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Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors Midlothian District

Duties - The five-member Chesterfield Board of Supervisors is the policy making body of the county. It passes ordinances and approves the annual budget. Members are elected from the five magisterial districts and they choose a chair and vice chair each year. The Board of Supervisors appoints a County Administrator, who directs the county's day-to-day operations.Term - 4 yearsSalary -$37,008 (Vice Chair $38,583; Chair $40,158)

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    Leslie A. Haley

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    Javaid E. Siddiqi

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What are your priorities for managing residential and commercial growth in the county?

Do you support funding for improvements in bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Chesterfield County? Please explain why or why not.

In a recent public opinion poll, 82% of Virginia voters believe that people should be able to afford to live in the community where they work. What programs or policies would you support to promote workforce housing in your district?

What do you think are the most important issues for the county and what will you do to address them?

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Age 65
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Managing both residential and commercial growth involves having a plan - a thoughtful and well designed plan that addresses density, transportation, connectivity, quality, green spaces and promotes integration of our history. That's difficult for folks to understand, but unmanaged growth, in either the residential or commercial contexts is dangerous and leads to sprawl. The priority of having a very well designed plan that puts expectations in place remains a priority for western Chesterfield.
Yes, we continue to hear and learn that connectivity in neighborhoods is not only desired by our citizens but adds true market value to residential home values. It brings a better quality of life that more and more citizens find very appealing.
It's true that building new affordable homes is becoming almost impossible with land and construction costs. I've advocated for investing in our older communities to support their sustainability and attraction to younger families and for more affordable housing options. The challenge is that market studies also reflect that in the western Chesterfield we have a void of housing styles that young folks and "boomers" want. The challenge is integrating those styles into our Midlothian village.
There is no doubt that our schools remain one of our most valuable assets. Protecting the integrity of those investments - in the classroom but also in the building maintenance and integrity of systems (like transportation) remains a top priority and concern that I will not ignore. Additionally, the challenge that we control development in a way that sustains managed growth and continues to maintain the uniqueness and place-making of Midlothian and Chesterfield.
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Age 42
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The county infrastructure needs to be prepared to meet the demands of the impeding growth. We should never ever approve residential or commercial development that is lacking the necessary infrastructure. New development mus always have a strategic plan for seats for our students in their community schools, fire and rescue services in place and the necessary traffic planning.
Yes, I am in support of increasing access to all forms of public transit and increasing recreational experiences. I would envision and love to see students riding bikes to and from school, love to see adults riding to and from work, and see our families access our parks and other parts of the community via bicycle.
I would like to see an investment in programs that focus on providing opportunities for our county employees to access housing near their place of employment. I would broaden the scope of typical affordable programs to focus on those individuals who are not typically not the target of affordable housing programs to include but not limited to police officers, firemen, teachers, nurses, medical personnel and service workers.
We must fund our schools not just to the point of adequacy, but to a level at which we can maintain and grow our reputation as the state-wide leader. As we continue to be a sought-after area for development, both commercial and residential, we must factor in the impact that such growth will have on on its residents and plan accordingly. My goal is to facilitate efficient ongoing communication and provide opportunities for timely resolution of our community’s needs.