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The Bedminster Township Committee is the governing body of the municipality and is comprised of five elected officials. They establish the laws and policies for the Township. An elected Bedminster Township Committee member serves a three year term.

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    Jeffrey Beyer

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    Zaheer Jan

  • Gina Lisa-Fernandez

  • Douglas A. Stevinson

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing your municipality? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges? Lastly, how do you intend to address these challenges?

What, if any, new proposals for local ordinances and/or resolutions do you think are needed, and please explain why you believe this is so.

Do you think municipal government has a role in keeping students safe in our schools? If yes, what do you think municipal governments should provide?

Campaign Address 157 Riverwood Avenue Bedminster, NJ 07921
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Bedminster is a great town to live in but there are challenges to be met and opportunities to be developed. Ongoing traffic congestion on the main arteries in town will only get worse as over-development in-town and just south-of-town possibly move forward.

Fairness in the payment of sewer bills assessed as a flat fee instead of on water usage effects many residents in town.

An unused opportunity to reduce residents' electrical bills is also not being explored.

Finally, the Pluckemin Park housing for our vulnerable senior citizens is in a deplorable condition.

After graduating from Rutgers with a BS degree I served in Viet Nam as a Lieutenant in the US Marine Corps. After that experience I obtained an MBA from Fordham University and started my own business, Enhancement Technologies Inc., in 1988 which I still run today. I also was appointed and then re-appointed by 2 Republican Mayors to serve on the Board of Governors of Bedminster's Clarence Dillon Library where I have check signing authority as Secretary of the Board.

These life experiences have taught me how to best work with people in all kinds of situations, how to properly manage a budget, and how to be a problem solver. I intend to address the challenges in town by working with the Republican members of the Township Committee like I am currently doing on the Library Board. The needs of Bedminster are far more important than any political issues.
As mentioned above, the town needs to change the way sewer bills are assessed in the Hills Development which houses most of the town's residents. Those in the Hills with individual meters should be paying a fee based on water usage like the rest of town outside of the Hills. Currently, many are paying an arbitrary flat fee which has no bearing on how much they are actually putting into the system.

The town through their Land Use Board needs to control developers trying to use the Mount Laurel housing requirements to maximize their proposals to over build housing that strains the town's resources.

The annual Betty Merck Reorganization Dinner meant to bring the town together is currently dividing the town by it being held at the Trump National Golf Course. This leads to a boycott of this dinner by those not in favor of the Trump Organization. It should be changed to a politically neutral location so all of the town's residents can feel like they belong at this annual town celebration.
While the School Board has the primary responsibility for school safety, the Township Committee needs to support their efforts by insuring that the Township Police Force is given the resources it needs to work with the Bedminster School. The town also needs to make sure that Bedminster students attending Bernardsville High School are being kept safe by that community. Lastly, unique to Bedminster, the town needs to work with the Secret Service to monitor threats possibly emanating from the President using the town as his vacation getaway.
Campaign Address 157 Riverwood Avenue, Bedminster, NJ 07921
Campaign Email
1.Bringing representation of Bedminster's majority voters into the Local Government. Currently they have only one in a committee of five. 2. Rationalizing monthly sewer bills for every residence in the town. 3. Reducing power bills for the Town's Residential and Commercial users through Energy Aggregation 4. Making Downtown Pluckemin pretty by upgrading Pluckemin Park and areas around it; encouraging business enterprises to open shop in the 'boarded up' locations along State Routes 202/206.


• Chairman Bedminster Democratic Committee • Electoral Candidate for Bedminster Town Committee. Ran at the encouragement of the township’s Republicans who took out full-page ads in the local newspapers declaring themselves, ‘Republicans for Zaheer Jan’ • Founder member of CGAR. A group comprising concerned citizens that successfully stopped the construction of multi-million-dollar Roads and Highways Interchange in Pluckemin. The interchange would have destroyed township of Bedminster’s rural ambiance • Delegate Participant. Muslim American Coalition Luncheon Briefing by Mr. John Negroponte, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, March 5, 2004 • Chairman EDC Plant’s acquisition committee. Appointed by Bedminster’s Republican Mayor to investigate and submit report on the feasibility of acquiring the town’s Sewage Treatment Plant • Board Member Bedminster Hills Housing Corporation • Member alternate on Bedminster Planning Committee appointed by Mayor Holtaway who had to recuse himself from Public Hearings pertaining to request for Closing Down of Bedminster’s Airport • President – Timberbrooke at Bedminster Condominium Association, Inc. • Tutor – Literacy Volunteers of America


Independent Energy Consultant with extensive expertise and direct experience with national and International pipeline and energy companies, including as Deputy Chief Engineer for Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Company, Pakistan. Has served as:

• Manager of Pipeline Engineering on the $24.0 billion Alaska Natural Gas Transportation System • Consultant to the State of Alaska and Expert Witness on Alyeska Pipeline $2.0 billion Tariff Case . Testified in front of U.S. Federal Commission hearings • Consultant to PEMEX. Assigned by Bechtel Corporation for optimizing Mexico’s Southern Region oil and gas production • Project Manager on major pipeline, oilfield development and petrochemical plant projects with Bechtel Corporation • Project Manager on Pharmaceutical Plant, Chemical Plant projects including recovery of spent Uranium, with Aker Kvaerner ASA Engineering and Construction Group • Consultant to Merck Pharmaceutical Company for reducing capital costs of a new project slated for Singapore • Consultant to Occidental Oil of Pakistan, during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, helping develop Pakistan’s newly discovered oilfields • Consultant to Petrobras relating to the 2001 and 2002 energy crisis in Brazil.


• A Tale of Three Pipelines. An assessment of the three major pipeline projects being proposed for the supply of natural gas to India through Pakistan. Published May 4, 2005 in the Daily Times, Pakistan • Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Project Needs Thinking Outside the Box. Published in the Pipeline and Gas Journal, March 2007 • A Pipeline from Iran through Pakistan to India – Economically the Most Viable. Published in the Pipeline and Gas Journal, May 2006 • The Umbilicus - Miners Life Support and Safety System. Published in the West Virginia Newspaper, The State Journal, March 16, 2006 • Where Have the Muslims Gone, Released November 15, 2004, The Wisdom Fund, • Article, “Pakistan – A Blessing for India’, March 2001. The article highlighted the danger posed by Taliban Regime of Afghanistan to Pakistan and to world peace in general. The article correctly predicted the affairs the U.S. and world finds itself in today.

Was submitted for publication to magazine Foreign Affairs. The article was returned with the following note, “… we are committed for the next several issues of the magazine…etc.”


• B.Sc., Honors in Petroleum Engineering, University of London, England • Associate Degree in Geology, Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, England • B.A., Physics and Mathematics, University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan • Certificate in Gas Processing Technology, University of Calgary, Canada • Registered Professional Engineer, State of Texas

As it stands in my view, our Town's Government is, and has been lax in the reviewing and consideration of waivers to existing ordinance. Waivers that encourage and foster development for the profit of a few at the expense of many. Public participation is NOT encouraged. I have successfully fought some of these in the past.

1. In the late nineties and early two thousands our town had agreed to the development of ramps to connect State Routes 202/206 to interstate Route 78 and 287. This project was being pushed without the knowledge of the public at large. If allowed to go forward it would have destroyed the ambiance of Pluckemin in particular and of Bedminster and surrounding townships at large. 2. Another scheme underway was to convert the current River Road Park into a Ball Park with Flood Lights and viewer stands. If allowed to go through this scheme would have destroyed the rural/residential nature of the surrounding mansions.
Yes! Municipal governments, indeed all citizens have a role to play in keeping students, the future of our country, safe in our schools and outside of our schools.

Municipal governments need to work with the County, the State and the Federal Governments to address the issue of safety of not only students but all citizens. Bring the IRA into the discussion also, challenge its members on the issue of the safety of all Americans.
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