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Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Broad Run District

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are elected to a four year term. Loudoun County, Virginia is divided into eight magisterial districts: Algonkian, Ashburn, Blue Ridge, Broad Run, Catoctin, Dulles, Leesburg, and Sterling. The magisterial districts each elect one supervisor to the Board of Supervisors which governs Loudoun County. There is also a Chair elected by the county at-large, bringing total Board membership to 9. A Vice-Chair is selected by the Board from amongst its membership. The Board of Supervisors sets county policies, adopts ordinances, appropriates funds, approves land rezonings and special exceptions to the zoning ordinance, and carries out other responsibilities set forth by the State Code. The Board appoints a County Administrator, who manages county operations; the Planning Commission, which serves in an advisory capacity on land use issues; and various other boards and commissions. The Board also appoints the County Attorney. The Board of Supervisors acts within the limits set forth by the Virginia General Assembly.

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    James G. "Jim" Bonfils

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    Sylvia Glass

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What do you believe is the top priority for your district, and what is your plan to address it?

How do YOU describe the job of a Supervisor?

What about your background makes you a good choice for this position?

What position papers/ Q&As have you completed and where can a voter find them?

What long-term (chronic) issues do you want to address while in office?

My priorities are three. Transportation. Loudoun needs to play the central role in keeping Greenway Tolls down, not allow the General Assembly to decide this, and we need distance-priced tolls, so commuters only pay for the miles they drive. We also need to finish building Greenway alternatives and better prepare for the arrival of Metro and its integration with our bus system. Schools and Public Safety. Loudoun is the safest jurisdiction in the metro area, but we must do more for our schools, where bullying, discipline and mental health issues pose serious risks. The next Board should not only fund our academic requirements and ensure that our teachers are fairly paid, but also funding to put a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) in every school. Parks, Fields and Trails. I have spent 20 years leading county efforts to build, expand and maintain our parks, athletic fields, bike paths and walking trials. We can do even more to connect our communities.
Serving on the Board of Supervisors is an extraordinary honor and opportunity to advance the interests of everyone in Loudoun County, and to do so with passion, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and a clear appreciation that the public interest is what matters, not partisan politics. I’m ready to devote myself to this service and be accountable to the citizens of Broad Run and Loudoun County.
This election comes down to leadership experience and demonstrated results, both of which offer a sharp contrast with my opponent. I have over 20 years of leadership in local government and community-based organizations, including fiscal, management and policy experience, as well as serving on the board of Loudoun Water and, previously, on the Board of Supervisors. My efforts have yielded tangible results, including the Loudoun Youth Initiative, building more than 178 fields throughout the county, and expanding county parks and walking trails. My opponent has not a single such accomplishment. Even with her service as a teacher, the Loudoun Education Association – which represents teachers – has recommended my candidacy, not hers. Also, my reputation in the community is as a consensus-builder. I know how to bring people together for a common objective and to do so in a non-partisan way. That’s exactly how I will serve on the Board.
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My singular long-term focus as Supervisor will be in two areas: To develop a strategy for the expansion and sustainability of more broadly attainable housing for those who want to live in Loudoun County. Today’s modest ADU program serves only a sliver of the need and is coupled with new housing that is affordable mostly to only those with the highest incomes. A healthy community is one where people of all backgrounds and incomes can fully participate, not one that excludes them. It’s time to start doing something about it, and I have made specific recommendations. To do more for our youth through programs in our schools and the community that foster a positive self-image, meaningful extracurricular activities and better mental health. This is a major concern nationwide and Loudoun is no exception. I will support a long-term commitment to these efforts as a high priority of local government working in partnership with the private and non-profit sectors.
Education BA Accounting/Economics Master of Education, Special Education
Broad Run is rapidly growing, but we still need to solve our transportation Infrastructure. I seek to develop policies that will provide a user-friendly, multi-modal public transportation solution that will ensure a smooth integration of our coming Silver Line Metro stations, provide alternatives to high tolls, and reduce travel times across transportation modes. Thus, I would: ● Expand, connect, and better maintain our roadways to reduce their great congestion ● Ensure the Shellhorn extension between Loudoun County Parkway and Moran Road is completed to offer a Free alternative to the Greenway Toll Road; ● Develop, expand, and connect our mass transit infrastructure; Address the lack of mass transit accessibility so that it is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act; ● Incentivize the use of public transportation; ● Connect and expand our existing sidewalks, pathways, bike paths, and walking trails, while making them all safe
The job of a Supervisor is to actively listen, respond, and serve to the needs of the community. When I speak to folks about what they are looking for in a person who holds the Supervisor position, they want someone who is accessible and will respond to the needs of her neighbors. The job is communicating and collaborating with different groups in a non partisan way to get the job done. The supervisor must serve the diverse people of the district and lead the issues from identification to solution to implementation. My years of service as a teacher and community activist have provided me the awareness, skills and attitude of a servant leader needed for the job of Supervisor.
I am running for office to serve, in part, to continue the work of my family, who was deeply involved in social justice movements. And in part due to of my own desire to serve and provide a voice to the many people in my diverse community.

My father, the Rev. James P. Russell, Sr., was president of the Prince William County NAACP, and my four older siblings integrated the Prince William County Public Schools in 1961. We received the support many of the key Civil Rights activists to help us along this path, including A. Philip Randolph and Ted Kennedy. This upbringing taught me to believe in social justice advocacy, volunteerism, and public service.

As a Teacher in special education, I serve the community every day working with families, kids and the community to meet their needs in education, school, and home. My community service includes NAACP, Moms Demand Action, MSAAC, PTSO, and my church community.
I wrote an open letter to the Loudoun County School Board regarding the passing of LGBTQ inclusive equal opportunity policies. I've also responded to questions from the Loudoun Times Mirror, Loudoun Now.
As an educator in the Loudoun County School System, I've seen the need for affordable/workforce housing first hand with co-workers, families, and friends. I believe that county employees, such as our first responders and teachers, should be able to live in the area they work. Retired seniors should be free to age in place without fear of having to move due to the rising cost of housing. Single earner families should be financially capable of residing in this district. I will work with developers within small area plans to ensure that county employees, seniors, and single-income earners have ample affordable housing options within Broad Run.