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Overland Park Council Ward 5

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    Phil Bressler

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    Faris Farassati

Biographical Information

1. What do you believe are the three critical projects or initiatives that will move your city/district forward?

2. What skills, expertise, or competencies qualify you for this position?

3. What specific actions should your city take or continue to insure affordable housing is available?

4. Shawnee, Olathe, Lenexa, Overland Park candidates: Should your city adopt a non-discrimination ordinance that provides legal protections for LGBTQ+ individuals?

Personal Biography Born in Kansas City, Phil is a twenty-one year resident of Overland Park. He is a graduate of The University of Kansas and currently teaches a graduate level branding class at the KU Edwards Campus. He has been married to his wife, Lailan, for 31 years and they have two adult boys - both of whom attended Blue Valley public schools. Hobbies include reading, golf and cycling (especially on the Indian Creek trail system).
Campaign Phone (913) 302-7577
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Education B.S. Journalism The University of Kansas
Community/Public Service Arts & Recreation Foundation of Overland Park – Board VP Communications Warriors’ Ascent – current board president KU Integrated Marketing Advisory Board – member/past president The University of Kansas - adjunct professor Johnson County Community College Marketing Advisory Board - member Church of the Resurrection - member and volunteer Alphapointe - volunteer Overland Park Chamber of Commerce – member Leadership Utah - Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce Child Protection Center Advisory Board - member Opera180 - volunteer/marketing advisor American Heart Association – former board president
Address 12320 Rosewood Drive Overland Park, KS 66209
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Common sense economic growth - We need to be open to economic growth that creates good jobs and fits with the character and vision of Overland Park. I am pro-business, but we should approach each opportunity with facts and use common sense thinking to weigh the merits of each. Having owned a business in Overland Park, I bring real-world thinking to economic growth.

Infrastructure - Our city is 60 years old and it’s a challenge keeping up with needed improvements. Managing taxpayer dollars to keep our streets well maintained is critical. 69 Highway is over 50 years old and is a vital connector. We will need to continue to collaborate with other government entities to improve the Highway 69 infrastructure.

Everyday quality of life - Our quality of life is the sum of many parts. I’m very passionate about paying attention to all of these parts. Our trail system, Deanna Rose, access to great health care, world-class education and so much more require continued support and innovation.
I am running because I’m very interested in what the next 10-20 years look like for Overland Park, and I think I have some unique skills that the city needs. I’ve spent my entire career in marketing and branding solving problems and creating opportunities for clients. Working with the city and its residents is no different. It’s about listening, studying the facts and developing solutions that move things forward.

The OP community, including residents, expressed their desires through a process and plan called ForwardOP. There’s a lot to like in this plan, but we need to move from planning to action. That hasn’t happened yet. Creating vision and bringing plans like this to life is what I’ve spent my career doing. I’m running because I’d like to utilize those skills for the benefit of our great city and its residents.

I’ve been very active in the community through a wide variety of civic and charitable organizations and I have been dedicated to serving others for a long time.
Making sure Overland Park has more diverse housing options is very important to me and our community, and like other successful U.S. suburbs, it is an issue worthy of solving. Affordability is obviously relative, but in a city of this size, I define affordability as the ability for a majority of the workforce (including first-time homebuyers) to have access to attractive, well-maintained rental and ownership properties. I’m intrigued by the concept of pocket neighborhoods in Overland Park. Encouraging the development of smaller, more affordable homes in well-designed neighborhoods that encourage social gathering, seems like a natural fit for Overland Park. I’m also interested in looking at making use of public land on vacant sites and under-utilized parking lots. And I’d like to see us help make it less costly to produce lower-cost housing by streamlining the development and rezoning process.
I believe Overland Park should adopt a non-discrimination ordinance. I understand that this is a much bigger issue than just Overland Park and the Supreme Court is scheduled to make a ruling, but I’m in favor of moving this forward on a local level. I believe in the Constitution where all men and women are created equal. I believe in the Pledge of Allegiance that ends with two important words: “for all.” In my opinion,“all” means each and every human being and that interpretation is not for me to judge.

Personal Biography Elected to the Overland Park City Council in 2017, Dr. Faris Farassati is a prominent Harvard-trained cancer scientist at the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center, focusing on alleviating suffering from cancer for our veterans and general population. He has been awarded four times by Department of Defense for cancer research. He has been married for 25 years and have lived in OP for 11 years. His wife is an Associate Professor of Medicine at KU. They are proud parents of two children.
Campaign Phone (913) 645-7929
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Education 1-PhD in Medicine-Oncology 2-Doctorate degree in Pharmacy
Community/Public Service Overland Park City Council Kansas City VA Hospital Art & Recreation Foundation of OP Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation Pancreatic Cancer Research Foundation
Address 12704 Woodson Street, Overland Park, KS, 66209
Web Site
CampaignPhone 913-645-7929
Champaign Phone 913-645-7929
Campaign phone 913-645-7929
Web Address Facebook@ Faris Farassati Twitter@ farisforop Instagram@farisforop
In order to protect and enhance the quality of life of our residents at OP, we need to implement following strategies urgently:

1-End tax-giveaways to undeserving private real estate developments and re-direct tax dollars to city services, public amenities, road improvement, enhancing safety and supporting the school resource officer program. With ~$500 million dollar tax giveaways in the last 5 years, OP is being deprived from highly needed financial resources for projects that benefit the public. Exceptions are projects that significantly improve blighted areas.

2-Prevent overcrowded apartment projects that reduce the quality of life, put strain on resources and green space and are not in harmony with culture and history of OP.

3-Establish an open mic period at OP government meetings so people could talk freely! I have now officially proposed this item with tremendous support from people. Please refer to SMP article, 07/15. Please search "Faris Farassati" @YouTube for info.
As a cancer scientist I have been trained to look at each and every case with a logical eye. I provide critical analysis for each project and am not afraid of asking hard questions to protect my constituents. I promote "evidence-based government" that makes decisions based on studies, research and rational decision making free of pressure by lobbyists. I am NOT supported by special interest groups and I have no agenda but serving the people of OP and enhancing their quality of life. That is why my campaign is supported by people from all walks of life and not groups that represent certain agendas (see SMP 09/04). I listen to the people and value their opinion. I have been serving the public at medical schools of this country and now at the Kansas City Veterans Affairs hospital. I intend to continue to do so for the people of OP at City Council. In summary, I bring a scientific style of judgment & leadership to the table that is respected even by people who may not share my opinion.
Lack of affordable housing can threaten our local, state and national economies and therefore needs attention at all levels. As I had stated in my interview with KCUR in February on this topic, the first step in approaching this problem in a scientific way is to define “ affordable housing” for Overland Park. For example: Is the KCMO’s formula of $1200/month (including utilities) applicable to OP? We need a clear understanding based on different parameters such our local economy, job market, housing inventory, demographics and growth projections.  Once target value range is determined appropriate policies could be implemented and we have more than a few model available to us for review: Establishment of revolving funds to support affordable housing projects (Denver model), lease-to-own programs(Cleveland), models that promote environmental sustainability as a path to long-term affordability(Minneapolis) and projects that connect community resources (such as day cares) to housing.
There is no reason to wait to move forward with NDO! Discrimination is wrong and when something is wrong we have a moral duty to oppose it!