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Virginia State House of Delegates District 10

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower chamber of the Virginia General Assembly. Alongside the Virginia State Senate, it forms the legislative branch of the Virginia state government and works alongside the governor of Virginia to create laws and establish a state budget. Legislative authority and responsibilities of the Virginia House of Delegates include passing bills on public policy matters, setting levels for state spending, raising and lowering taxes, and voting to uphold or override gubernatorial vetoes.Virginia Delegates are elected to two year terms.

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    Wendy Gooditis

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    J. Randall "Randy" Minchew

Biographical Information

What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

What measures, if any, would you support to ensure election integrity and the right to vote?

Regarding fair redistricting, (a) Do you support the proposal for a Virginia Redistricting Commission and why? (b) If the Constitutional Amendment is adopted, what legislation would you support to implement the commission?

How do YOU describe the job of State Senator/Delegate?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

Experience I have served in the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 10th State House District since 2018 after winning an upset race in 2017. Prior to running I founded an Indivisible chapter, worked as a real estate agent and as an educator.
Education I received my Bachelor's from Rutgers and my Master's in Education from Shenandoah University
Age 59
I believe affordable healthcare is the top priority for the residents of my district. I have been meeting with doctors, mental health professionals, pharmacists and advocates to find ways to lower health care costs. Lowering drug prices will be a major step in the right direction. That is why I have focused on transparency for pharmacy benefit managers, companies that wield enormous power over our pharmacy care. I am exploring several possible bills to rein-in PBMs and lower drug prices for consumers. Secondly, I think we need to invest in our behavioral health systems. Better mental health care will not only benefit those suffering from mental illness, it will diminish costly emergency-room visits before they occur. This is essential to lowering overall healthcare spending and ensuring that every family can afford quality health insurance.
I support many measures to protect the right to vote including making election day a state holiday, extending polling hours, permitting no-excuse absentee voting, and others. In my first term I have met with registrars, electoral board members, and the leadership of the Virginia Department of Elections in order to better understand the challenges we face. In 2019 I introduced a bill to protect electoral board members and assistant registrars from employment discrimination, and in 2018 I introduced a bill to extend polling hours. I will support these and other measures to ensure election integrity. The right to vote is central to our democracy and must be protected at all costs. I oppose efforts to restrict access to the ballot through onerous photo-ID laws and registration database purges. To maintain the integrity of our system, we must ensure all citizens have access to the ballot.
Yes, absolutely. I believe Virginia needs a constitutional amendment to ensure that district maps give every voter a choice in their representation. Partisan and incumbent-protection gerrymandering undermines the foundation of our democracy and flies in the face of American ideals. I will support legislation to fully and successfully implement the redistricting commission.
The job of a Delegate is to care for the people in their district. For me, this means caring for the children in my district, the elderly in my district, the public servants, entrepreneurs and private-sector employees. I focus on the health of the population first, making sure everyone can see a doctor and afford the medicine they need. I also believe we need economic opportunity, jobs, and a robust public education system so that families can thrive and grow.
I come from a long line of public servants - soldiers, teachers, and farmers. I learned at a young age what it means to work hard and commit to something greater than yourself. In this job, I have continued my family tradition of service and I find joy applying my work ethic to the challenges facing our community. I have the experience, tenacity, optimism and compassion to continue serving our district well.
Voters may access information on my views by visiting my website at or emailing
I want to address healthcare prices, housing affordability, environmental protection, transportation, and many other areas.
Twitter @RandyMinchew
Experience Virginia House of Delegates, 2012-2017
Education Duke University, BA (1980) Washington & Lee University School of Law, JD (1984) Magdalen College, Oxford University, Cert. Jur. (1982) Virginia Theological Seminary, Dip. Theo. (2010)
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Yes. I look forward to patroning the proposal for an Independent Redistricting Commission 2020 and then drafting the implementing statute in 2021 after the voters of Virginia approve this constitutional the voters of Virginia approve this constitutional amendment.
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