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Commissioner of the Revenue

The Commissioner of the Revenue is the chief tax assessing officer for Loudoun County and is elected for a four year term. The Commissioner’s primary duty is to ascertain and assess, at fair market value, all real and personal property in Loudoun. This includes: Administering the revitalized (rehabilitated) real estate tax exemption program.Ensuring that the county's real property tax base is maintained in a fair and equitable manner and that the general public, public officials, and staff receive information in a timely and effective manner.Ensuring timely and accurate preparation of assessment information for the treasurer to complete the real property tax billing process.Maintaining appraisal and property records for assessment and taxation purposes.Managing a countywide system for the maintenance of fair market values and equitable assessments on all types of real property.Managing the land use assessment program.The Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue administers business licensesland use assessmenttax relief program for persons 65 or older or with disabilitiesand provides state income tax filing assistance.

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    Sridhar Amudhanar

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    Robert S. "Bob" Wertz, Jr.

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Experience I have worked in technology since the 1980's, with small and large enterprises as well as governments. I have built and managed projects capturing more than a billion dollars each year. My engagements span technology, business and financial processes including strategic planning as a leader.
Education I received BS in Electrical Engineering in India, and MS in Tech Systems Management from SUNY Stony Brook (New York) with parts from its MBA and MSEE programs. I have taken many professional courses from technology to management and financial topics during my career.
Age 60
Loudoun County is a target for global corporations with global markets and deep pockets. These organizations do not add to local employment significantly, but do elevate property prices and living costs. Local businesses face unsurmountable thresholds to startup and survive. Without businesses providing employment, experience and professional careers are hard to build. We need to develop business and professional opportunities for Loudoun's own talent. We need to support organizations and people who work to create and build revenue in Loudoun, who work hard against odds at generating business, training, services, farming, manufacturing products etc., by supporting them with ideas, training, support, opportunties, mentoring, finances, new facilities, business parks, and programs that tell people - you are not alone in your struggle to be successful. Only then can the Commissioner of the Revenue be successful with revenue for the County.
The Commissioner of the Revenue is provided for in the Constitution of Virginia to manage the Revenue of the County, to provide Services (including help with filling tax forms) to its residents, and along with other Loudoun Constitutional Officers and the Board of Supervisors, to provide checks and balances in the Government. The Commissioner is elected to a term of four years, and is directly answerable to the people (which means this office is not under the Board of Supervisors). In managing revenue, the Commiisioner is charged with providing services to its people, with the power of relief in order to achieve a bigger purpose. These powers and tools need to used, and used wisely. I believe the success in Revenue lies in the success of its Customers. The Commissioner is responsible for a bigger strategy towards success, and needs to have a department for helping people and businesses be successful, in addition to the business of assessments.
I am trained in Technology, Management and Business. Along with working in technical roles, I have served in roles helping employers and customers adopt incoming new technologies to modernize their business processes and business operations. I have served as hands-on services provider, as well as management leader responsible for teams and organizations. I worked with technology, business processses and financial systems in a very diverse range of organizations including enterprises and government. I have build products and services that have captured ove ten billion of dollars of contracts over eight years in a financial organization for the military. I have served on the Industry Advisory Board for IT with NOVA Community College, with two terms as its Chair. As a business owner, and a home owner in Ashburn (Loudoun County) for 21 years, I am determined to help Loudoun's revenue creators and builders be successful. When the data-center frenzy cools down, we'll need our local economy.
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The information systems used by the various departments in Loudoun County do not talk to each other as well as needed. This is essential to prevent decisions with incomplete information, confusion between county functions, delays and errors. When done right, all offices including the Board Supervisors should be able to make better judgement calls. With reliable and accurate information, it becomes possible to understand how and in what areas, services and relief are sorely needed, where opportunities for success are, and how to support Loudoun businesses with edge in succeeding. Resolving such types of challenges have been part of my strengths and similar to the work I have engaged in for decades with enterprise and government customers. When Information Systems become transparent, people are empowered in their jobs. Department employees need continuous education and training in new methods of work, since technologies evolve, helping us focus on a bigger vision and tasks up the chain.
Experience 27 year's first-hand experience in all facets of operations in the Office of the Loudoun County Commissioner of the Revenue.
Education BSBA Longwood University 1985 Loudoun County High School 1981
Age 56
The Commissioner of the Revenue serves residents and businesses countywide. The top priority for the office is to continue to serve Loudoun’s current and incoming residents in an efficient manner without sacrificing the personal service residents demand and deserve. I will continue to implement systems and processes to make it as hassle-free as possible to do business with my office.
The Commissioner of the Revenue is the county’s top tax assessment official, responsible for the county’s top three locally administered taxes; real estate, personal property and business taxes generating more than $1.4 Billion in local taxes.
I have worked in the office of the Commissioner of the Revenue since 1992. I started in the tax compliance division and was promoted into management overseeing the division until 2003 when my predecessor announced her intention to retire. At that time, having 11 years experience in the office made me the only qualified candidate for the county’s top elected tax post. I have since been re-elected by Loudoun voters 3 times. Experience will all facets of office operations makes me uniquely qualified to continue in this important role.
I responded to a questionnaire from the Dulles Area Association of Realtors. The organization has since endorsed my candidacy for re-election.
I want to encourage real property owners to become more interested and familiar with the characteristics of their respective properties and to assist my real estate assessors in ensuring that our real estate records are accurate contributing to fair, equitable and thorough real estate assessments. While more information has been made available on annual assessment notices and online, property owners often only become interested in their assessments when financing or selling a property.