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    Rachel Manwhirter

  • Brock McPherson

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    Randolph Myers

Biographical Information

Why are you running to be Mayor of Great Bend?

Should the city implement a policy so that all employees have a neutral avenue for filing grievances? Explain.

Explain the role of the city administrator as it relates to the Mayor and City Council.

In 2015/16, the City Council set goals, among which was continued improvements to infrastructure. What infrastructure improvements do you consider the most vital?

Personal Biography Rachel Mawhirter is a young, energetic professional with a passion for public relations and marketing strategy. After earning a degree in Organizational Leadership, she started her career working in sales and communications in the non-profit sector before launching her own company in 2015. Rachel and her husband, Justin, also own a growing construction company and have two sons in elementary school. Earlier this year, she was honored with the NextGen Leader of the Year award.
Campaign Phone (620) 222-0105
Education Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from Fort Hays State University with a Certificate in Human Resource Management
Community/Public Service Rachel has been involved with numerous organizations, such as Barton County Young Professionals, Central Kansas Development Inc, Prairie Godmothers, 100 People Who Care, ElderCare, Habitat for Humanity, MOPS, and at First Assembly of God church. Earlier this year, she was honored with the NextGen Leader of the Year award.
Address 3701 23rd Street Great Bend, KS 67530
Web Site
CampaignPhone 620-222-0105
People have a choice to live here, visit here, and do business here. Let’s build a better brand internally and externally by treating our employees, residents and visitors more like customers. Businesses can’t grow in a stagnant environment, and neither can cities. Together, we can improve policies and morale within the City of Great Bend, and I felt like my background in leadership and public relations could serve our community well right now.
I think every organization should be open to feedback and criticism with the goal of growing from it. I definitely think with technology, this should be an easy, low-cost tool on the City's website that any employee, business, or citizen can utilize.
The administrator's primary function is to oversee the various departments of the City and hold them accountable to their functions and their spending. He or she is responsible for executing the vision of the City Council and the Mayor's job is to facilitate that and hold the Administrator accountable.
We are lagging in technology, so exploring opportunities for fiber internet upgrades will be critical to stay relevant. But most importantly, I feel that the maintenance of our streets and parks has fallen way behind and needs to have a plan set in place with strict deadlines so we can catch up and stay on top of our maintenance.
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Personal Biography I have spent most of my life as a citizen of Great Bend and severed several years on the Great Bend city council. I have been married for over 30 years and raised two sons in Great Bend.
Campaign Phone (620) 786-1351
Campaign Email
Community/Public Service Central Kansas Casa, The Great Bend Police department and the Great Bend city council
Address 2545 12th St. Great Bend, Ks. 67530
CampaignPhone 620-786-1351
I am running because I think there are areas where we need to do better than we have been doing in the past and I want to set up an economic development department/program that actually works and will work for all the needs of the community. I want a city government that will benefit all of the citizens of Great Bend and treat everyone fairly. I believe everyone in this city and in the three mile zone surrounding us should have a voice and should be heard. I will listen to everyone and will evaluate everything that comes before me fairly with no bias of any kind.
Yes and the way to do this is too have a citizen review board to handle grievances with the initial contact being held confidential so that there are no repercussions for the employees who have an issue or are reporting something that needs to be brought to the attention of the board. Depending on the merits of the circumstances action may or may not be taken.

The city administrator needs to work with the Mayor and the council to set short and long term goals for the city with most day to day tasks being handled by the administrator. The Mayor needs to work with the administrator to stay up with what takes place and give direction as needed to keep the city on the right track. If something major needs to be discussed with the council or laws or regulations need changed then that needs to be brought before the council and voted on. Any council member needs to be able to access the Mayor or the administrator as they see a need and their input needs to be evaluated and if necessary brought to the city council for action.
I see that the city streets are in bad repair as there was never a plan put in place to take care of the street repairs on a yearly basis. This should be set so that all streets are evaluated and put on a list for maintenance and or improvement as opposed to only fixing them when people complain and repairing the same roads over and over. The drainage problem on 10th and Washington needs to be addressed and fixed as there was a solution brought to the council years ago but no action was ever taken. Vets park need to be cleaned and brought back to something we can all enjoy, I haven't seen any action there and it is not a goose problem. There are several areas in the zoo that still need attention and the city has paid for several studies from which no action was ever taken because they didn't like the results of the studies. I consider all infrastructure improvements to be vital it is just a matter of setting priorities and making long term plans that should have already been in place.