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Virginia State Senate District 33

The Virginia State Senate is the upper chamber of the Virginia General Assembly. Alongside the Virginia House of Delegates, it forms the legislative branch of the Virginia state government and works alongside the governor of Virginia to create laws and establish a state budget. Legislative authority and responsibilities of the Virginia State Senate include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.Virginia State Senators are elected to four year terms.

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    Jennifer Boysko

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    Suzanne Fox

Biographical Information

What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

What measures, if any, would you support to ensure election integrity and the right to vote?

Regarding fair redistricting, (a) Do you support the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission and why? (b) If the Constitutional Amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support to implement the commission?

How do YOU describe the job of State Senator/Delegate?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

Twitter @JenniferBoysko
Experience Current: Senate of Virginia representing District 33, member of Senate Transportation; Rehabilitation and Social Services; General Laws and Technology Virginia House of Delegates 86th District 2016-2018 Staff Aide to Dranesville Board of Supervisors Virginia Board of Real Estate Staff US Senate
Education Hollins University, BA
Age 53
There are a number of long term high priority issues: education, transportation, maintaining a friendly and welcoming community, and building an economy that works for everyone. The issue I hear most from constituents this year is about the need for common sense gun legislation. I have sponsored many pieces of legislation that, if passed, would move Virginia a step in the right direction when it comes to addressing gun violence. Virginians support universal background checks, red flag/risk order laws, and other life-saving gun violence prevention initiatives, as do I. This is a fiercely partisan issue. Republicans have blocked these common sense bills year after year after year. It will take a change of leadership in the House and Senate to get a full vote on this life-saving initiatives.
I served on the House Privileges and Elections Committee and have a strong record of supporting legislation that makes it easier to vote in Virginia, examples of legislation include: 1. Cosponsor for no excuse absentee/early voting 2. Sponsor for legislation to allow registrars to call or email when voter registration applications are rejected for minor errors. GMU students requested the legislation because many students do not have street addresses and do not regularly check their campus mailboxes. 3. Will support same day voter registration/would have voted for 2018 bills but they were killed in committee. 4. Cosponsor for legislation to restoration of rights for felons who have served their time.
Yes, in the 2019 Session, I co-patroned and voted for SJ 306, calling for a constitutional amendment to establish an independent, nonpartisan redistricting commission. We must pass the redistricting amendment for the second time in the 2020 Session, and then it will be placed on the ballot for all Virginians in 2021 to end gerrymandering. Additionally, I will support legislation to set criteria for the redistricting process, including an open process for citizen involvement in the commission, transparent rules that keep our communities together when new districts are drawn, and specific language prohibiting political gerrymandering. In addition to passing the redistricting constitutional amendment in the 2020 Session, in 2017, I co-patroned HJ 749. Serving on the House Privileges and Elections Committee, I’ve had a front-row seat as the Republicans refused to put an end to gerrymandering.
Besides serving as our community’s senator during the legislative session which requires around the clock attention and focus, during the rest of the year I work closely with businesses, community members, non profits, federal and local government to solve problems and help folks make connections to resources. I also work in our community to address legislative and regulatory challenges throughout the year working with stakeholders to listen to and find solutions they present. I assist individuals with casework and help them navigate the complex government system at all levels. I am here to advocate for the people of the 33rd District and work collaboratively with everyone.
I am the candidate most closely aligned with the members of our community. My work ethic, energy, and experience has earned me endorsements from all sectors - the Teachers, the Firefighters, the NOVA Tech PAC and NOVA Chamber of Commerce Biz PAC, the Realtors, the environmental groups, the labor groups, Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice VA, and the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence because these groups know my record and beleive in me. I have been working collaboratively in the region to solve community problems with stakeholders, the business, and the nonprofit community over the past three decades. I have a long history of working in a bipartisan manner at the federal, state, and local level, and that is what I will continue to do.
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I will continue to promote policies that provide all of our residents with an equal opportunity to succeed. I will continue to support workforce development and educational opportunity so that residents have a pathway for career growth and so that we can fill our 21st-century jobs with highly qualified workers. I will continue to work with stakeholders to find funding for our congested roads and affordable transportation solutions. I will support a livable wage because all people should be able to live with dignity working one full-time job. I will support legislation that brings a rapid transition to zero-carbon energy and green jobs to Virginia. I will continue to stand up for women to pass the Equal Rights Amendment and to protect their right to make personal private decisions for themselves. I will continue to work to make sure that all people in our community feel welcomed and have equal rights no matter who the love, the color of their skin, how they worship or where they come fr
Twitter @SuzanneFoxVA
Experience Currently in my 5th year of service as a Leesburg Town Councilwoman, serving two of those years as Vice Mayor
Education B.S. Social Work, Brigham Young University. Graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1995
Top priority is traffic congestion and toll relief. Northern VA is plagued with crippling traffic congestion and oppressively high tolls. I would push to re-institute two of the three funding sources of NVTA has taken from our region and given to WMATA. The first thing I'd do as Senator is introduce a bill to roll back the tolls on I-66. Eventually, I'd like all state funded/maintained roads be toll-free.
I am personally a fan of paper ballots, but short of an all-paper voting process, it is imperative that we implement best practices and up-to-date technology to ensure that the voting process is safe from tampering and produces "Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail" to ensure fidelity and accuracy.

While I am in favor of requiring a picture ID for voting, I am also supportive of initiatives which ensure access to state picture IDs through community outreach, improved mobile providers, and no-cost options.
I believe we should always be striving to make our elections more fair and democratic. It is always disheartening to witness redistricting become an exercise in maintaining or increasing political power, rather than to more accurately capture the will of the citizenry. I have been supportive of the Virginia Redistricting Commission Amendment, and will support any enabling legislation required to ensure its effectiveness if it is passed.
The job of a State Senator is not only to be a strong advocate for my district, but to represent constituents by appropriately addressing, through legislation and budgeting, the challenges and priorities of the residents of the district. It is critical that the legislator perform this function while working within the confines of the state and federal constitutions, recognizing the proper limits of government and protecting the fundamental rights of our citizenry.
I have served on the Leesburg Town Council for 5 years, and as vice mayor for 2 of those years. I have earned a reputation as someone who has consistently risen above partisanship, working with a broad range of constituents, community leaders and businesses to address their pressing concerns, regardless of party affiliation or ideological differences. I have also been a small business owner for the past 15 years, which provides me with a useful perspective when working with local businesses to address their challenges. I feel that maintaining Northern Virginia's thriving economy and business-friendly environment should be a top priority for those who represent us, and I believe that I have the skills and perspective to successfully do that.
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While Virginia Schools continue to perform well in terms of standardized test scores and college admission rates, I believe it is important that we continue to reform our education system to focus on more important and accurate indicia of student success. I believe we need to think outside the box in order improve educational outcomes, particularly in how we teach and assess student ability to actually apply mathematical reasoning, the scientific method, and writing skills in the real world.

I am also very concerned with the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. While recent initiatives have increased access to healthcare for certain at-risk populations, these programs have also exacerbated the underlying cost problem, making healthcare even more unaffordable for working Virginians, and becoming unsustainably expensive for the government entities and taxpayers that fund them. We need to identify the cost drivers in our healthcare system and determine how they can be eliminated.