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The Tewksbury Township School District Board of Education is responsible to all the people for whose benefit the Tewksbury Public School District has been established. The Board of Education’s primary objective is to establish those purposes, programs, procedures, and facilities which will best produce the educational achievement needed by district students now and in the future. It is charged with accomplishing this while also being responsible for wise management of resources available to the district. The Board functions primarily as a legislative body to formulate and adopt policy, selecting a school superintendent to implement policy, and evaluating the results. Further, it must carry out its functions openly while seeking the involvement and contributions of the public, students and staff in this decision-making process. Members of the Board of are elected to three-year terms and normally three seats are up for election each spring. The nine-member Board is committed in principle to the objective that all students have an opportunity for learning that is consistent with each individual’s capabilities. It strives to maintain and improve the educational atmosphere in Tewksbury Township so that all of the youth of the community may meet this objective. The Board of Education acts on any school issue only when the board, as a whole, is in official public session.

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  • Michael Deo

  • Susanne Jardinella

  • Andrea Stein

Biographical Information

What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for serving on the Board?

Do you think that the current civics education in our schools is adequate? If not, what do you think can be done to improve it?

What changes would you support or oppose to keep our students safe in our schools?

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I hold an MBA in information technology and have spent 20 years in the software development field as an business analyst and project manager. This experience has allowed me the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders, from technical teams, to business users and leaders to develop solutions to business problems. I've managed project schedules and budgets to deliver on time results. I believe that the experience I have with dealing with multiple stakeholders, handling day to day operations and managing the inevitable crises prepare for serving the community on the school board. In my personal life I have served many years as director and president of the community's education foundation.
This question is vague. How to you define adequate - to what goal or objective are you referring to? Without that benchmark I cannot comment on the details of whether or not the curriculum is adequate. On a personal note, I am running for seat in a K-8 district and as a parent of 3 students in the district I have been impressed with the the discussion of government, history, current events and founding documents, especially in the middle school social studies area.
Again, this is a broad question. Does this refer to physical safety from gun violence? Or safety from bullying? Or mental health safety from the threats as it relates to anxiety and suicide or self-harm prevention? Or safety from vaping or drug or alcohol use on campus or in the overall school community? All these areas need to be addressed and for most, there is no one right answer. For many of these issues, there are national standards and accepted best practices. To help us uphold these standards and best practices, I believe that these safety issues need to be reviewed and a plan for addressing each area needs to be developed, along with a timeline for implementation.