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Commonwealth's Attorney

The Commonwealth's Attorney is one of five constitutional officers in the Loudoun County government and is elected to a four year term. The primary function of the office is to investigate and prosecute felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and juvenile criminal cases in concert with local and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as complaints from private citizens.The Commonwealth's Attorney handles the Loudoun County Victim Witness Program which interfaces between the judicial system and crime victims and witnesses to help ensure victim and witness cooperation in prosecution, increased witness safety, and reduced levels of trauma often associated with criminal cases.

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    Buta Biberaj

  • M. Nicole Wittmann

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

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What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

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Instagram http://Biberaj2019
Experience Substitute Judge 2006 - 2017 Licensed Attorney - Va since 1993; and, Md and NY since 1994. Admitted to the United States Supreme Court 1993 Bar President for LCBA - 2014-15 Creator Street Law Pgm for at risk students Mentor - Law Camp Member - Best Practices Court for Foster Care Policies
Education George Mason University School of Law - JD 1993 GMU - BS in Education 1987
Age 55
1. Safety - failure to prosecute the majority of sex crimes that are reported.

Due to the focus on low-level, non-violent crimes (possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct - property crimes committed by the addicted or mentally fragile), we are dedicating/mismanaging the resources of our law enforcement and court (prosecutors, judges and defense attorneys) away from violent offenses such as sex crimes, domestic violence and child abuse (which weaken our families and communities). I plan on working with the police and courts to make our drug courts available on the juvenile and adult court levels; add a Veteran's Docket; expand the Drug and Mental Health dockets so that eligibility is broader and we invest our tax dollars to prevention of crimes rather than only prosecution. By treating certain persons, we will be able to redirect them away from crime and reduce recidivism and victimization. Further, that will leave us more resources for investigation and prosecution.
The CA sets the policies of the office. The CAs elect who to charge, what crime to charge, what plea offers to make, what cases to take to trial, who to lock up pending trial, and what sentences to recommend. The CA should be the standard bearer for integrity and represent the values of the community. The CA's job is to seek justice above all other responsibilities. Like all officers of the court, the CA is sworn to uphold the Constitutions (of the US and VA) and all laws. Thus, no one should be above the law because of who they know or who they are (status in the community or wealth). The CA is expected to balance the interests of all parties - victims, accused and the community - to fashion the outcome that does justice for all. The current culture of the CA's office is to convict at all costs and at times w/o regard to the truth and resulting harm to the parties and w/o providing fiscal accountability to the community as well as safety accountability
I was a substitute judge from 2006 to 2017 (when I resigned so I could engage in social and justice reform politics). For over 23 years, I was a guardian ad litem selected by judges at all state levels to represent the best interests of the elderly and children who could not protect themselves. Since 1993, I have been a general practice attorney - representing clients who were accused of crimes that they did not commit, a crime greater than the one they did commit, were mentally impaired at the time they committed the offense, or were addicted and trying to support their addiction. Based on my more than 25 yrs exp that is diverse, I have the ability to consider the justice system from all aspects so that we are focusing on prosecuting the violent crimes, diverting the low level crimes so we don't over criminalize emerging adults, and treating the addicted and mentally fragile individuals, while keeping our community safer. Reducing recidivism reduces the number of victims.
Why I am a Lawyer - (clickable link can be found in Position Paper #1)

Why Innocent People Sometimes Plead Guilty - (clickable link can be found in Position Paper #2)

1. Safety - making sure that our prosecutors don't focus on convictions over justice - we must ensure that we are providing a fair and equitable justice system so that our community feels that they will be protected against crime, against wrongful arrests, against wrongful prosecutions, and against biased treatment. Providing services to our victims so that they are supported and assisted towards healing.

2. Diversity - need to have the office reflect the community - diversity in thought, experiences, and training. In addition to diversity of staffing - race, religion, and culture.

3. The reduction of recidivism - providing services/treatment so that we end the cycle of recidivism - engaging the comm (business, school, social services, etc) to provide support and stability to formerly prosecuted / incarceration individuals.

4. Ending the over incarceration and over prosecution of emerging adults / minorities so that we provide opp for success rather than stifling it.
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