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Chesterfield County Commissioner of Revenue

Duties - The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief tax authority for the county. Duties include assessing all taxable personal and business property, administering tax relief programs, and processing state income tax returns.Term - 4 years Salary - $130,459 minimum from Virginia Compensation Board not including any increase for certification or an optional county supplement

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    Jenefer S. Hughes

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    Tim M. McPeters

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What is the most important responsibility of the Commissioner of the Revenue?

What is the greatest challenge facing the office and how will you address it?

What will be your priorities during your term?

Campaign Phone (804) 539-9480
Age 56
Twitter page @hughes4cor
Facebook page Jenefer Hughes for Commissioner of Revenue
The Commissioner of the Revenue is responsible is to ensure every citizen contributes their fair share to pay for public services. They are accountable directly to citizens for fairly and equitably applying state and local tax laws. In Chesterfield County, the Commissioner of the Revenue assesses $200 million per year in personal property, business and other taxes. The office also issues business licenses, administers real estate tax relief and processes state income tax forms.
When I took office in November 2017, it was clear that radical change was needed to modernize our service. My newly formed leadership team laid out a number of strategic initiatives to enhance customer experience and make our service more efficient. The biggest challenge now is the need for partnership from other County departments to continue forward progress. I endeavor to highlight the value of the changes made and look forward to the outcome of the November elections to drive change.
The changes I've brought to the Commissioner's office have already made a significant difference. Productivity is up and customer service has improved. Once re-elected, I will continue implementing the changes I initiated in my first term, with a focus on leveraging the County's $4 million investment in our new tax management system into serving taxpayers online and building better decisioning and reporting tools to drive equitable distribution of the taxes needed to pay for public services.
Campaign Phone (804) 516-5843
Age 53
Facebook page Tim McPeters for Commissioner of the Revenue
The primary responsibility of the commissioner of the revenue is the proper assessment of property values and taxes of various types. Data security comes along with that role as a primary responsibility of all state and local tax or revenue officers. I take both as fundamental to effective stewardship of the public trust.
The greatest challenge now is to restore faith in accountability that was lost when the current commissioner, Jenefer Hughes, disclosed Social Security numbers in a data breach last fall and offered multiple excuses while refusing a procedural audit to review it. I will immediately request an audit to review the incident and all office procedures. I have a 20-year track record of safeguarding your confidential data, and I will reinstate effective measures to make sure it is secure.
After ensuring that business processes and internal controls are effective and strong, I would capitalize on the efficiencies of the tax management system, which I lead in development, to improve customer service and save tax dollars. I would complete the development of the web portal which was part of the original project, to allow online filing. I would always strive to eliminate wasteful spending. And being accessible to taxpayers is an ongoing priority.