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    Phil McCall

  • David Millsap

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What do you see as the most pressing issues facing Washington County? How do you propose to address each of these? What in your personal experience has prepared you to help solve these issues?

Training workshops for elected officials are available through various agencies. Would you take advantage of formal training opportunities for county supervisors? If you have held office, have you already had any formal training?

Should Washington County and the Washington County Schools have a Capital Improvement Program to plan for needed renovations and new buildings? We are facing renovating/building a new courthouse, and many county schools are now over 50 years old.

If elected, would you make relevant decisions based on the county’s Comprehensive Plan? If you have reservations, please explain. Would you hire a county planner? (This position has been vacant for several years.)

What kind of economic incentives and other accommodations are you willing to provide commercial developers in support of county economic development? What factors or information would you consider important in making such a decision? Please explain in reference to the Board of Supervisors’ recent decision to give an admission tax to the developer of the expansion of the Pinnacle.

There will probably be a referendum on the November ballot regarding the Washington County Courthouse. Supervisors had to choose which option would be on that referendum by the end of July. (More information is on the website Which of the alternatives would be the best solution? If a new courthouse is built, what should be done with the old structure?

In 2018 the debt per capita in Washington County was $229 compared to the town of Abingdon’s $1,565. Do you feel that bonds can be created for a new courthouse or new schools?

Campaign Phone (276) 628-4536
Education Graduated Abingdon High School 1969 Graduated Emory and Henry 1973
Experience Dairy Farmer till 1998 Construction for 20 years Planning Commission 7 years Service Authority 4 years Board of Supervisors 20 years
Family Wife of 8 years Lisa Daughter Gwen Son Kevin and wife Kim Stepson Zak 2 Granddaughters Lily and Kaia
Our number one pressing issue in Washington County at this time is trying to renovate our current courthouse or move to a new location. We are holding public meetings to get input from citizens before we decide what direction we want to go in. In my time on the board we have worked to relocate both our Government Offices, Sheriff's offices, and 911 Dispatch when their former locations were found not suitable to renovate.

Another issue is supporting our School System. We need to continue to fund the schools to keep teachers pay competitive to retain good teachers.
When I came on the Board in 2000 the only training was a two day orientation in Richmond which I attended. Being on the Planning Commission for 7 years and on the board for 20 years and serving as chairman of both boards, I feel I have had years of hands on training.
The Washington County School System and the County have been diligent in maintaining our school buildings over the years. Our last major improvement was replacing the roof on most of the School buildings. There is a Capital improvement Plan in place and we are working on improvements every year. We are hoping our current buildings will last at least another 10 years.
During my service on the board I have helped with the two major revisions to the Comprehensive Plan. I believe it is a necessity to have a good plan and follow it, although sometimes it is necessary to revise the plan. I am in favor of hiring a county planner to help keep our Comprehensive Plan up to date.
When the board is faced with giving economic incentives to developers we must look at our returns on this investment, such as how long will it take to get that investment back and the number of jobs that will be created.

In the case of the Pinnacle there were no economic incentives provided by the County. It will be up to the developer to use the admission tax to provide for the expansion.
The county has had a number of meetings with civic clubs, the Bar Association, Abingdon Town Council and also four meetings throughout the County open to the community. We are still in the process of evaluating our options. We want as much input from the citizens of Washington County as possible. If the Citizens do support moving the courthouse we will need to decide what to do with the current courthouse.
The Board of Supervisors have been diligent in our management of the County's funds. With our current tax base, our reserve funds and our excellent bond rating, we are in very good financial condition to apply for funds.
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