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Duties - Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) are subdivisions of state government responsible under state law for resource conservation. Activities include outreach, education, technical assistance, and conservation planning. The Monacan SWCD serves Goochland and Powhatan counties. The District is Governed by a Board of Directors of local citizens who serve without pay. Two directors are elected from each county. The Virginia Soil and Water Board appoints two additional directors. District staff provide technical assistance in cooperation with other government agencies.Term - 4 yearsSalary - None

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    Jonathan D. W. Lyle

  • Ronald F. Nuckols

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    Sebastian Volcker

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What is the most important role of the Soil and Water Conservation District?

What is the greatest challenge facing the District and how will you address it?

What will be your priorities in the next four years?

After eight years of service as a Director, I recognize the core function of the Monacan SWCD is to work with agricultural producers to implement voluntary Best Management Practices (BMPs). We do this by administering programs that allow producers to improve their operations, and advance clean water and soil conservation efforts.

As a Director, I also personally work to keep a solid working relationship with Goochland County's administration, staff, and its Board of Supervisors.
Monacan SWCD's greatest challenge is expanding the number of agricultural producers participating in the voluntary BMP programs offered by the district. There are fewer family farmers in the Monacan District than there were 10 years ago. With a shrinking client base, the Monacan staff (1 full-time and 2 part-time employees), and the six volunteer Directors need to have higher visibility, and a focused out-reach effort. We can do that by leveraging web technology and data-base marketing.
1. Creating an agriculture database of farmers in the Monacan District; 2. Launching a District web-site with on-line BMP enrollment opportunities; 3. Have a continued presence at Goochland Board of Supervisors' meetings; 4. Promote landowner enrollment in Goochland's land-use tax program; 5. Advocate for homeowner well water testing via Virginia's Cooperative Extension program; 6.Work with Goochland County's staff to meet the county's Watershed Implementation Plan III 2024 benchmarks
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Campaign Phone (804) 695-6996
Facebook page @Volcker4MonacanSWCD
"To provide for the conservation of soil and water resources, control and prevention of soil erosion, flood water and sediment damages thereby preserving the natural resources of the Commonwealth." Duties of the Board, Soil & Water Conservation District, Code of Virginia.
Goochland, with its 20,000 inhabitants appears a small rural county, yet a thousand new homes are coming to the Centerville area alone. This will affect the county's water needs: It will put new demands on the aquifer at the same time as built up areas will block water penetration and increase run-off. We need to encourage developers and home owners to include retention ponds, rain gardens, etc. to slow the run off and allow the water to infiltrate back into the earth.
In addition to the above: There are data sharing needs that need to be brought up to the legislature as the Dept of Agriculture has information the Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) could use. People who farm as a second activity need to be included on the farmers' roll so that they can participate in SWCD programs. Develop a tree planting program. Raise the profile of our SWCD, which in spite of years of good and productive services, remains somewhat of a mystery to the community.