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Virginia State Senate District 13

The Virginia State Senate is the upper chamber of the Virginia General Assembly. Alongside the Virginia House of Delegates, it forms the legislative branch of the Virginia state government and works alongside the governor of Virginia to create laws and establish a state budget. Legislative authority and responsibilities of the Virginia State Senate include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.Virginia State Senators are elected to four year terms.

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    Geary M. Higgins

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

What measures, if any, would you support to ensure election integrity and the right to vote?

Regarding fair redistricting, (a) Do you support the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission and why? (b) If the Constitutional Amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support to implement the commission?

How do YOU describe the job of State Senator/Delegate?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

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Twitter @gearyhiggins
Experience Loudoun County Board of Supervisors - Supervisor Catoctin District 2012 - 2020. Chair of the Transportation and Land Use Committee. Member of the Joint Board of Supervisors-School Board Committee. Loudoun County School Board - Catoctin District 2000-2004. VP - Labor Relations, NECA.
Education A graduate of Clarion University in Clarion, Pennsylvania, Geary earned a degree in Business Administration, with a double major in management and marketing. He attended college on an athletic scholarship for wrestling.
Age 66
Elimination of the tolls on the Greenway is the top priority. As Supervisor, I voted to sue the Greenway on tolls and offered the motion at the Board to support legislation to lessen the impact of the exorbitant I-66 tolls. I will do this by introducing legislation authorizing the Department of Transportation to purchase all or parts of the Greenway in order to drastically reduce or eliminate tolls and I will fight for better formulas to bring transportation funding back to Northern Virginia. My opponent, however, not only sponsored a bill (HB2667) that would have guaranteed toll increases on the Greenway through at least 2029, but he was also ineffective in working within his own party to prevent the abusive I-66 toll structure. We must also increasing the quality of our schools (cost per pupil spending increased 31.4% while I was on the Board), promoting continued economic growth and economic development, and broadband expansion.
The right to vote is one of the most important freedoms an individual has in our country and preserving the integrity of our elections is of critical importance. If elected, I will support legislation supporting these goals. Senate Bill 521, which would require local voter registrars to investigate the list of registered voters whenever it exceeds the estimated number of people age 18 or older in a county or city, and HB 1167, which would require jury commissioners to collect information from people who are not qualified to serve on juries and present that information to voter registrars for list maintenance purposes are examples of legislation I would consider.
I would support a proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission similar to the proposal unanimously adopted by the General Assembly earlier this year.
The most important job of a State Senator is to represent the residents of the 13th Senate District on legislation in session and on constituent services out of session. In my opinion, government must work for the people not against them. My experience as a sitting Supervisor and previous School Board member makes me uniquely qualified to continue to address the issues most important to our residents such as Greenway and I-66 tolls, improving roads and transportation infrastructure so we have more time to spend with our families, increased education funding, broadband expansion, economic growth and development.
My experience and accomplishments in local government on the Board of Supervisors from 2012-2020 and on the School Board 2000-2004 make me the best qualified candidate for Virginia’s 13th State Senate seat. Government must work for the people we represent, residents and businesses alike. I have followed that standard in each office I have been elected. I am also Vice President of Labor Relations for the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) where I oversee arbitration hearings and serve as a trustee on for the NECA – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Family Medical Health Care Plan. Given this experience, I know how to bring people together to solve problems and have extensive experience in health care and employee relations. This along with my record of increased school funding and lower taxes each year, prioritized and funded eight-year transportation program, implementation rural economy regulations make me the best candidate for the 13th Senate seat.
There are a number of ongoing critical issues I hope to have the opportunity to work on in Richmond on behalf of the residents of the 13th Senate District. One is the issue of Northern Virginia getting its fair share of transportation dollars out of Richmond to fund critical transportation needs, the other is dealing with the oppressive tolls our residents have to pay on the Greenway and I-66. Another critical issue, I want to focus on in Richmond is sex trafficking in Northern Virginia. This terrible industry of human slavery is operating in our very midst and must be stopped.