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School Board District F

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  • Bill Brooks

Biographical Information

What is the most pressing need facing our local schools over the next four years?

The county has cut local funding over the last few years. How would you persuade the Board of Supervisors to increase funding?

What quality of a school system is most important in creating well-educated graduates?

Should Washington County government and the Washington County Schools have a more detailed, long-term Capital Improvement Program to plan for needed renovations and new buildings? (We are facing renovating/building a new courthouse, and many county schools are now over 50 years old.)

IN 2018-19, 244 children in Washington County were homeschooled and at least 100 were attending private or church-related schools. Ten years ago (2008-09) 149 children were homeschooled. A decrease in the total number of students enrolled in the school system affects the school system’s funding from the state. Homeschooled students are not required to have yearly standardized testing. Do you have any solution to this exodus?

Do you feel that the Standards of Learning should be considered the goal of instruction or minimum requirements?

Of 1492 children (aged 0-3) in the county, there is a total of only 72 licensed (private or public) childcare spaces. Spending money on early childhood development provides the greatest reward over time. If money is available, what might Washington County Schools do to enrich early childhood experience and readiness for learning in our county?

Campaign Phone (276) 669-2419
Education After I graduated from Valley Institute H. S. I took a bookkeeping class at the WC Skills Center [Trade School]. In the U.S. Army [82nd Airborne] I took training classes and trained recruits.
Experience Appointed to the SB before VA approved election of SB in 1993. I have served ever since.Been chair and vice chair of SB many times. Chair of the Southwest Region of Virginia School Board Assoc.and on the Executive Board of the VSBA and chair of their Advisory Committee for Pool Insurance Program
Family Married to wife Betty for 60 years. Children Billy and Tonya, both educated in WCPS & vHCC.
It is getting increasingly hard to find good personnel. We need good qualified teachers especially in science, math, English and special ed. Additional funding would also help increase our salary scales.
The last couple of years we have had level funding from the county. We received less money from the state because the way some of it was mandated. We have a good working relationship with the Board of Supervisors, and we both want to help the students of Washington County.
Teachers and other employees, along with parents and community, working together to give a good education to all students.
The Board of Supervisors and the School Board know that we need more detailed Capital Improvement Plans and will be working together in the very near future to get them in place. There are always things that need repaired or replaced in the schools.
Continue to have good instruction in all schools, making sure that all families with school age students, feel welcome and are aware of all our programs.
The State of Virginia pushed strongly SOL testing for many years, and has recently stopped requiring some SOL tests, however we always need some accountability for both students and teachers.
I support early childhood education. We currently have programs for Pre-K in our elementary schools. With a pilot program, we also provide all students free breakfast and lunch in 5 schools.