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Goochland County Board of Supervisors District 4

Duties - The Goochland Board of Supervisors has five members elected from the electoral districts in which they live. It enacts ordinances, approves funds, sets tax rates, and establishes policies for the administration of the County’s public services. It also appoints a County Administrator, who directs the county’s day-to-day operations. Members choose a chair and vice-chair each year.Term – 4 yearsSalary - $15,000 (Chair $19,000; Vice Chair $17,000)

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    Donald E. Sharpe

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What are your priorities for managing residential and commercial growth in the county?

What are the chief transportation needs in your county, and how will you address these needs?

What investments or policy initiative would you support to meet housing needs in your county?

What do you think are the most important issues for the county and what will you do to address them?

Campaign Phone (804) 426-7822
Age 67
Goochland developed a Comprehensive Plan several years ago which outlines the desired outcomes for growth and types of zoning in all areas of the county. This plan was developed with citizen input, and I believe is the guiding document for how the county should grow. We need to utilize this document as a barometer for measuring and approving growth. Every plan should be reviewed and updated as time goes on and the Board of Supervisors does this.
Growth drives traffic congestion. This is why managing growth is so critical to a healthy lifestyle. Unbridled growth will turn our roads into a congested nightmare and destroy the advantages we enjoy living in a rural setting. I believe building any type of public system of transportation would be extremely difficult as the county is currently configured from both a cost and level of service consideration. This is why I am so keen on sensible growth. We can achieve it.
There is no denying that land in Goochland is expensive, more so in the eastern half of the county. The price of land drives a large portion of the cost of housing. Whereas we cannot dictate the price at which an owner must sell their land, there may be alternatives to explore which might ease the cost for development of more affordable housing. It is a desirable goal to have people live in the communities in which they work. I am open to affordable common sense alternatives
Our Comprehensive Plan stipulates Centreville and the Village of Goochland as the prime and targeted areas for growth. There is a strong desire by most residents for the County to remain rural. We must find a delicate balance between growth in the targeted sectors and maintaining the rural character that so many desire. The Plan takes this into consideration and should be followed.