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Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Ashburn District

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are elected to a four year term. Loudoun County, Virginia is divided into eight magisterial districts: Algonkian, Ashburn, Blue Ridge, Broad Run, Catoctin, Dulles, Leesburg, and Sterling. The magisterial districts each elect one supervisor to the Board of Supervisors which governs Loudoun County. There is also a Chair elected by the county at-large, bringing total Board membership to 9. A Vice-Chair is selected by the Board from amongst its membership. The Board of Supervisors sets county policies, adopts ordinances, appropriates funds, approves land rezonings and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance, and carries out other responsibilities set forth by the State Code. The Board appoints a County Administrator, who manages county operations; the Planning Commission, which serves in an advisory capacity on land use issues; and various other boards and commissions. The Board also appoints the County Attorney. The Board of Supervisors acts within the limits set forth by the Virginia General Assembly.

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    David "Mick" Staton

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    Mike Turner

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

How do YOU describe the job of a Supervisor?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

Experience I served 4 years on the Board of Supervisors from 2004-2008. During that time I was the Chairman of the Transportation and Land Use Committee.
Education Bachelor's of Political Science Masters in Public Administration
Age 49
The top priority for the Ashburn district is push to create an urban, high density area right in the middle of it. Ashburn is a suburban area with family friendly communities, but the coming of metro is creating pressures and desires to create more high-density, vertical development. This urbanization will bring more traffic, more overcrowding of our schools, and more crime.

The push to urbanize eastern Loudoun will also cause the suburbs to move even farther West which will threaten the rural areas we are looking to preserve. We need to protect the existing communities of the suburban east AND the rural west.
The job of a Supervisor is to be a voice for the people in your district when dealing with the responsibilities entrusted to the corporate board. The responsibilities include funding our schools and our public safety departments (sheriff and fire and rescue). It also means handling the complex land use issues that arise from the demands of new housing for a growing population.

It is the responsibility of a Supervisor to be well versed in these issues, to provide regular information to their constituents, encourage their input, and weigh that input when making decisions in these important issues.
I have a Bachelor's in Political Science and a Masters in Public Administration. In addition, I have held this very office before in a different district.

I have a record of accomplishments from my prior term on the Board of Supervisors including:

Passing the compromise “Staton Plan” that encouraged clustering, preserved rural Western Loudoun, and ended the Western Loudoun Growth wars.

Changed the Comprehensive Plan to remove “density packing” of Eastern Loudoun and removed plans to redevelop older neighborhoods into higher density urban town centers.

Added transportation improvement programs to our Capital Improvement Plan so that Loudoun County can get our road improvements built faster. This led to the building of multiple interchanges on Route 7.

Helped lead Loudoun County to its first ever AAA Bond rating.

I have the knowledge, the education, and the experience to do this job, and do it well.
Candidate has not yet responded.
Long term issues for Loudoun county always seem to revolve around growth. Too many people look at Loudoun as if it were two counties with competing interests, when what we really are is one county with one goal. People in the east want to preserve their quality of life, just like those living in the west. Western loudoun doesn't want to change from a rural to a suburban setting. The same sentiment is true in eastern Loudoun, where we don't want to change from a suburban to an urban setting.

If I could address one long term issue, it would be to end this idea of an east vs west divide in Loudoun. I had hoped the "Staton compromise plan" passed in 2006 would have done it, but the new comprehensive plan seems to have resurrected some old animosities.

I believe we don't have to make the same mistakes that Arlington, Alexandria, and Fairfax to the east of us have all made. I believe we can preserve both the east and the west in Loudoun.
Twitter @TurnerAshburn
Experience 2016-2018: Member, Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders Committee. 1997-Present: Senior national nonprofit executive. 1973-1997: USAF fighter pilot and air rescue helicopter pilot. 2003-2004: National military commentator for NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and
Education B.Sc. United States Air Force Academy, 1973 MBA Chapman University, 1979
Age 68
We must address the "missing middle" in the housing market and make substantive, sustainable changes to the process by which we incentivize the market to build more "affordable" and "workforce" housing. Only 26 percent of our firefighters live in Loudoun County, and that's just one obvious example of the housing dilemma so many of our working families find themselves in. Two-income families are the norm in Loudoun County, not by choice but by necessity. Completion of the Unmet Housing Needs Strategic Plan is vital to ensure a vibrant, multi-dimensional economic base in Loudoun County for the foreseeable future. Once elected, I will be intimately involved in monitoring the development of that plan and working to pass the needed zoning ordinances to implement both it and the 2019 Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan.
Every Loudoun County Supervisor wears two hats. First, s/he must be a fierce advocate for his or her constituents within the district they represent. Given the complexity of Loudoun County--a unique blend of priceless heritage, near-pristine rural beauty, rapid growth, a diverse and cosmopolitan demographic base, and a vibrant, energized economy--Supervisors must often represent widely disparate views between districts. At the same time, many issues coming before the board absolutely require each Supervisor to rise above their parochial district interests and address the long-term, sustainable interests of Loudoun County as a whole. This can often be a challenging balancing act requiring mutual respect, collaboration and yes, even trust, among our Supervisors.
I've held key leadership positions throughout my career challenging diverse teams of people of varying backgrounds and life experiences to achieve a common goal. Most recently, my work for two years on the Comprehensive Plan Stakeholders Committee established my reputation as a collaborative, thoughtful and respectful team member able to forge consensus based on hard data and common sense logic. As a nonprofit senior executive for the past 22 years, I've led national teams and created benchmark programs still in place today to address effective disaster responses to major disasters, to afford Americans access to reputable credit counseling, and to care for our nation's veterans. Previously, I served for 24 years as a USAF pilot and senior officer during Desert Storm and later on the Joint Staff where I designed the plan to build the largest African peacekeeping force in history, a force still in existence today.
The most relevant position paper my future constituents can read is the 2019 Loudoun County Comprehensive Plan, particularly chapter two, the housing chapter. That plan lays out Loudoun County's strategic focus and priorities for the next 20 years, arguably through our final "build out." It will be the road map for our future, and every Loudoun County citizen should familiarize themselves with it. The land-use decisions the next board of supervisors will make for their full term of office will be based entirely on that plan's vision.
Solving the affordable/workforce housing shortage in Loudoun County is essential to a sustainable, vibrant economy. However, related to that is the need to develop a truly multi-modal transportation network throughout the county, especially in Ashburn District with its new Ashburn Metro station. Like much of eastern Loudoun, Ashburn has largely been designed around the car, requiring people to drive to connect with their community. Exacerbating the problem is a series of disconnected and poorly lit bike and pedestrian trails and a grossly underused intra-county transit system. Many studies have shown that communities affording their citizens multi-modal opportunities to move about and connect in a safe, fun and interactive community setting are happier, more balanced and more attractive to revenue-generating businesses. We must Protect the transportation gains we've made, Connect our communities, and Select the right kind of change to realize our vision for our future.