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The Clinton Township School District, in partnership with the community, achieves excellence for each child by ensuring a meaningful and challenging educational experience in a supportive environment, developing life-long learners who are responsible and productive citizens. The Clinton Township Board of Education is a 9 member elected body that adopts policy for the daily operation of schools and sees that school laws are properly explained, enforced, and observed. Each board member serves a three-year term.

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Biographical Information

What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for serving on the Board?

Do you think that the current civics education in our schools is adequate? If not, what do you think can be done to improve it?

What changes would you support or oppose to keep our students safe in our schools?

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Campaign Address 49 Beaver Ave. Annandale, NJ 08801
Personally, I am the only daughter of a teacher who taught in Los Angeles' public schools for 40 years and a product of public school education. Those formative years gave me a wonderful foundation that enabled my successful completion of bachelors and doctoral degrees, and a rewarding and fruitful career. I believe my public school education also served as a valuable point of integration to meet and learn to work with people from all different backgrounds.

Now, as a mother of children who are or will be in our district for the next decade, I am invested in and committed to protecting and enhancing the public education system in our town. I want my children and my community to reap all the benefits of a strong school system.
I think that any curriculum requires constant re-evaluation and re-development to retain it's value and relevance. As a member of the curriculum committee, I believe that our civics education does meet the requirements put forth by the state standards. However, I believe continually looking for opportunities to enhance the curriculum but supporting the ongoing education and recommendations of the staff is an important role of all board of education members. Particularly in the area of civics education, I believe efforts to build and enhance an inclusive curriculum that teaches the current and historical rights and obligations of citizens and non-citizens from diverse perspectives is an area with ongoing opportunity for improvement.
I support the types of measures that have been shown effective in identifying and mitigating threats through empirical evidence over the last 2 decades. The research and recommendations conducted and released by the Secret Service and Department of Education's Safe Schools Initiative identify development of a Threat Assessment Model as the most effective means of preventing violence and keeping our students safe in schools. A Threat Assessment Model uses active monitoring and development of capacity to pick up on information that could indicate a threat or attack risk, coupled with active, adaptive reviews and responses to these evaluations to address and prevent threats from becoming violence.
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I learned through my own education how important having a strong network of instructors is to make a difference. Through my own struggles, I was fortunate to meet a few teachers who showed me the care and respect I needed to realize my potential. These teachers as well as instructors I met during my BM and MA helped shape my beliefs on providing for every student. Working as a professor and coordinator has given me experience in working with students and with admin. issues. I have experience overseeing adjunct instructors, hiring, adjusting and developing curriculum, purchasing and budget concerns, and other day-to-day issues. I want to make sure we are truly putting all our students first so that they too can reach their full potential.
I have worked on a college curriculum committee for the past three years and understand the importance of always reviewing and updating. There are challenges to meeting requirements set by the state, but I feel that civics education needs to be an area where we do more than just satisfy requirements. I believe we should include civics discussions in appropriate classes. Listening to the educators and working on demonstrating the connectedness of our students’ studies is a way to stress the importance of these issues. Students should be encouraged to recognize the roles and rights of citizens and the issues faced by a diverse population. I would talk to programs like Rutgers Center for Civic Ed. for ideas currently being used.
The most important thing we can do is to intervene before a situation can occur. I support creating a threat assessment program where we can help identify students who are at risk of committing violent acts. These programs are recommended by school safety experts and have shown to be effective when implemented. I support training our teachers, staff, and administrators on the signs to look for based on research by experts. I support making sure that we have strong security measures in place: locked exterior doors; security cameras at strategic locations; internal doors that can be locked quickly, etc. I support working with our local police on training and evacuation drills in case of a situation. I oppose arming our teachers.
Campaign Address PO Box 316 Annandale, NJ 08801
I am a public school teacher with a 23 year vested interest in public schools. As a teacher, and a teacher-leader in my district, I am a multi-tasker, a consensus builder, and an innovator. No matter what, the needs of students come first. That should be the first priority of any school board member. As a parent in the district, and a tax-payer in town, I understand the need to balance the requirements of the educational system with the tax-burden on our constituents. It is clear, however, that if the public schools do not live up to their promise, not only are we compromising our future in the long-term, but our town will then be less attractive to home-buyers, causing values to drop and devaluing the community we love so much.
With the emphasis on state testing, specifically reading and math skills, many other subjects have fallen to the wayside. I am a science teacher, and I am disturbed at how little science is taught at the elementary level. From what I have seen, civics has faired even worse. If our students don't understand how our planet and our civilization work, then we are doomed to have these systems fail. I truly believe that both civics and science can be integrated into lessons that are teaching math and reading skills. It takes planning time and freedom on the part of the teachers, and the desire and intention on the part of the district to make it happen.
I do not believe guns in the hands of teachers is an appropriate goal, nor one that would lead to any benefits. As an educator, I do not want that responsibility, and I don't know any educators who do. School Safety Officers are an excellent line of defense, as are basic, common sense building security systems. Keeping doors locked and making people come through a sign-in process will not keep all events from happening, but they will make it more daunting to plan any attack. Having a plan, both school-wide and in individual classrooms, is also key, and this will vary building to building and room to room. We will never prevent every attack from happening, but with common sense goals and mental health education, we can reduce their number
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