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North Hunterdon/Voorhees Regional High School District-High Bridge Boro

The North Hunterdon-Voorhees Regional High School District is comprised of North Hunterdon High School located in Annandale, NJ and Voorhees High School located in Glen Gardner, NJ. All together, the district educates about 2,700 students from 12 different municipalities. It also has one of the largest Boards of Education in the state with 12 members, who each have a weighted vote. Each member serves a three-year term.

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    Thomas J. Roll

  • Ella Rue-Eyet

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What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for serving on the Board?

Do you think that the current civics education in our schools is adequate? If not, what do you think can be done to improve it?

What changes would you support or oppose to keep our students safe in our schools?

I was on the Lebanon Township Board of Education from 2011 to 2016 and on the NHV Board of Education from 2017 to present. I have been involved with the strategic plans for the District back to 2001 as a taxpayer; long before I sat on the Board. I went to school in the district and graduated in 1994. I currently attend other sending district board meetings and town meetings to stay abreast of what is important to the community at large. I have children in the district and hear what is going on first-hand. I have attended the NJ School Boards Association training seminars Governance I through IV. I can balance the needs of all stakeholders (students, taxpayers, staff) and have for years for our district.
I think that the current civics education in our schools is adequate. Students are currently required to take three years of Social Studies courses and have the ability to take more if their interests are in that direction. They are already very limited (time-wise) with the other state-mandated requirements concerning their academics. Various college prep, advanced, honors, and AP courses exist for students to take from various world histories to domestic and foreign government structure. Further requirements could negatively impact their ability to pursue art, music, languages or any other interests they may have.
We have been actively hardening the building and security systems over the past three years that I have been on the Board. There have been various infrastructure improvements such as upgrading the security systems, door systems, and cameras. Replacing the glass with bullets resistant glass at both schools. Installing bollards at the entrances to both schools. We have School Resource Officers and Class III Officers in both schools as well as additional unarmed security. We work closely with the local and state police as well as the County Prosecutor’s Office to develop plans to keep everyone as safe as we can in all types of situations. It is something that is continuously reviewed and improved.
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