-1 year unexpired term

The Township Committee form of government is formed under the State of New Jersey Statute NJSA:40A:63-1 et. seq. In this form of municipal government voters select five Committee members, elected at-large for staggered, three year terms. Elections are partisan with the governing body holding a reorganization meeting the first week in January. The Mayor is elected by Township Committee for 1 year term. The Mayor chairs Township Committee meetings with voice and vote, and serves aa the head of municipal government. He/she holds all powers vested in mayor by general law. The Township Committee is the legislative body of municipality. The Township Committee has all executive responsibilities of the municipality not placed in Office of Mayor. The Township Committee may delegate, by ordinance, all or a portion of executive responsibilities to an administrator.

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  • Gerard Bowers

  • Lisa Pezzano Mickey

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing your municipality? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges? Lastly, how do you intend to address these challenges?

Do you think municipal government has a role in keeping students safe in our schools? If yes, what do you think municipal governments should provide?

What, if any, new proposals for local ordinances and/or resolutions do you think are needed, and why?

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We need to ensure that proposed development initiatives do not threaten the quality and character of our community (the PennEast pipeline, for example, represents such a threat). While some development/upgrading of infrastructure would be useful, and perhaps essential, township officials have an obligation to carefully consider their potential impact; to listen to citizen input; and to be highly skeptical in their review of such activities.
Yes, municipal government does have such a role—but that role should be played out in close coordination with the local school board. Specific measures to be carried out--with the Board, and further to discussions with school officials—include active shooter drills; a review—and possible revision of—school bus schedules and routes; and training of teachers and bus drivers to equip them to respond appropriately to threatening situations.
1) The township ordinance on commercial-scale solar projects needs to be revised to obligate project operators to cover the cost of dismantling their solar installation after their project has completed its useful period of operation. 2) The coverage and operating hours of Hunterdon County’s LINK service should be expanded to better serve the needs of senior citizens in need of transportation to medical appointments and/or care.
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