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Hanover County Board of Supervisors Beaverdam District

Duties - The seven-member Hanover Board of Supervisors is the policy making body of the county. It passes ordinances and approves the annual budget. Members are elected from the seven magisterial districts and they choose a chair and vice-chair each year. The Board of Supervisors appoints a County Manager, who directs the county's day-to-day operations, and the seven members of the School Board, one from each magisterial district.Term - 4 yearsSalary - $27,061 ($29,061 chair)

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    C. B. Robens

  • Aubrey M. "Bucky" Stanley Jr.

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What are your priorities for managing residential and commercial growth in the county?

What are the chief transportation needs in your county, and how will you address these needs?

What investments or policy initiative would you support to meet housing needs in your county?

What do you think are the most important issues for the county and what will you do to address them?

Campaign Phone (804) 723-0455
Age 41
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Our district needs to remain rural, while still matching the growth planned for the district. By focusing on expansion of broadband internet, we can better support family farms and help them to not need to sell to developers. We can also improve the infrastructure enough to have real economic growth (employers, services and small businesses) for the first time in decades.
Our major arteries - Routes 54 and 33 have long been neglected for other projects in the county. Before we approve additional homes in our district, the board must address the existing infrastructure needs. I would not approve any development that does not include road proffers in the district.
We must invest in broadband to remain competitive in the future. This includes new construction and existing structures, which are largely ignored at this time and highly underserved in this area. The future of housing, given longer lifespans and more people under 30 living at home is multi-generational housing, while many zoning restrictions have not kept up with this trend. I would support more policy initiatives in this area, if supported by our constituency.
I strongly believe lack of access to high speed internet is one of the most important issues. I conducted a survey of Hanover residents, receiving nearly 150 responses, and 97% said this was an important issue to them. That is a pretty compelling number! High Speed Internet is the tide that rises all boats in rural America and is how we can support economic growth to match today's market.
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