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The East Amwell Township School District serves public school students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade at East Amwell Township School. The East Amwell Township Board of Education is a 9 member elected body that adopts policy for the daily operation of the school and sees that school laws are properly explained, enforced, and observed. Board members serve three-year terms.

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    Charles T. Miller

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What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for serving on the Board?

Do you think that the current civics education in our schools is adequate? If not, what do you think can be done to improve it?

What changes would you support or oppose to keep our students safe in our schools?

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I have served on the Board of Education for 30 years. During that time we have upgraded the facilities to maintain as modern of an education program as possible, including incorporation of computers and technology in the classroom. We have upgraded facilities and policies to ensure a safer environment for student while at the school. The end result has been ongoing recognition of the school including being named a “National Blue Ribbon School.” My educational and work experience have been in education or education related work in the arts. Which I have continually promoted and supported during my time on the board.
I schools programs meet the needs of the community. The school has always offered a program that includes history and civic involvement. We promote an ongoing understanding of government and personal responsibility within the community and country. The program is regularly reviewed and updated to meet current educational standards. We encourage and support programs that involve the students and staff being involved in civic activities. Like any educational program it can always be improved through ongoing changes.
At this time I believe we have a safe school environment. During the last few years we have upgraded the facilities to change and improve access to the school building, especially when the students are in the building. The new entrance to the building was built to better control access in accordance with modern standards. It was built at no added cost to the community. The new wing was built to meet modern safety requirements AND to improve the safety of the students by bringing them into the full building rather than being in temporary facilities that did not meet the full safety needs of students. I support ongoing review and consideration of the safety needs of the school and would support recommended changes if required.