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Loudoun County, Virginia is divided into eight magisterial districts: Algonkian, Ashburn, Blue Ridge, Broad Run, Catoctin, Dulles, Leesburg, and Sterling. The magisterial districts each elect one representative to the School Board. In addition, there is one At-large representative. The Loudoun County School Board is elected to a four year term. The Loudoun County Public School, LCPS, system is managed under the direction and authority of the Loudoun County School Board. The chairmanship of the School Board is elected annually by its members. While the School Board makes decisions relating to school policy and curriculum, it receives funding through the Board of Supervisors.

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    Denise R. Corbo

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    Kenya A. Savage

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    Julia L. "Julie" Sisson

Biographical Information

What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

How do YOU describe the job of School Board member?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

Twitter @denisecorbo
Education My degrees include a M.Ed. Education and B.A. Psychology, Minor: Business. I have Commonwealth of Virginia Professional Licenses & Endorsements, such as Gifted Education, Educational Administration (Provisional), and Cosmetology Teacher, National Board Certified Teacher.
As the Loudoun County School Board At-Large candidate, my first priority is to provide transparency and accountability across the county. My slogan is, “A Voice for All,” because I plan to implement a method of communication where transparency and data become part of the board’s decision-making process. How can our school board make the best decisions for our children without knowing what the issues and their scope? If elected, I will create an innovative framework where the board actively solicits the input of all stakeholders through a simple system, allowing all Loudoun County citizens, employees, and students an opportunity to voice their opinion on key issues. These issues can include diversity, safety, communication, technology, curriculum, the budget, programs, etc.
I believe educating our youth positively impacts their future and the future of our communities, our county, and our nation. In order to provide every child with the education they deserve, the Loudoun County School Board must have a vision, create structures to support that vision, and be accountable to the public. Building relationships, trust, and respect among the board, administrators, educators, interest groups, and community is a must. In addition, as the At-Large School Board member I will:

- Hold standing meetings with each individual school board member, Build school district leadership - Provide fiscal oversight to ensure we are spending on programs with impact - Manage and revise district policy to best meet the needs of children, staff and community - Advocate for public education at the district and state level - Build business relationship and partnerships to bring collaborative community support throughout the county
I'm the 2018 Loudoun County Washington Post Teacher of the Year. I'm also a 25-year award-winning LCPS educator, National Board Certified Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher, and President and Founder of StoryBook Treasures. StoryBook Treasures is a national literacy nonprofit reaching more than 6,000 students across five states, with the mission of putting books into the hearts, hands and homes of our nation’s neediest children. I have dedicated my entire career to the children of Loudoun County. I am a 33-year Loudoun resident, teacher, mother of three Loudoun graduates, and grandmother. I have worked with students of every age and income level. Many candidates can speak to the issues; however, no one has the level of education, business experience, and history of positively impacting the LCPS school division, students, and families that I offer.
Video Recognition and Highlights 1. Teacher of the Year Video Highlights ( 2. Teacher of the Year Announcement ( 3. WJLA News7 Spotlight on Education StoryBook Treasures (
When elected, I will use my experience and passion for education to revolutionize the way we teach our children. I will bring transparency and accountability to the board through a lens of an experienced educator, business expert, and parent. I will address the following:

A Voice for All – Implement a simplified communication system allowing for everyone’s voice to become part of the board’s decision-making process.

Technology – Ensuring that teachers and students have technology and tools that work and meet their instructional needs. Provide teachers, students and parents with adequate and appropriate technology training.

Equity and Diversity – Take action by hiring diverse employees, require diversity training, implement a culturally-responsive curriculum to celebrate differences, and provide opportunities where all learners have access to programs.

Budget Evaluation – Budget analysis to ensure programs have a positive impact and are data driven; unnecessary spending must be cut.
Loudoun County is where the best of two worlds can coexist. Half of our county is thriving as the booming technology corridor, & the other half continues to preserve our rich & vibrant agricultural history from local businesses & farms which contributes to our overall County’s economic success. Being the At Large Member is about serving and governing in the best interest of every student and preparing our students for his or her unique success in higher education, career, or military services. Our plan embraces and understands that education is really about our children. Where Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) is equally accepted as Science Technology Engineering Arts & Math (STEAM) and Science Technology Engineering Agriculture & Math (STEAM), or none of the above!! Our approach is built on extensive conversations & collaborations across Loudoun, allowing me to connect community needs to schools and identify where overlaps can be more synchronized for our students.
The Loudoun County School Board is committed to providing for an equitable, safe and inclusive working environment. I believe members of our School Board are elected by the people and are expected to serve and govern in the best interest of every student, uncompromised by political party or personal interest groups. This is why I chose not to seek a political party endorsement. I will decide on policies which includes: 1) providing opportunities and accesses for every child, 2) building accountability and ownership across the District and every level, 3) requiring training and professional development engagements, in partnership with industry and business partnerships, to keep teachers relevant, competitively valued, and able to authentically connect with students; as well as, 4) modernizing and overhauling archaic practices and policies to strengthen our safety and communication readiness posture within our schools. #SavageACTS (Accountability, Choice, Training, and Safety)
I know how & I understand how to do this - .building on conversations & experiences for years. I have been in the trenches with so many other parents fighting for their student, who has an differentiated learning ability, giftedness, and deserves an alternative approach to learning. People continue to invite me to help them advocate, empower, explain, equip, and posture them to become more effective contributors for his or her child's education. I have done this both professionally at Booz Allen for over 21 years where I am responsible for managing the delivery of timely & effective mission assurance & resilient services to our US Government, Since my initial run in 2015 for the Dulles District, Loudoun County School Board Representative seat, I remain a trusted, familiar, and solid leader across our education and county government communities. I am a professional, skilled, & savvy business woman, and a mom, who is committed to keep the main thing, the main thing...every child!
For more information on my campaign, you may follow me on Facebook @Elect Kenya Savage and Instagram @Savage4LCPS and at Friends of Kenya A. Savage, 42020 Village Center Plaza, P.O. Box 120-230, Stoneridge, VA 20105. Information is also available on my website, All information is paid for and authorized by Friends of Kenya A. Savage

Our District is rich in staffing, services, programmatics, and instruction in certain clusters of our schools with great successes. A systemic focus of concern to create and susutain a true student centric approach to education equitably in every cluster. Recognizing the strength and value in every child and create opportunities to give every student what he or she needs for success. Other areas also include: Teacher Compensation, Benefits, &Retention – Expecting our teachers to be more than teachers! (Accountability) • Equitable opportunities for every student and access to broadband services across our County (Accountability) • Excessive focus and emphasize on testing (Accountability) • Transitional Services (Accountability) • Communication & transparency (Safety) • Duel Enrollment, Military, and STEM related courses are not uniformly available across the District (Accountability, Choice) • Archaic policies, behaviors, and practices that have become the standard (Accountability)
Experience I spent 20yrs as a CPA working in public accounting, advising business and individual clients across the DC area. In addition, for 17 years (partially concurrent), I helped my husband manage and run a software consulting company of several million dollars w/dozens of employees.
Education Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Virginia Tech, 1990; Certified Public Accountant, State of Virginia
My number one priority is to bring my skills as a CPA and business advisor to this position. I want to delve into where our $1.2B budget is being spent - to look at trends & reduce waste. And I want to prioritize our students and our classrooms over bureaucracy and red tape.

Nearly every improvement we want for our schools boils down one thing – money. Strengthening school safety, increasing classroom resources, improving services to SpEd and EL populations, broadening our course offerings and extra-curriculars, attracting and retaining effective teachers, addressing transportation issues, renovating old buildings … and the list goes on. If we are not being good stewards of our taxpayer dollars, if we aren’t insisting on accurate and complete financial information, if we are not open to creative solutions, we cannot hope to accomplish our goals.

As I always say, I don’t want to spend more; I want to spend better.
Ask any incumbent and they will tell you – “the job of a School Board member is to set policy.” But I believe it goes beyond that.

A School Board member acts as a liaison between the taxpayers/voters of Loudoun, the stakeholders, and the school system. The School Board also has a fiduciary duty to be good stewards of our taxpayer dollars and to see to it that our schools “protect and serve” our students. School Board members are NOT elected to represent one subset of the citizenry, and they are not elected to rubber stamp the school administration's wish list.

School Board members are often conduits for change, and as such, they should be open and accessible to all groups they represent (parents, staff, students, non-parent citizens, private & homeschoolers, etc.) and be transparent and accountable. Communication is KEY.
I spent my career as a CPA, providing services to clients and running a small business. The LCPS budget is now $1.2B+. I am the only financial professional running & can bring a unique skillset to the Board.

Alongside my career & raising a family, I’ve also given thousands of hours to our community, and in particular, our schools. I’ve served on many Boards & Committees – preschool, PTA, HOA, booster organizations, Town of Leesburg – and have earned a reputation for hard work and making a difference.

After 15 years of service to our students and staff, I have a deep understanding of our school system. I’ve been involved hands-on in nearly every capacity – from PALS tutor to PTA president, from Fine Arts advocate to Volunteer of the Year - and in all grades, K-12, and I have given my time not because it's part of my job, but simply out of a desire to support our children.

Lastly, I have no personal, professional, or business connections to LCPS. I am completely independent.
I completed a candidate profile for the Loudoun Now newspaper which can be found online.

In addition, I completed a candidate profile for the Loudoun Times-Mirror which is, as yet, unpublished.

My website has additional information on my background, experience, and issues of concern.

Voters can also follow me on social media for more regular communications.
We need to vastly improve communication: examples include everything from helping parents easily find the information they need, to helping raise awareness of programs/options/pathways LCPS offers, to providing a way for our stakeholders to provide honest feedback without fear of retaliation, etc.

We need to make improvements in arenas such as substitute teachers and relevant professional development, particularly for our non-core subject teachers. I also want to facilitate and encourage networking and collaboration among our schools to help our teachers see what has worked elsewhere.

Lastly, as a musician myself – and the parent of two performing arts students – I am a HUGE advocate for our Fine Arts programs. The list of concerns facing these departments is long and frustrating – everything from losing our experienced students to scheduling conflicts, to an absurd lack of storage, to a general lack of prioritization of the arts as a fundamental part of a balanced education.