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Henrico County School Board Varina District

Duties - The five-member School Board is the governing body for the Henrico County public school system, subject to budgetary approval by the Board of Supervisors. Members are elected from the five magisterial districts in nonpartisan elections. The Board hires the Superintendent, who is responsible for managing the system. Term - 4 years Salary -$21,359 (Board Chair $23,359)

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    Alicia S. Atkins

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    Joyce. L Davis

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    Kandise N. Lucas

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What is the most important issue facing schools in the county and what will you do to address it?

How can schools best give students the research tools necessary to understand issues and verify their sources?

What education services do you support for students who are at risk of failing?

Would you support a high school curriculum that focuses on the civic responsibility of voting?

What are the best methods of evaluating and supporting teachers?

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Our school board represents the public’s voice in public education. Issues facing schools in Henrico County include student attendance, supporting teachers, stressors of the standards of learning testing, bullying, and successfully implementing the cornerstones of the Henrico County Strategic Plan. I will be our education watchdog, ensure we get the most for our tax dollars, be accessible to families, and continue to promote positive change.
Our schools should engage every single student in the kind of rigorous learning that prepares them for understanding issues, being a good citizen, college, work, and life. As the next School Board representative, I will assist with transforming the curriculum to meet the needs of our students and an innovative, global workforce.
I support many services. This includes : (1) “Network of Care”-The key to effectively supporting at-risk students is to create opportunities for them to develop a trusting relationship with an adult. For example Boys and Girls Clubs, 4-H, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and faith-based youth groups, (2) Professionals-psychologists, counselors, special educators, etc. (3) Parent-Teacher Association
Volunteerism and civic engagement are driving forces for creating change and making a positive impact in Henrico County. I would support a high school curriculum that focuses on the civic responsibility of voting.
Teachers face pressures in many ways. This includes limited resources inside the classroom and paying their bills outside of the classroom. I will continue to advocate for legislation that increases teacher wages, partner with the local and national companies to offer resources and promote family engagement in schools. Also, I will review teacher evaluation methods and partner with the school administration to make appropriate changes.
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Age 62
HCPS have made great strides in formulating a strategic plan to decrease inequities/disparities in achievement. Far too many non-fully accredited schools still exist in the Varina and Fairfield districts. Far too many schools have low reading scores and low academic achievement in a county with a 90% rate of schools passing.

I will advocate for allocations to create dedicated programs to improve student learning for these areas of low achievement to increase the literacy rate in K-12 grades
Use a learning model which would follow the steps and what is required of the research process. As a part of the education classes offered, librarians and media resource teachers could teach students methods of research, such as how to retrieve data,organize their findings, literature reviews and citation formats. Center lessons around a greater familiarization beyond Google search, with advanced google strategies, journals, meta-analysis studies and use of project based learning assignments.
Dedicated programs and resources for diverse learning needs with educational services are needed, such as supplemental instruction with tutoring supports to enhance learning. Successful interventions to ensure counseling for students who face problems preventing them from doing well in school (emotional problems, absent parents or substance issues). Evaluation of students to determine if more students could benefit (be identified) for an individualized education plan and the available services.
Yes, I would support a high school curriculum focusing on the civic responsibility of voting. I would support activities in civics education starting in earlier grades with mock election voting in elementary, middle and up to early grades of high school to promote voting and to teach and instill the civic duty of voting. This civics education and activities would promote voters when they reach the 18 and 19 age range, to change the notion that young voters tend to vote less than older voters.
In today's school districts, teachers are sometimes evaluated on student scores on standardized test. Teacher effectiveness can not be discerned from standardized tests, alone, but must include other traditional best methods, such as class observations, student feedback, peer observation and self evaluation for progress, praise and constructive action plans. Methods tied to standards of learning outcomes are controversial and have not been the best measure of evaluating teachers.
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Age 50
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The most important issue that is currently facing our schools throughout the Varina community is the issue of emotional and physical safety; specifically pertaining to the systemic trauma that our students, educators, and families are exposed to daily. As the next Varina school board representative, I intend to implement a plan that allows for mental health support in all schools to provide counseling, assessments, and additional services for all stakeholders. We have the resources to do so.
Our schools have severely under utilized technology and the internet as an exceptional and easily accessible research tool that is presently familiar to our students. In order to ensure that our students are provided with access to the best research tools, we must also provide the required training to our educators, support staff, and parents regarding the vast technological resources; many of which are at no cost or low cost, and provide step by step skill development in source verification.
From birth to third grade, our children learn to read, from third grade on, we are life long students that read to learn. One of the essential interventions that we must provide access to for our under performing students is evidence-based intensive reading supports. In addition, we must provide intentional and curriculum-based instruction regarding social skills and career technical education that cultivates a love of life long learning early on, in elementary school, to interrupt the risk.
I actually would support a curriculum as early as elementary school that focuses on civic responsibility and voting. If we truly have the goal of producing civic-minded, critical thinking, fully engaged citizens that have the capacity, skill, and will to actively participate in our democracy, we must begin the process early enough to allow our students to acquire and practice "citizenship" and "civic responsibilities." Voting is one step. Active engagement as a citizen must be the goal.
As a veteran licensed educator and administrator, I understand the challenges and needs of our educators, as well as how to best support them. Our educators are PROFESSIONALS. We must treat them as such, providing them with the classroom, curriculum, and technological resources that they say that they need to be successful. In addition, we must compensate our educators as PROFESSIONALS, which involves fair pay, benefits, and evaluation based on authentic student growth, not on test scores.